2012 SkS Weekly Digest #52

SkS Highlights 

In Contrary to Contrarian Claims, IPCC Temperature Projections Have Been Exceptionally Accurate, Dana adroitly deflates a recent contraian claim that  the planet has warmed less than the IPCC had predicted. In The Y-Axis of Evil, Rob Honeycutt illustrates how science can be manipulated by creating misleading graphics.  

Toon of the Week Season's Greetings

Graphic of Happy New Year from SkS

Quote of the Week

Since his re-election, Mr. Obama has agreed to foster a “conversation” on climate change and an “education process” about long-term steps to address it. He needs to do a good deal more than that. Intellectually, Mr. Obama grasps the problem as well as anyone. The question is whether he will bring the powers of the presidency to bear on the problem.

Time to Confront Climate Change, Editorial Board, New York Times, Dec 27, 2012

The Week in Review 

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SkS in the News

John Cook is an author on three of Greg Laden's Top Ten Science Denialist Books: Climate Change Denial: Heads in the Sand, The Debunking Handbook, and The Scientific Guide to Global Warming Skepticism.

We learned this week that Skeptical Science has been endorsed by the Australian Climate Commission, and also Greenpeace and the Bridge Environment blog.

Dana's Contrary to Contrarian Claims, IPCC Temperature Projections Have Been Exceptionally Accurate was featured by Citizen's Challenge and Duckpond.

John Cook's SkS Christmas cartoon was featured on Climate Progress, Quark Soup, and Planet 3.0, and Tweeted by Jonathan Overpeck.

John Mason's Food Security: the first big hit from Climate Change will be to our pockets was featured on Conrad Seitz's blog.

SkS Spotlights

My Big Fat Planet is a blog hosted by Amber Jenkins, editor of NASA’s Global Climate Change website, which won Webby Awards (juried and public vote) for Best Science Website in 2010 and 2011. In addition, she is Project Manager for NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Center for Climate Sciences. She is also a Science Writer for JPL’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory, a satellite mission due for launch in 2013, and a research consultant.

Posted by John Hartz on Monday, 31 December, 2012

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