Skeptical Science New Research for Week #27, 2019

43 articles this week. Summer slowdown?

The top pick for "extended implications" seems to be The Role of the Tropically Excited Arctic Warming Mechanism on the Warm Arctic Cold Continent Surface Air Temperature Trend Pattern.

Another humdinger: The polycentricity of climate policy blockage

Other articles:

Policy and human cognition meet climate change:

Shift in seasonal climate patterns likely to impact residential energy consumption in the United States

Beyond Technical Fixes: climate solutions and the great derangement

Seasonal injection strategies for stratospheric aerosol geoengineering

Polycentric governance compensates for incoherence of resource regimes: The case of water uses under climate change in Oberhasli, Switzerland

Social representations of climate change and climate adaptation plans in southern Brazil: Challenges of genuine participation

Potential energy and climate benefits of super-cool materials as a rooftop strategy

The polycentricity of climate policy blockage

The provision and utility of earth science to decision-makers: synthesis and key findings

Optimizing dynamics of integrated food–energy–water systems under the risk of climate change

Planning for the past: Local temporality and the construction of denial in climate change adaptation

Biological systems and climate change:

Opportunities for behavioral rescue under rapid environmental change

Thermal stress induces persistently altered coral reef fish assemblages

Snowmelt and early to mid?growing season water availability augment tree growth during rapid warming in southern Asian boreal forests

A genome?wide search for local adaptation in a terrestrial?breeding frog reveals vulnerability to climate change

Climate Change Trends and Impacts on Vegetation Greening over the Tibetan Plateau

A social-ecological approach to identify and quantify biodiversity tipping points in South America's seasonal dry ecosystems

Divergent growth between spruce and fir at alpine treelines on the east edge of the Tibetan Plateau in response to recent climate warming

Varying temperature sensitivity of bud-burst date at different temperature conditions

Physical science of climate change:

Evolution of the seasonal surface mixed layer of the Ross Sea, Antarctica, observed with autonomous profiling floats

Modeling ocean eddies on Antarctica's cold water continental shelves and their effects on ice shelf basal melting

Organic carbon pools in the subsea permafrost domain since the Last Glacial Maximum

Climate change and regional ocean water mass disappearance: Case of the Black Sea

The Role of the Tropically Excited Arctic Warming Mechanism on the Warm Arctic Cold Continent Surface Air Temperature Trend Pattern

Projected changes in European and North Atlantic seasonal wind climate derived from CMIP5 simulations

Last Millennium Reanalysis with an expanded proxy database and seasonal proxy modeling

Comment on “Insignificant effect of climate change on winter haze pollution in Beijing” by Shen et al. (2018)

High organic carbon burial but high potential for methane ebullition in the sediments of an Amazonian reservoir

Scaling and balancing carbon dioxide fluxes in a heterogeneous tundra ecosystem of the Lena River Delta

What was the source of the atmospheric CO2 increase during the Holocene?

Surprising similarities in model and observational aerosol radiative forcing estimates

Possible impact of North Atlantic warming on the decadal change in the dominant modes of winter Eurasian snow water equivalent during 1979–2015

Characteristics of summer heat stress in China during 1979?2014: climatology and long-term trends

Seasonal precipitation change in the Western North Pacific and East Asia under global warming in two high-resolution AGCMs

The CO 2 -induced sensible heat changes over the Tibetan Plateau from November to April

Enhanced impact of Arctic sea ice change during boreal autumn on the following spring Arctic oscillation since the mid-1990s

Interannual linkage between wintertime sea-ice cover variability over the Barents Sea and springtime vegetation over Eurasia

Summertime mid?latitude weather and climate extremes induced by moisture intrusions to the west of Greenland

Polar low variability and future projections for the Nordic and Barents Seas

Future ocean climate homogenizes communities across habitats through diversity loss and rise of generalist species

Assessing changes in risk of amplified planetary waves in a warming world

Towards a more reliable historical reanalysis: Improvements for version 3 of the Twentieth Century Reanalysis system

Processes determining heat waves across different European climates

Radiation and energy balance dynamics over a rapidly receding glacier in the central Himalaya


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