SkS Weekly Digest #10

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Misdiagnosis of Surface Temperature Feedback" by Kevin Trenberth and John Fasullo is a critique of a controversial paper authored by by Roy Spencer and Danny Braswell that had gone viral within "skeptic" media during the past two weeks.

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Mr. Fish's Cartoon

 The Week in Review

  • Climate Denial Video #3: Polluters Use Same Tactics As Tobacco Industry (John Cook)
  • The Ridley Riddle Part Two: The White Queen (Andy S)
  • OA not OK part 14: Going down (Doug Mackie)
  • Climate Denial Video #2: Failed at Science? Attack the Scientists (John Cook)
  • OA not OK part 13: Polymorphs - the son of Poseidon (Doug Mackie)
  • Climate Denial Video #1: The Difference between Skepticism and Denial (John Cook)
  • Loehle and Scafetta Play Spencer's Curve Fitting Game (Dana)
  • Spencer's Misdiagnosis of Surface Temperature Feedback (Kevin Trenberth)
  • Just Put the Model Down, Roy (bbickmore)
  • Coming soon...

    SkS in the News

    The two part response to Monckton's debate with Denniss was re-posted on New Anthropocene

    SkS Spotlights...

    The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has created a nicely done interactive webpage addressing climate change and public health in the United States.

    Per the NRDC:

    Climate change is one of the most serious public health threats facing the nation, but few people are aware of how it can affect them. Children, the elderly, and communities living in poverty are among the most vulnerable. Click on a state on the map for more information on climate-health threats, actions being taken to prepare communities, and what you can do.

    Posted by John Hartz on Monday, 8 August, 2011

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