Graphics resources: Cranky Cartoons and Fallacy Icons

What's better than some Cranky Uncle cartoons scattered around here or there? A collection of them, cross-referenced with the fallacies they depict, of course! And this is what we highlight in this blog post. John Cook had made these cartoons available for download on his Cranky Uncle website in March 2021 and Dutch and German versions were published when the translated Cranky Uncle game was launched in February 2022. The initial set of 20 cartoons is now also available in our graphics resources on Skeptical Science in English, German and Dutch:


Each of these cartoons depicts one of the FLICC science denial techniques and the collection can be used for various activities related to the Cranky Uncle game, like matching cartoon to fallacy or setting up an offline version of the game with one cartoon and four fallacies to chose from.

There is one graphics resource page for each cartoon which references the related fallacy and also contains its icon and definition.


Clicking on the icon will take you to the related fallacy graphics page which in turn cross-references more resources - and translated content - if available, like in this example:


We will add more cross-references to the fallacy icon pages as time allows and hope that this provides an additional and helpful entry point to explore our content!

Fallacy Icons

Happy - or is it "cranky"? - exploring!

Posted by BaerbelW on Monday, 2 May, 2022

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