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The Climate Show #35: elections, extremes and a big wind

Posted on 21 September 2013 by Gareth

We’re running a bit late with this one: recorded last week before the big wind left Gareth powerless for six days (a bit like Glenn’s PC), John Cook ruminates on the result of the Australian election, the boys marvel at the Mail’s myth making about Arctic sea ice, and look forward to the release of the first part of the next IPCC report. And much, much more.

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Comments 1 to 7:

  1. As we couldn't neglect to mention over on YouTube, we've set our hearts on hauling David Rose and the Mail on Sunday in front of the UK's Press Complaints Commission, since they have still failed to retract any of their monstrous "Myth making about Arctic sea ice" from two weeks ago.

    For more information please see our own videos, and/or take a good long look around:

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  2. @ Jim Hunt

    What an excellent idea. It's about time someone tried out the PCC for size on a story like this. They've been criticised as toothless in the past; but in the wake of recent press scandals in the UK, they might just feel emboldened to protest.

    As you may know, 'Hayley Dixon' who peddles climate change disinformation at the Daily Telepgraph is very likely David Rose. In this instance the article 'she' ran in the DT was virtually identical to David Rose's in The Mail. Admittedly professional deniers tend to repeat (endlessly) the same arguments and claims, originating from the same web-based pseudo-science blogs; but in this case the similarity was unusually striking.

    The DT seems to have stepped up its campaign recently. It's been running piece after piece taken straight from the denialist playbook: pieces hinting at attempted cover-ups (without offering a shred of evidence); and an especially thin and inaccurate piece last week about Germany's energy policy, and how it's allegedly turning into a 'nightmare'. Among other nonsense in that piece, was a (long debunked) claim that Germany industrial companies have begun relocating to the US because of cheaper energy prices. No company was named - because no companies have actually done this. The one company that was once named in this connection explicitly denied that energy prices had anything to do with its thinking.

    I suppose I'm saying that the DT should be in the dock too, given its record.

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  3. Philip - The Telegraph are next in my "little black book"! I have spoken on the telephone to someone purporting to be Hayley Dixon, and she certainly didn't sound like a "he"!

    The editorial side of the DT haven't responded to my telephone calls or emails as yet. I guess I shall have to pester them again next week.

    BTW the Express also printed similar nonsense, and even the Indy managed to repeat a bit of the disinformation, no doubt inadvertently!

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  4. I'm a regular listener and always glad to see a new edition coming out.

    The link does not work anymore for a while now (discontinued?). I guess the article should point to the corresponding hot-topic link instead.

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  5. @Philip #62 

    See this Forbes stroy regarding companies migrating to the US. They actually name the companies athough it's mor of an EU article than strictly German. There are issues with the rising costs of energy in Germany especially.

    How Europe's economy is being devastated by global warming orthodoxy

    Hard to believe this story is just hype.

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  6. Hank,

    The story lists less than a dozen companies that are building US facilities, at least two are chemical manufacturers.  The story points out that natural gas and oil, the feedstocks for chemical manufacturers, are cheaper in the US than in Europe, which has nothing to do with renewables.  Some of the facilities were worth less than 5 million dollars.  The article contains a lot of fluff and little data.  How many US companies are opening facilities in Europe?  The article claims that wind is more expensive than fossil fuels whch is false.  Why would they be installing so much wind in Texas if it wasn't cheaper?

    It is hard to believe that at any time no more than a dozen European manufacturers are opening plants in the US.  I would expect more investment if the US economy was more competative.  It sounds to me more like complete hype.  A commentor at Real Climate said all the companies involved said that they did not consider electricity costs as part of their moves.

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  7. hank_, that's Jim Powell of the Cato Institute.  It's possible that the claims have some seed of merit.  It's also possible that Powell is representing the brand of libertarianism he's paid to represent. 

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