Zvon.org guide to Skeptic Arguments at Skeptical Science

After my previous posts about Zvon.org materials, An online resource for the IPCC 4th Assessment Report and Zvon.org guide to RealClimate.org, this time my Skeptical Science post is about Skeptical Science :).

I have just published a new resource at Zvon.org: the Zvon.org guide to Skeptic Arguments from SkepticalScience.com. I'll introduce the guide with a few screenshots. The guide is synchronized with current SkS content via John's feeds so it should remain fairly up to date.

  • arguments are searchable
  • titles of broader topics are shown even if they do not contain the search term
  • an argument's detail page contains links towards broader and narrower rebuttals, skeptic arguments and rebuttals at different level of difficulty
  • lists of keywords and related scientific articles are also provided 
  • keywords' search is enabled but keywords still require a lot of work
  • suggestions of keywords for individual arguments would be much appreciated
  • my plan is to keep keywords synchronized with RealClimate guide
  • scientific articles supporting individual rebuttals may be searched
  • doi links lead to the original articles
  • many articles contain links to Web of Science records
  • all arguments which cite the article are listed
  • some article duplication occurs - it will be addressed in future releases
  • articles can be also searched by authors 

Posted by Mila on Tuesday, 18 January, 2011

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