Climate Denial Video #3: Polluters Use Same Tactics As Tobacco Industry

Many thanks to Dana who posted the first two of the Climate Denial video series while I was on holiday (although he was getting a bit silly towards the end - James Earl Jones!?!). In this third video collaboration with Treehugger, who I must say have created some fantastic animation, we examine a common tactic of all movements that seek to deny a scientific consensus - the raising up of fake experts. The tobacco industry did it with the Whitecoat Project - climate deniers do it with the Petition Project.

Funnily enough, just last week, I created a new infographic that vividly showed the misleading nature of the Petition Project by showing just how many of their "experts" are actual climate scientists.

Pity I hadn't thought of the graphic earlier - would've been interesting to see how Treehugger might have animated it.

Posted by John Cook on Sunday, 7 August, 2011

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