Talkin bout the Skeptical Science phone apps

Just a few months ago, we brought out a Skeptical Science app for Nokia phones, thanks to Jean-Francois Barsoum who used the Ovi App Wizard. Nokia have just announced that our app is one of the 10 finalists in the Calling All Innovators competition. The winner is the app that gets the most downloads by August 31 so if you're a Nokia user, be sure to download the Nokia app (and let your Nokia friends know about it).

While we're on the subject of apps, I've just published an article in the UK Guardian today - talking about the iPhone, Nokia and Android apps, the results I've received from iPhone reports over the past 6 months and also commenting on the new skeptic iPhone app, Our Climate. Knowing the vigorous discussion that happens on the Guardian website, I'd love to keep up with the comments but it's pushing 1:30am here in Australia so I'm just going to have to wake up to the comment storm in the morning.

Lastly, Joe Romm just published a gracious post about our Android app which is much appreciated. Reading through the comments, I've just learnt that apparently you can install the iPhone app by scanning some image with your phone - first I've ever heard of this.

Posted by John Cook on Saturday, 7 August, 2010

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