Enhanced SkS Graphics Provide New Entry Point into SkS Material

Ask and ye shall receive!  (well, sometimes)

The ever-growing collection of SkS Climate Graphics has been enhanced by adding informative captions to each graphic page, as well as links to related SkS articles that use each graphic.  This project resulted from the following worthy suggestion from a reader:

"Thanks to your Christmas day post, I've now discovered the treasure trove of Skeptical Science graphics.  Could I offer a suggestion/make a request?  Would it be possible to add links from the graphics back to the pages where they originally appeared?  Doing this might be a big help to folks who would be interested in using these images in presentations/tutorials/classes/etc., as it would allow them to correctly represent (and understand!) the full context of the points which they illustrate."

Google image searches conducted during this project revealed that most republications of SkS graphics involved only cut-and-paste of the image itself.  Additional explanation or references that are not part of the image itself were usually not given, simply because only the unsupported image was offered on the SkS Climate Graphics page (located under the 'Resources' dropdown menu).  Furthermore, even readers who go to the trouble of doing a Site Search on the image filename would often not find many of the SkS Myth Rebuttals or Blog Posts that used the image, due to the internal use of multiple filenames for essentially the same image.  It often took some detective work to backtrack rebuttals and posts that used each graphic (and even so, some were probably missed).

It has long been a desire at Skeptical Science to follow the lead of the excellent climate graphics site Global Warming Art, which provides graphics for climate communicators and anyone else for free use under a Creative Commons license, and also has the important features that each graphic has some explanation, sources or references are given, and data are traceable to the peer-reviewed literature.  The SkS graphics now fall into that category of effective stand-alone resources.

The updated SkS graphics have the additional feature that further information is available in the form of links to the myth rebuttals and blog posts that refer to each graphic (within which of course are usually many more links to related SkS and external material).  Thus, the climate graphics page is now a useful inroad into the wealth of SkS material.  Have a look and give it a try.  Here are a few graphic titles to illustrate:

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Posted by LarryM on Sunday, 24 March, 2013

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