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All IPCC definitions taken from Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Working Group I Contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Annex I, Glossary, pp. 941-954. Cambridge University Press.

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Skeptical Science New Research for Week #28, 2020

Posted on 15 July 2020 by Doug Bostrom

121 Articles 

Physical science of global warming & effects

Aerosols enhance cloud lifetime and brightness along the stratus-to-cumulus transition (open access)

The nature of ice-nucleating particles affects the radiative properties of tropical convective cloud systems (open access)

Importance of boundary processes for heat uptake in the Subpolar North Atlantic

Observations & observational methods of global warming & effects

NOAA: 2019 State of U.S. High Tide Flooding with a 2020 Outlook (PDF)

Observational evidence for a stability Iris effect in the Tropics

Warming trends increasingly dominate global ocean

Strong Summer Atmospheric Rivers Trigger Greenland Ice Sheet Melt through Spatially Varying Surface Energy Balance and Cloud Regimes

Glacier runoff variations since 1955 in the Maipo River basin, in the semiarid Andes of central Chile (open access)

Central Himalayan tree-ring isotopes reveal increasing regional heterogeneity and enhancement in ice-mass loss since the 1960s (open access)

Normal mode perspective on the 2016 QBO disruption: evidence for a basic state regime transition (open access)

Contributions of Greenland GPS observed deformation from multi?source mass loading induced seasonal and transient signals

A unique feature of the 2019 extreme positive Indian Ocean Dipole event

Horizontal Moisture Transport Dominates the Regional Moistening Patterns in the Arctic

Evidence for intensification of meteorological droughts in Oman over the past four decades

Investigation of precipitation concentration and trends and their potential drivers in the major river basins of Central Asia

Sea surface temperature variability in the Arctic Ocean and its marginal seas in a changing climate: Patterns and mechanisms

The impact of climate change and human activities on the Aral Sea Basin over the past 50?years

Response of Tibetan Plateau’s lakes to climate changes: Trend, pattern, and mechanisms

Long-term changes in climatic variables over the Bharathapuzha river basin, Kerala, India

Statistical analysis of rainfall and temperature (1901–2016) in south-east Asian countries

A robust relationship between multidecadal global warming rate variations and the Atlantic Multidecadal Variability

Half a century of Scots pine forest ecosystem monitoring reveals long?term effects of atmospheric deposition and climate change

A review of studies on observed precipitation trends in Italy

Climate regime shift and forest loss amplify fire in Amazonian forests

Increased severe landfall typhoons in China since 2004

Extreme dry and wet spells face changes in their duration and timing

Modeling & simulation of global warming & global warming effects

Sea Level Rise in the CESM Large Ensemble: The Role of Individual Climate Forcings and Consequences for the Coming Decades

Dynamic amplification of subtropical extreme precipitation in a warming climate

Assessment of uncertainties in projecting future changes to extreme storm surge height depending on future SST and greenhouse gas concentration scenarios

North Pacific zonal wind response to sea ice loss in the Polar Amplification Model Intercomparison Project and its downstream implications

Global climate response to idealized deforestation in CMIP6 models (open access)

Dynamics of the Mediterranean droughts from 850 to 2099 AD in the Community Earth System Model (open access)

Impact of West Antarctic ice shelf melting on Southern Ocean hydrography (open access)

Aerosol?forced AMOC changes in CMIP6 historical simulations

Projections of extreme ocean waves in the Arctic and potential implications for coastal inundation and erosion

Warm Atlantic Water explains observed sea ice melt rates north of Svalbard

Projection of winter NPO-following winter ENSO connection in a warming climate: uncertainty due to internal climate variability (open access)

Ultra-high resolution regional climate projections for assessing changes in hydrological extremes and underlying uncertainties

Multiscale precipitation variability and extremes over South America: analysis of future changes from a set of CORDEX regional climate model simulations

Non?additive response of the high?latitude Southern Hemisphere climate to aerosol forcing in a climate model with interactive chemistry (open access)

Using large ensemble modelling to derive future changes in mountain specific climate indicators in a 2 °C and 3 °C warmer world in High Mountain Asia

Climate model advancement

Using multiple large ensembles to elucidate the discrepancy between the 1979?2019 modeled and observed Antarctic sea?ice trends

Impact of Lagrangian Transport on Lower-Stratospheric Transport Time Scales in a Climate Model (open access)

Decomposing temperature extremes errors in CMIP5 and CMIP6 models

Understanding inter?model diversity when simulating the time of emergence in CMIP5 climate models

A framework to quantify the uncertainty contribution of GCMs over multiple sources in hydrological impacts of climate change (open access)

Benefits and added value of convection-permitting climate modeling over Fenno-Scandinavia (open access)

Moist Shallow Water Response to Tropical Forcing: Initial Value Problems

How an urban parameterization affects a high?resolution global climate simulation

On resolution sensitivity in the Community Atmosphere Model

The diabatic contour?advective semi?Lagrangian algorithms for the dynamical core of global models in σ ? θ and σ ? ρ vertical coordinates

