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All IPCC definitions taken from Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Working Group I Contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Annex I, Glossary, pp. 941-954. Cambridge University Press.

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Archives guide to

Posted on 7 January 2011 by Mila

I have been for many years a regular reader of and quite often consult their older posts. Recently I used some of my software developed for IPCC AR4 guide (see my previous post for detailed description) to simplify access to this information treasure chest.

This post demonstrates on a few screenshots main features of the guide to

  • contents in reverse chronological order
  • green links lead to the post details' page
  • brown links lead to the post at
  • gold links lead to keywords and names listings 
  • keywords are manually assigned to individual posts
  • any suggestion for new/changed keywords  for a post would be greatly appreciated
  • names of both people and organizations are listed
  • as with keywords any help with locating other names would be greatly appreciated
  • doi links lead to the original articles
  • most articles contain links to Web of Science records
  • all posts which cite the article are listed
  • materials in WorldCat catalog are indexed
  •  provides links to major booksellers, libraries, and websites with electronic materials 
  • post details' page contain first few sentences from the posts followed by a link to the relevant page
  • keywords, names, articles and books mentioned in the post are also listed 
  • gold arrows lead to the previous and next posts.

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Comments 1 to 19:

  1. Wow Mila, you continue to impress. If one is willing to create the database of PDFs of journal papers, could one use your code to create a searchable database? I think researchers would clammer to purchase a software package that would help generate such a database (by ripping though folder containing hundreds of PDFs) and then creating an interactive search engine. I have thousands of papers in my PDF library, but finding the right paper can be tedious and time consuming. Maybe something like that already exists, in which case I'd be delighted if someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks.
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  2. Another phenomenal resource, so again thank you for this, Mila.
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  3. Thanks :) #1 my work includes a lot of ad hoc programming and manual work (my background in organic chemistry helps, if for almost 10 years you spend a few hours a day washing glassware you are prepared for some tedious work :) ) I am not aware of any software which would fulfill your needs, but I would expect that some exist. But be cautious before purchase, it means to correctly read in PDF files and identify important bits (and this is far from trivial - you may see at Google Scholar that even for them it is not always easy), then to assign dois, as soon as you have PDF - dois mapping the rest is not so difficult
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  4. How wonderful. Congratulations and many, many thanks. Your work on this and the IPCC reports is invaluable.
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  5. Brilliant! Thank you, you've made a real difference.
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  6. Mila, the 'Keywords' option doesn't seem to be working for me.
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  7. #6 Can you be more specific please? I need to know your browser (with version if possible) and operating system.
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  8. Ah, you're getting technical now Mila. I'm using Internet Explorer on Windows Vista. It is only the 'Keywords' tab that does nothing for me, the others ('contents', 'names' etc.) are working fine. I do get a little message in bottom left of the browser pane saying 'Error on page', but nothing else to indicate a problem.
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  9. Mila, I've had a quick check and while the 'keywords' page opens with Chrome over Windows 7, I too cannot get it to work with Explorer 8 (version 8.0.7600.16385) and Windows 7. The link to 'keywords' from the menu bar at the top doesn't work, nor does the link to 'keywords' in the body of the page under 'Guide main features'. I also get an 'error on page' at the bottom of the IE window. Seeing I use Chrome mostly it's not a problem for me. However more people would use IE than use Chrome. BTW - this work of yours is brilliant and will be using it constantly. Many thanks.
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  10. I just had the same problem with the 'Names' tab, but that solved itself when I refreshed the page.
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  11. Oh look - now I can use the 'Keywords' tab in that window, but not in another window I've just opened to chack.
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  12. Internet Explorer is always causing problems to web developers; broken standards, some features not implemented, and painful to debug because of mediocre error messages - I will investigate and try to find out where the problems are
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  13. Mila - back again. Refreshing the page seems to work for me at least some of the time, so it might be worth adding a note to this effect on the front page as a temporary measure at least. Am I right in saying that the keyword links are only from the posts themselves and not from comments? I was just looking for the Judith Curry comments, but of course she only comes up in the comments, not in the original posts.
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    Moderator Response: [Daniel Bailey] Joe Romm covers them in detail over at Climate Progress here.
  14. #13 Keywords are based only on the texts themselves. I will put a note to the right column
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  15. Thanks Mila (and The Yooper). I realise I've just spent an afternoon picking holes in your work, so worth saying again - it's brilliant! I found the Curry comments using your site anyway, via the contents section, which I really like (but should Tamino get his own keyword?)
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  16. Thank you Mila. Is there a way to make expanding the archives more generous? (e.g., if I expand "2010", I'd like to be able to see all the _posts_ from 2010, rather than all the _months_ of 2010)
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  17. #15 nothing helps more than picking holes :) #16 I am afraid that automatic expand of everything would make the display too cluttered and I personally prefer more grannual expand for archives; but I was inspired by your comment and now automatically expand the last month of posts, which I find useful (page reload will be probably necessary to see it just now)
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  18. You amaze me yet again. Thank you very much.
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  19. I just noticed that Realclimate now has a link to prominently in the right hand menu column. They obviously appreciate your efforts.
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