Call to climate scientists: submit your quote for 97 Hours of Consensus 2015

On 7 September 2014, we launched 97 Hours of Consensus. Every hour for 97 consecutive hours, we published a cartoon of a climate scientist with a quote about climate change. We also published a very cool interactive webpage. Our purpose: to raise awareness of the scientific consensus on human-caused global warming.

The series was an amazing success. We reached millions of people through social and mainstream media, including President Obama tweeting about 97 hours to 43 million followers:

On 7 September 2015, we're repeating 97 Hours of Consensus with another 97 climate scientists. But with a different approach. This time, we're asking climate scientists to submit their quotes to us. So this is my call to action to the climate science community. If you're a climate scientist who:

then submit your quote in our 97 Hours of Consensus Submission Form.

Another difference to 2014 is I'm hoping to draw more individualised caricatures. Some of the most popular cartoons captured something unique about that scientist. Richard Alley's guitar. John Bruno's flip flops. Simon Donner's hair attracted many comments (I scolded Simon quite sternly at the AGU Fall Meeting after learning he'd had a haircut).

So our submission form includes a text box for instructions on how to individualise your caricature. Do you have a favourite piece of clothing? A hobby? Are you an obsessive sports fan (like me inadvertently supporting the Brisbane Broncos in our coral reef video)? Let me know how you'd like to be drawn!

Also among the most popular cartoons were the witty quotes. Jen Francis' chills, Ken Calderia's old ladies and Peter Cox's cats were all big hits.

So don't be afraid to be creative and funny! But especially important is to be concise. Ideally, try to keep your quote to less than 400 characters. Bigger than a tweet but small enough to comfortably fit into a speech bubble!

To climate scientists who were drawn in the last 97 Hours of Consensus, please do submit a new quote. We'd like to emphasize scientists who weren't drawn in 2014, but great quotes are equally important so don't be shy just because you were drawn last year (and yes, I'll redraw you according to your new instructions). However, if we receive more than 97 new scientists, then we'll prioritise based on how concise and clever the quote is!

Thanks, and I look forward to reading all your quotes, and drawing you all! :-)


Posted by John Cook on Monday, 19 January, 2015

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