Skeptical Science now a Nokia app

Skeptical Science is now available as a Nokia app! This comes courtesy of Jean-François Barsoum who generously donated his time creating the app using the Ovi App Wizard. As the App Wizard is a free service, it doesn't offer all the bells and whistles of the iPhone app. Nevertheless, it does have one feature the iPhone app doesn't yet have - all the latest blog posts. So for Nokia users, you now have easy access to all Skeptical Science blog posts and skeptic arguments on your phone.

Nokia have phones with both portrait and landscape screens. Here are some screenshots of the skeptic arguments on the taller, touchscreens.

The one unique thing about the Nokia app is it also includes the latest blog posts:


Of course, Nokia phones show a bit more variety than the iPhone. Here are some screenshots Jean-François sent me of how the app looks on an E71 phone with a landscape screen:


The app is very small, about 5kb. This is because the app doesn't store the information on your phone. This means you need a data connection (Wifi or network) to access the information. Click here to download the Nokia app off the web. You can also download the app via the app store icon on Nokia phones (look for the icon shown right).

Lastly, to Android phone users, be patient, your app is just around the corner. Shine Tech are putting the finishing touches on the Skeptical Science Android app and I'm hoping to see a beta version very shortly.

Posted by John Cook on Sunday, 30 May, 2010

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