2013 SkS Weekly Digest #14

SkS Highlights

Dana's The Fool's Gold of Current Climate generated the most comments of articles posted this past week. Agnostic's Food Security - What Security? came in second and Dana's Trillions of Dollars are Pumped into our Fossil Fuel Addiction Every Year was third. 

Toon of the Week

 2013 Toon 14

Quote of the Week

“Should we still debate whether the Earth is flat?” Maher demanded. “That’s not how science works. At some point, you reach a consensus, then debate the next issue.” - Bill Maher

Maher: Debating climate change is like arguing about whether the Earth is flat by David Ferguson, The Raw Story, Apr 6, 2013

The Week in Review

Rebuttal Articles Updated

Dana's Trillions of Dollars are Pumped into our Fossil Fuel Addiction Every Year has been incorporated into the rebuttal to the myth 'CO2 limits will harm the economy' and 'renewable energy is too expensive.'

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SkS in the News

Media Matters made use of the Escalator in debunking Fox News' denial of climate denial.

The Conversation (re-published by Phys.org) interviewed John Cook about the Australian Climate Commission report on extreme weather in Australia.

Climate Progress re-posted and IndyMedia referenced Rob Painting's Earth Encounters Giant Speed Bump on the Road to Higher Sea Level.

Brad Plumer at The Washington Post referenced the SkS evaluation of James Hansen's 1988 climate projections.

Mary Ellen Harte at The Huffington Post referenced Dana's New Research Confirms Global Warming Has Accelerated.

Media Matters referenced Nuccitelli et al. and Dana and Zeke's Making Sense of Sensitivity … and Keeping It in Perspective to debunk Rush Limbaugh's distortion of The Economist's climate sensitivity article.

Climate Progress also re-posted the Making Sense of Sensitivity post.

Andrew Revkin at DotEarth referenced the discussion of the Marcott paper on SkS.

Citizen's Challenge referenced the SkS page on Roy Spencer.

SkS Spotlights

Climate Change Institute of the Australian National University (ANU)

Vision: To build and support a cohesive, interactive community of climate change-related researchers and teachers at the ANU.

Mission: To contribute to climate change solutions through innovative, interdisciplinary approaches to research and teaching, drawing on the wealth of expertise across the University's seven colleges, and to connect our work to governments, the private sector and civil society.


Posted by John Hartz on Sunday, 7 April, 2013

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