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All IPCC definitions taken from Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Working Group I Contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Annex I, Glossary, pp. 941-954. Cambridge University Press.

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Skeptical Science New Research for Week #11, 2020

Posted on 18 March 2020 by Doug Bostrom

46 Articles

Physical science of global warming & effects

Global pattern of short?term concurrent hot and dry extremes and its relationship to large?scale climate indices

Opposite spatial variability of climate change?induced surface temperature trends due to soil and atmospheric moisture in tropical/subtropical dry and wet land regions

Observations & observational methods of global warming & effects

Observed emergence of the climate change signal: from the familiar to the unknown

Strong changes in englacial temperatures despite insignificant changes in ice thickness at Dôme du Goûter glacier (Mont Blanc area) (open access)

Analysis of climate extremes indices over northeast Brazil from 1961 to 2014

Analyzing precipitation and temperature trends of Kanha and Satpura Tiger Reserve, Central India

aModeling, simulation & analysis of global warming & global warming effects

The Role of Climate Sensitivity in Upper?Tail Sea Level Rise Projections

Arctic sea ice loss as a potential trigger for Central Pacific El Niño events

Impact of the North Atlantic Warming Hole on Sensible Weather

Twenty-first century ocean forcing of the Greenland ice sheet for modelling of sea level contribution (open access)

Effective Radiative forcing from emissions of reactive gases and aerosols – a multimodel comparison (open access)

Contribution of mean climate to hot temperature extremes for present and future climates

Sea level rise and estuarine tidal dynamics: A review

Projected regional responses of precipitation extremes and their joint probabilistic behaviors to climate change in the upper and middle reaches of Huaihe River Basin, China

Changes in climate extremes over Bangladesh at 1.5 °C, 2 °C, and 4 °C of global warming with high-resolution regional climate modeling

Assessment of climate change impact over California using dynamical downscaling with a bias correction technique: method validation and analyses of summertime results (open access)

Climate change impact to Mackenzie river Basin projected by a regional climate model

Climate change projections for the Worldwide Bioclimatic Classification System in the Iberian Peninsula until 2070

Climate model advancement

Causal networks for climate model evaluation and constrained projections (open access)

Impact of poleward heat and moisture transports on Arctic clouds and climate simulation (open access)

Sensitivity studies and comprehensive evaluation of RegCM4.6.1 high-resolution climate simulations over the Tibetan Plateau

Biology & global warming

Changing rapid weather variability increases influenza epidemic risk in a warming climate

Pronounced and unavoidable impacts of low-end global warming on northern high-latitude land ecosystems

Response of the Japanese flying squid ( Todarodes pacificus ) in the Japan Sea to future climate warming scenarios

Measuring the economic impact of climate-induced environmental changes on sun-and-beach tourism

Climate change impact on primary production and phytoplankton taxonomy in Western Spitsbergen fjords based on pigments in sediments

Statistical modeling of phenology in Bavaria based on past and future meteorological information (open access)

GHG sources & sinks, flux

Understanding the importance of primary tropical forest protection as a mitigation strategy (open access)

Lower soil carbon stocks in exotic vs. native grasslands are driven by carbonate losses

Woody litter protects peat carbon stocks during drought

Scaling carbon fluxes from eddy covariance sites to globe: synthesis and evaluation of the FLUXCOM approach (open access)

An assessment of land-based climate and carbon reversibility in the Australian Community Climate and Earth System Simulator

Climate change communications & cognition

The role of climate change risk perception, response efficacy, and psychological adaptation in pro-environmental behavior: A two nation study

“We are a Bit Blind About it”: A Qualitative Analysis of Climate Change-Related Perceptions and Communication Across South African Communities (open access)

Humans dealing with our global warming

Socio-cultural aspects of farmers’ perception of the risk of climate change and variability in Central Ethiopia (open access)

Awareness-development in the context of climate change resilience

Measuring the economic impact of climate-induced environmental changes on sun-and-beach tourism

Defining the solution space to accelerate climate change adaptation (open access)

Ten years after Copenhagen: Reimagining climate change governance in urban areas

Powering and puzzling: climate change adaptation policies in Bangladesh and India (open access)

Climate change adaptation as a development challenge to small Island states: A case study from the Solomon Islands

Kenyan tea is made with heat and water: how will climate change influence its yield?


The increasing atmospheric burden of the greenhouse gas sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) (open access)

Electricity savings and greenhouse gas emission reductions from global phase-down of hydrofluorocarbons (open access)

Legally obtaining copies of "paywalled" articles

We know it's frustrating that many articles we cite here are not free to read. Here's an excellent collection of tips and techniques for obtaining articles, legally. 


Please let us know if you're aware of an article you think may be of interest for Skeptical Science research news, or if we've missed something that may be important. Send your input to Skeptical Science via our contact form.

A list of journals we cover may be found here. We welcome pointers to omissions, new journals etc. 

The previous edition of Skeptical Science New Research may be found here. 

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