2015 SkS Weekly Digest #50

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2015 Poster 50 Special

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SkS Highlights

Betting against global warming is a sure way to lose money by Dana Nuccitelli (Climate Consensus - 97%, The Guardian) attracted the highest number of comments among the articles posted on SkS during the past week. The Road to Two Degrees, Part Three: Equity, inertia and fairly sharing the remaining carbon budget by Andy Skuce garnered the second highest number. 

Toon of the Week

 2015 Toon 50

Hat tip to I Heart Climate Scientists

Quote of the week

As the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon said to world leaders this evening in Paris, “We have an agreement. It is a good agreement. You should all be proud.”

Now we must stay united — and bring the same spirit to the crucial test of implementation,” he said. 

That work starts tomorrow.” 

All the Reasons the Paris Agreement is a Huge Freaking Deal for the Climate by Carol Linnitt, DeSmog Canada, Dec 12, 2015

SkS in the News

In his alphr article, Arnold Schwarzenegger just came up with a climate change argument that’s hard to argue with, Alan Martin states:

That shouldn’t be a surprise. As John Cook, author of Climate Change Science: A Modern Synthesis, told Reddit in a recent Ask Me Anything: “A number of empirical studies (including my own PhD research) have found an extremely strong correlation between conservative political ideology and denial of science. And randomised experiments have demonstrated a causal relationship between the two.”

Coming Soon on SkS

Poster of the Week

2015 Poster 50 

SkS Week in Review

97 Hours of Consensus: Brian Hoskins

97 Hours: Brian Hoskins


Brian Hoskins' bio page & Quote source

Posted by John Hartz on Sunday, 13 December, 2015

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