Skeptical Science housekeeping: Translations and Comments Feed

A while back, I was contacted by Ari Jokimäki who requested to translate some of Skeptical Science into Finnish. So over the last month, with lots of suggestions and helpful feedback from Ari, I've added a new feature to the website that displays translations of skeptic arguments. At this early stage, only a handful of arguments have been translated into Finnish. But if anyone is interested in translating any of the skeptic arguments into other languages, please contact me.

For now, translations are available in two ways. All translations are listed on the Translations Page. You will also see a small flag at the top of any skeptic argument that has been translated. Currently, we're only showing translations of Skeptic Arguments, not the blog posts. For example, "It's the sun", "It's not happening" and "Ice age predicted in the 70s" all feature the Finnish flag. Many thanks to Ari and Kaj for all their hard work (I'll try to keep my verbosity down in future posts to make things easier for you).

For those of you who like to keep track of the discussion that goes on throughout the website, I've also added an RSS Feed of recent comments.

UPDATE 31/12/2009 - Many thanks to Jesus Rosino who has begun translating the skeptic arguments into Spanish.

UPDATE 16/1/2010 - Thanks also to Klaus Flemløse who has begun Danish translations.

Posted by John Cook on Tuesday, 29 December, 2009

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