Another two reviews of Climate Change Denial

Climate Change Denial by Haydn Washington and John Cook Another two reviews of Climate Change Denial have appeared online. The first comes from the Dutch blog Natuurlijke Wereldy by Jan Paul van Soest. The review is posted in Dutch but here's an English version, courtesy of Google Translate with Jan Paul smoothing off some of the rough edges:

A fierce sound in the climate debate is coming from Australia, by John Cook of the unsurpassed website Together with Haydn Washington, John wrote the book Climate Change Denial - Heads in the Sand. Cook and Washington not only discuss the content of the variety of arguments, but also highlight the background of skepticism and skeptics, who they systematically call deniers (denialists). Mainstream science is skepticism, the authors say, the title ‘skeptic’ should be reserved for scientists, not for those who ignore the science.

The book partly builds on the aforementioned website skepticalscience, where just about every conceivable argument used in the climate debate is discussed thoroughly, sometimes at different levels (basic, intermediate, advanced). Besides that, there are daily posts dealing with selected topics, news and events.

From the same strain is the handy Scientific Guide to Global Warming Skepticism, free downloadable as PDF, which is now also available in a Dutch translation.

The second review was posted by Brian Harrisson:

A lot is packed into its 174 pages. The book is carefully structured and referenced which suggests that its target audience is academically inclined readers. Its structure and narrative however make it accessible to any reader who is prepared to take time to read and think about the many important points of detail it contains. Unlike some of the books about climate change its references are meaningful so that anyone with the will to do so can check the veracity of the statements, claims, information or data contained in the book.

Posted by John Cook on Wednesday, 17 August, 2011

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