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All IPCC definitions taken from Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Working Group I Contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Annex I, Glossary, pp. 941-954. Cambridge University Press.

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The Consensus Project

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Welcome to The Consensus Project home. This page is a hub of links to various articles and resources associated with The Consensus Project.

The Peer-Reviewed Paper

Our peer-reviewed paper Quantifying the Consensus on Anthropogenic Global Warming in the Scientific Literature is freely available at the Environmental Research Letters (ERL) website. ERL has a innovative feature for peer-reviewed journals - they feature a video abstract which summarises the results of the paper in under 4 minutes. You can download the full paper (PDF) and the Supplementary Material (PDF).

The website explains the results of Quantifying the Consensus in a simple, user-friendly fashion. The website was designed pro-bono by New York design and advertising firm SJI Associates. The Share page presents a number of graphics ideal for sharing on Facebook and Twitter.


You can download the following data related to our research:

Rate Abstracts: Replicate our Research!

We've created an interactive rating system that lets you rate the abstracts examined in our analysis. This lets you repeat the process we went through, reading through abstracts and categorising their type of research and level of endorsement of human-caused global warming. We found reading through these abstracts impressed on us the breadth and depth of climate research in existence.

My Ratings

Once you start rating abstracts, you can compare your ratings to the results from The Consensus Project. All your ratings are saved (but kept private) so you can come back anytime to check out the papers you've rated. You can view the research category and the level of endorsement rated by yourself next to the ratings given in the Quantifying the Consensus paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

We address a number of questions about our research in our Frequently Asked Questions. The section is divided into two sections. Methodology Questions looks at questions about the specific processes we undertook in our research. Philosophical Questions looks at more general questions about consensus and it's role in science. It is anticipated that this page will continue to grow as we encounter more questions about our research.

Graphic Resources

We have a collection of graphic resources relevant to our research and the scientific consensus in general. All our graphics are under a creative commons licence and freely available for republishing. Most of the graphics are provided in 1024 x 768 form, ideal for powerpoints but also useful for blog posts and articles.

Media Coverage

Check out the media coverage of Quantifying the Consensus in newspapers, online magazines and blogs.

The Consensus Handbook

In March 2018 John Cook, Sander Van Der Linden, Ed Maibach and Stephan Lewandowsky published The Consensus Handbook. It summarizes research into how opponents of climate action have cast doubt on consensus, why that matters, and how we (including journalists) can respond.

Rebuttals related to consensus

Blog Posts about "Does it Matter ... ?" published in May 2017

Blog Posts about "Consensus on Consensus" published in April 2016

Denial101x videos about the consensus

The following videos were created for our MOOC Denial101x and explain the various aspects of a scientific consensus

Consensus of evidence
Consensus of scientists
Consensus of papers
From the experts: Scientific consensus
Knowledge based consensus

SkS Blog Posts about The Consensus Project

The Consensus Project Website


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