2012 SkS Weekly Digest #10

SkS Highlights

In a first for an SkS article, Glenn Tamblyn's A Sunburnt Country begins with a poem and ends with a poem. Sandwiched between the two is an analysis of annual global catastrophic events as determined by Munich re, a major global re-insurance company and their relationship to manmade climate change. This article is destined to become a SkS classic. Kudos to Glenn for a job well done.

Also baring their souls were noted climate scientists Michael Mann in the video, Peter Sinclair interview with Michael Mann, and James Hansen in the TED video, James Hansen's Motivation. SkS author, Andy S, also bared his soul in his poignant essay, Changing Climates, Changing Minds: The Personal.

We've been through climate changes before by Sarah, SkS's youngest author, also drew rave reviews and was reposted on Joe Romm's Climate Progress blog. 

Toon of the Week


 Source: Joe Mohr's Cartoon Archive

Issue of the Week

Have you come across any climate denier memes during the past six months that do not show up on the SkS list of climate myths? If so, what are they and where did you first see them? 

The Week in Review

A complete listing of the articles posted on SkS during the past week. 

  • ‘Storm of the Century’ to become ‘Storm of the Decade’ by John Hartz
  • Changing Climates, Changing Minds: The Great Stink of London by Andy S
  • Changing Climates, Changing Minds: The Personal by Andy S
  • James Hansen's Motivation by Dana
  • Peter Sinclair interview with Michael Mann by Rob Honeycutt
  • We've been through climate changes before by Sarah
  • Interactive mythbusting in Lane Cove by John Cook
  • Lindzen's Junk Science by Dana
  • A Sunburnt Country by Glenn Tamblyn
  • Lindzen's London Illusions by Dana
  • New research from last week 9/2012 by Ari Jokimäki
  • PMO Pest Control: Scientists Robert Way, Albatross, Andy S, climatesight
  • Coming Soon

    A list of articles that are in the SkS pipeline. Most of these articles, but not necessarily all, will be posted during the week. 

  • Prediction: New Surface Temperature Record in 2013 (Dana)
  • New research from last week 10/2012 (Ari Jokimäki)
  • Declining Arctic sea-ice and record U.S. and European snowfalls: are they linked? (John Mason)
  • Roy Spencer's Bad Economics (Dana)
  • Catching up with the Younger Dryas: do mass-extinctions always need impacts? (John Mason)
  • Why David Archibald is wrong about solar cycles driving sea levels: Part 1 (Alex C)
  • Breaking News...The Earth is Warming... Still. A LOT (Glenn Tamblyn)
  • Advancing Climate Science, One Skeptic Talking Point at a Time. (rustneversleeps)
  • The History of Climate Science - William Charles Wells (Doc Snow)
  • Methane - Part 1 (Agnostic)
  • SkS in the News

    Sarah's 'humans have been through climate changes before' rebuttal was re-posted on Climate Progress.

    SkS Spotlights

    The David Suzuki foundation:

    About us

    We work with government, business and individuals to conserve our environment by providing science-based education, advocacy and policy work, and acting as a catalyst for the social change that today's situation demands.

    Our mission and vision

    Our mission is to protect the diversity of nature and our quality of life, now and for the future.

    Our vision is that within a generation, Canadians act on the understanding that we are all interconnected and interdependent with nature.

    Our top goals

    Protecting our climate — ensure that Canada is doing its fair share to avoid dangerous climate change and is on track to achieve a safe level of greenhouse gas emissions.

    Transforming the economy — make certain that Canadians can maintain a high quality of life within the finite limits of nature through efficient resource use.

    Protecting nature — work to protect the diversity and health of Canada's marine, freshwater, and terrestrial creatures and ecosystems.

    Reconnecting with nature — ensure that Canadians, especially youth, learn about their dependence on a healthy environment through outdoor education.

    Building community — engage Canadians to live healthier, more fulfilled and just lives with tips on building Earth-friendly infrastructure, making smart energy choices, using efficient transportation, and being mindful of the products, food and water we use.

    Canadian charitable number: BN 127756716RR0001
    US charitable number: 94-3204049

    Posted by John Hartz on Monday, 12 March, 2012

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