Summarizing 16 years of Skeptical Science in 20 minutes

On June 28, 2023 Bärbel Winkler had the chance to talk about Skeptical Science in a live-streamed presentation during the fifth International Conference on Climate Justice organized by the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence for Climate Justice. This year's conference topic was Beyond the emergency and featured speakers from around the globe who were all invited to give short presentations related to mutual and transformative practices for change. You can find out more about the conference in this earlier blog post.

The presentation Bärbel had created for the conference mentions some highlights from our website's history, explains the myth rebuttals, introduces several of our myth de- and pre-bunking resources, briefly mentions some of the projects we tackled and other resources we provide.


As this makes for a good introduction to Skeptical Science and what all happened since John Cook started his website 16 years ago in July 2007, we are making a slightly adapted version of the presention available for download as a PDF-file (5MB). Almost each image in the file has an embedded link leading to more detailed information if anything piques your interest and you'd like to know more.

You can watch the full presentation on Youtube:

[youtube id="9QcZCz6mVDM"]

All the presentations from the conference are available in this playlist.

Note: Bärbel's presentation has been added to our collection of talks where you can find many more videos of earlier events where members from our team gave public lectures or webinars.

Posted by SkS-Team on Wednesday, 19 July, 2023

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