Compendium Maps: a visual summary of the climate debate

Compendium is a software tool by Open University that explores ways to map information, ideas and arguments. As part of his PhD, Jack Park used compendium to map the 127 skeptic arguments at Skeptical Science into a "Compendium map". What he did was sort all the different arguments into 16 main categories:

Clicking on any of the categories takes you to a page that displays all the skeptic arguments with a for and against one-line argument plus links to source web pages.


It's an interesting and accessible way to present a wealth of information for those new to the climate debate or seeking to get a broad overview (that is, if you don't already have the SkS iPhone app). Check out Jack's blog post for more info or to send him some feedback.

Posted by John Cook on Friday, 5 November, 2010

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