A look back - SkS in 2009


Going social and international

As Skeptical Science's reach increased, so did comments on the rebuttals and blog posts. To keep comments and commenters focused on the science, John added a comments policy to SkS and announced this in a housekeeping post on November 9.


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In November 2009, John added a Twitter account and SkS started to tweet as @skepticscience:


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Shortly before the year ended, translations of rebuttals were added as a new feature suggested by Ari Jokimäki who also provided the first translations into Finnish. Jesús Rosini followed suit with the first translations into Spanish. Since then, translations into over 20 languages have been created by volunteer translators from around the globe. Click on a language's flag icon in the header banner to see the list of available translations for it. And if you think that you can help with translations, please check out my post from January 2014: Your chance to make a difference: Join the SkS-Translator team!

Translations20100107How the translations page looked like in January 2010 with the list of the first Finnish and Spanish content

John published 52 blog posts and 11 rebuttals during the year.


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