An experiment into science blogging

I've been developing a social experiment with the University of Western Australia into science blogging. If you could help out with the experiment (and don't mind being a lab rat), your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Please read the blog post How we know we're causing global warming in a single graphic and the comments below then click the 'Enter Our Survey' button at the bottom of the page which will ask questions about the content of the blog post.

Anyone who contributed to the original comment thread will not be able to enter the survey. I've also turned comments off until the experiment is over and not all the original comments are showing - they will be restored to their original state at the end of the experiment. Thanks to all for helping with the experiment!

Click here to read the post and enter the survey.

UPDATE 6 Aug: The experiment has been completed. Many thanks to all who filled out the survey. The blog post now shows all submitted comments in a single thread.

Posted by John Cook on Saturday, 30 July, 2011

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