More animations of the Warming Indicators

Just when you thought every possible iteration and variation of the Indicators of a Warming World graphic had been explored, several more have appeared. After posting Chip Fletcher's animated powerpoint last week, Chemware offered to create an animated GIF version. Here it is - he went that extra mile and also added links from each indicator to the relevant webpage:

51 kB animated graphic of climate change

For the glutton for punishment, Chemware created a 1024 pixel version of the animated GIF. In addition, Martin Hedberg also emailed me two variations of Chip's original Powerpoint:

  1. In version 1.1, each warming indicator fades in using 'sweep' rather than 'move in'. The different indicators sweep from top and down or reverse depending on what is happening.
  2. In version 1.2, the order of appearance was changed to what Martin found more logical.

Many thanks to Chemware and Martin for their efforts (and Chip for getting the ball rolling in the first place). One of these days, I'm going to create an equivalent "Human Fingerprints graphic (which has been updated several times over the past few months as I discover additional fingerprints). I wonder whether that too will undergo as many different variations.

Posted by John Cook on Thursday, 3 February, 2011

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