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Observations & observational methods of global warming & effects

Forced Changes in the Arctic Freshwater Budget Emerge in the Early 21st Century

Ocean Acidification from Below in the Tropical Pacific

Snow cover duration trends observed at sites and predicted by multiple models

New insights into the world's longest series of monthly snowfall (Parma, Northern Italy, 1777?2018)

Late 1990s’ cool season climate shift in eastern North America

Ice loss in High Mountain Asia and the Gulf of Alaska observed by CryoSat-2 swath altimetry between 2010 and 2019 (open access)

Trends in winter light environment over the Arctic Ocean: a perspective from two decades of ocean?colour data

Greening hiatus in Eurasian boreal forests since 1997 caused by a wetting and cooling summer climate

Impacts of Oceanic and Atmospheric Heat Transports on Sea Ice Extent (open access)

Change in the heatwave statistical characteristics over China during the climate warming slowdown

Instrumentation of global warming

Statistical predictability of the Arctic sea ice volume anomaly: identifying predictors and optimal sampling locations (open access)

Multidecadal trend analysis of in situ aerosol radiative properties around the world (open access)

Modeling & simulation of global warming & global warming effects

Time of Emergence & Large Ensemble Intercomparison For Ocean Biogeochemical trends

Comparison of equilibrium climate sensitivity estimates from slab ocean, 150?year, and longer simulations

Greater Future U.K. Winter Precipitation Increase in New Convection-Permitting Scenarios

Projected Changes in South Asian Monsoon Low Pressure Systems (open access)

Future changes in precipitation-caused landslide frequency in British Columbia

Dynamical and hydrological changes in climate simulations of the last millennium (open access)

Trends and spatial shifts in lightning fires and smoke concentrations in response to 21st century climate over the national forests and parks of the western United States (open access)

Cloudy-sky contributions to the direct aerosol effect (open access)

An Internal Atmospheric Process Determining Summertime Arctic Sea Ice Melting in the Next Three Decades: Lessons Learned from Five Large Ensembles and Multiple CMIP5 Climate Simulations

Projected changes in extreme precipitation indices from CORDEX simulations over Ethiopia, East Africa

Projections of tropical cyclone rainfall over land with an Eulerian approach: case study of three islands in the West Indies

Evaluation and ensemble projection of extreme high and low temperature events in China from four dynamical downscaling simulations

Climate model advancement

Combining Emergent Constraints for Climate Sensitivity

Experimental protocol for sea level projections from ISMIP6 stand-alone ice sheet models (open access)

Impact of Coherent Ocean Stratification on AMOC Reconstruction by Coupled Data Assimilation with a Biased Model

The Arctic Ocean Observation Operator for 6.9 GHz (ARC3O) – Part 1: How to obtain sea ice brightness temperatures at 6.9 GHz from climate model output (open access)

The Arctic Ocean Observation Operator for 6.9 GHz (ARC3O) – Part 2: Development and evaluation (open access)

Improving a Biogeochemical Model to Simulate Surface Energy, Greenhouse Gas Fluxes, and Radiative Forcing for Different Land Use Types in Northeastern United States

The Extratropical Linear Step Response to Tropical Precipitation Anomalies and Its Use in Constraining Projected Circulation Changes under Climate Warming

Numerical impacts on tracer transport: A proposed intercomparison test of Atmospheric General Circulation Models

Cryosphere & climate change

Ice loss in High Mountain Asia and the Gulf of Alaska observed by CryoSat-2 swath altimetry between 2010 and 2019 (open access)

Tidal Modulation of Antarctic Ice Shelf Melting (open access)

Greenland temperature and precipitation over the last 20 000 years using data assimilation (open access)

Integrating perspectives to understand lake ice dynamics in a changing world

Greenland surface air temperature changes from 1981 to 2019 and implications for ice?sheet melt and mass?balance change

Biology & global warming

The Importance of Extreme Rainfall Events and Their Timing in a Semi?Arid Grassland

Multidecadal records of intrinsic water-use efficiency in the desert shrub Encelia farinosa reveal strong responses to climate change (open access)

