Request for mainstream articles on climate

I have a favour to ask of Skeptical Science readers. I've been collecting climate articles and blog posts for years now. Of late, I've been particularly interested in mainstream media articles on climate. In order to maintain a more comprehensive database, I have a simple request - whenever you read an article in an online newspaper or magazine (basically, any mainstream publication that's on the web), it would be great if you could submit it to the Skeptical Science database. The article can be skeptic, pro-AGW or neutral - the only requirement is that it addresses climate science. In particular, it needs to touch on any of the skeptic arguments listed in the dropdowns:

So as you browse climate articles (and I know you do, otherwise you wouldn't be at this website), please spare a moment to drop by our submission form and add the article. Soon the process will be much quicker and easier as the boffins at Shine Technologies (creators of the iPhone app) are currently working on a Firefox plugin that will let you submit URLs directly from webpages as you browse. Very exciting stuff, I can't wait to start using it! In the meantime, we'll have to muddle along with a good ol' fashion HTML submission form.

To sweeten the deal, I've whipped up a Hall of Fame page listing the Skeptical Science users who've submitted the most links so far. Here's a screenshot of the top ten users at the moment of posting (I hope to see this change dramatically in the near future):


Lastly, Albatross recently posted a few useful links to YouTube movies on ocean acidification. As I'm always looking for good resources to add to the directory of global warming links, I added 'YouTube' as a type of link and added both pages to the list of pages on ocean acidification. Maybe down the track, I'll create a summary page of YouTube movies on climate.

Posted by John Cook on Thursday, 10 June, 2010

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