Call for beta testers of the latest SkS Firefox Add-on

The Skeptical Science Firefox Add-on, developed by Shine Technologies (makers of the SkS iPhone app) has been an amazing tool. It's allows you to quickly and easily submit climate links to the SkS database as you browse the web. I use it daily to keep tabs on the latest climate info, especially when I encounter peer-reviewed papers. In turn, all incoming links get added to the Daily Climate Links email which anyone can subscribe to.

Shine Tech have been working on a upgrade to the Add-on - they've added SSL encryption, tweaked the encoding to fix any weird characters that pop up in webpage titles and a few other background technical bits & pieces. One feature I specifically requested in an upgrade was the ability to enter the Date of the link you're submitting. Now, rather than today's date being added by default, you can submit older articles and specify their publishing date (it may not sound like much but it made me very happy). Many thanks to Marc at Shine Tech for all his hard work to make it happen.

Anyway, while the new Add-on works a charm on my system, we'd like to test it on as many different systems as possible. So if anyone would like to volunteer to be a beta-tester, please post a comment here or contact me via the Contact page. I'll then email you the updated Add-on along with installation instructions so you can test the new upgrade. Thanks to all who can help us make the Add-on just that little more robust.

Posted by John Cook on Thursday, 7 April, 2011

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