Climate impacts on vegetation and fire dynamics since the last deglaciation at Moossee, Switzerland (open access)

Vulnerability of global coral reef habitat suitability to ocean warming, acidification and eutrophication

Scots pine plantations growth adaptation to climate warming in locations at the southernmost distribution limit of the species

Differences in tree and shrub growth responses to climate change in a boreal forest in China

Climate change shifts the distribution of vegetation types in South Brazilian hotspots

Mountain stoneflies may tolerate warming streams: evidence from organismal physiology and gene expression

Rapid genomic and phenotypic change in response to climate warming in a widespread plant invader

Unfamiliar partnerships limit cnidarian holobiont acclimation to warming

Projected climate and land use change alter western blacklegged tick phenology, seasonal host?seeking suitability and human encounter risk in California

Degrees of change: between and within population variation in thermal reaction norms of phenology in a viviparous lizard

Thermal evolution of life history and heat tolerance during range expansions toward warmer and cooler regions

Eco?evolutionary dynamics of range expansion

A trait?based approach to assessing resistance and resilience to wildfire in two iconic North American conifers

GHG sources & sinks, flux

Relative impacts of global changes and regional watershed changes on the inorganic carbon balance of the Chesapeake Bay (open access)

Greenhouse gas emissions from river riparian wetlands: An example from the Inner Mongolia grassland region in China (open access)

Uncertainties in turbulent statistics and fluxes of CO2 associated with density effect corrections

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Fluxes from Terrestrial and Aquatic Environments in a High?Altitude Tropical Catchment

Biophysical and socioeconomic factors influencing soil carbon stocks: a global assessment

EKC test study on the relationship between carbon dioxide emission and regional economic growth (open access)

CO2 removal science, engineering & policy

Coupled CO2 capture and thermochemical heat storage of CaO derived from calcium acetate

Fair-share carbon dioxide removal increases major emitter responsibility

Tree species suitable for roadside afforestation and carbon sequestration in Bilaspur, India (open access)

Strategies for enhancing long-term carbon sequestration in mixed-species, naturally regenerated Northern temperate forests (open access)

Climate geoengineering science, engineering and policy

Contesting the climate

Black carbon

Co-benefits of black carbon mitigation for climate and air quality (open access)

Indian Network Project on Carbonaceous Aerosol Emissions, Source Apportionment and Climate Impacts (COALESCE) (open access)

Climate change communications & cognition

In climate news, statements from large businesses and opponents of climate action receive heightened visibility (open access)

Localized Climate Reporting by TV Weathercasters Enhances Public Understanding of Climate Change as a Local Problem: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Experiment (open access)

The nature, significance, and influence of perceived personal experience of climate change

Agronomy & climate change

Agricultural acceleration of soil carbonate weathering

On the use of mean and extreme climate indices to predict sugar yield in western Fiji

Assessing the impact of increased legume production in Europe on global agricultural emissions

Increased greenhouse gas emission intensity of major croplands in China: implications for food security and climate change mitigation

Climatic Yield Potential of Japonica?type rice in the Korean Peninsula under RCP scenarios using the ensemble of multi?GCM and multi?RCM chains

Economics & climate change

The low carbon development options for Russia

Trading for climate resilience

Humans dealing with our global warming

The future of coal in a carbon-constrained climate (open access)

More perceived but not faster evolution of heat stress than temperature extremes in the future (open access)

Socioeconomic drought under growing population and changing climate: A new index considering the resilience of a regional water resources system

Spatial Patterns of Human Thermal Comfort Conditions in Russia: Present Climate and Trends

Climate change and population health research in China: Knowledge gaps and further directions

The drivers of carbon disclosure: evidence from china’s sustainability plans (open access)

Carbon footprint of school lunch menus adhering to the Spanish dietary guidelines (open access)


Effects of low?carbon energy adoption on airborne particulate matter concentrations with feedbacks to future climate over California

Informed opinion & nudges

The business of rapid transition

Integrating perspectives to understand lake ice dynamics in a changing world

Deliberate decline: An emerging frontier for the study and practice of decarbonization

Enhancing synergies between action on ocean acidification and the post?2020 global biodiversity framework


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