Cryosphere & climate change

Measuring the location and width of the Antarctic grounding zone using CryoSat-2 (open access)

Physically based model of the contribution of red snow algal cells to temporal changes in albedo in northwest Greenland (open access)

Past ice sheet–seabed interactions in the northeastern Weddell Sea embayment, Antarctica (open access)

Future ice-sheet surface mass balance and melting in the Amundsen region, West Antarctica (open access)

Recent acceleration of Denman Glacier (1972–2017), East Antarctica, driven by grounding line retreat and changes in ice tongue configuration (open access)

Drivers of Pine Island Glacier retreat from 1996 to 2016 (open access)

Satellite-based sea ice thickness changes in the Laptev Sea from 2002 to 2017: comparison to mooring observations (open access)

Biology & global warming

Substrate regulation leads to differential responses of microbial ammonia-oxidizing communities to ocean warming (open access)

Adaptation of plasticity to projected maximum temperatures and across climatically defined bioregions (open access)

Peatland warming strongly increases fine-root growth (open access)

Climate change impacts on potential future ranges of non-human primate species

Vegetation response to wildfire and climate forcing in a Rocky Mountain lodgepole pine forest over the past 2500 years (open access)

Rapid winter warming could disrupt coastal marine fish community structure

Climate warming moderates the impacts of introduced sportfish on multiple dimensions of prey biodiversity

Projected climate and land use change alter western blacklegged tick phenology, seasonal host?seeking suitability and human encounter risk in California

Spruce beetle outbreak was not driven by drought stress: evidence from a tree?ring iso?demographic approach indicate temperatures were more important

Low phosphorus supply constrains plant responses to elevated CO2: a meta?analysis

Climate change promotes transitions to tall evergreen vegetation in tropical Asia

Water loss and temperature interact to compound amphibian vulnerability to climate change

The impact of climate change on the geographical distribution of habitat-forming macroalgae in the Rías Baixas

Sea surface temperature in coral reef restoration outcomes

Current climate, but also long?term climate changes and human impacts, determine the geographic distribution of European mammal diversity

GHG sources & sinks, flux

Advective Controls on the North Atlantic Anthropogenic Carbon Sink

Meridional Ocean Carbon Transport

Accelerating methane growth rate from 2010 to 2017: leading contributions from the tropics and East Asia (open access)

Seasonal variability in the inorganic ocean carbon cycle in the Northwest Pacific evaluated using a biogeochemical and carbon model coupled with an operational ocean model (open access)

Spatio-temporal variations of lateral and atmospheric carbon fluxes from the Danube Delta (open access)

Response of carbon and water fluxes to meteorological and phenological variability in two eastern North American forests of similar age but contrasting species composition – a multiyear comparison (open access)

Age distribution, extractability, and stability of mineral-bound organic carbon in central European soils (open access)

Drought years in peatland rewetting: Rapid vegetation succession can maintain the net CO2 sink function (open access)

Quantity and distribution of methane entrapped in sediments of calcareous, Alpine glacier forefields (open access)

Heterogenous CO2 and CH4 content of glacial meltwater of the Greenland Ice Sheet and implications for subglacial carbon processes (open access)

Hydrologic export is a major component of coastal wetland carbon budgets

Investigating Wetland and Non?Wetland Soil Methane Emissions and Sinks across the Contiguous United States Using a Land Surface Model

Seagrass losses since mid?20th century fuelled CO2 emissions from soil carbon stocks

Accelerated terrestrial ecosystem carbon turnover and its drivers

Interactive global change factors mitigate soil aggregation and carbon change in a semi?arid grassland

Precipitation?drainage cycles lead to hot moments in soil carbon dioxide dynamics in a Neotropical wet forest

Slower nutrient stream suppresses Subarctic Atlantic Ocean biological productivity in global warming (open access)

CO2 mitigation science & engineering, CCS

Unveiling hydrocerussite as an electrochemically stable active phase for efficient carbon dioxide electroreduction to formate (open access)

Imaging electrochemically synthesized Cu2O cubes and their morphological evolution under conditions relevant to CO2 electroreduction (open access)

Operando time-resolved X-ray absorption spectroscopy reveals the chemical nature enabling highly selective CO2 reduction (open access)

Nanoconfined Water Effect on CO2 Utilization and Geological Storage

Reactive chemical transport simulations of geologic carbon sequestration: Methods and applications

Evaluating the terrestrial carbon dioxide removal potential of improved forest management and accelerated forest conversion in Norway

Tree planting in organic soils does not result in net carbon sequestration on decadal timescales

Geoengineering climate

Can stratospheric geoengineering alleviate global warming-induced changes in deciduous fruit cultivation? The case of Himachal Pradesh

Black carbon

Black Carbon Seasonal and Diurnal Variation in surface snow in Svalbard and its Connections to Atmospheric Variables (open access)

The vertical variability of black carbon observed in the atmospheric boundary layer during DACCIWA (open access)

An investigation on hygroscopic properties of 15 black carbon (BC)-containing particles from different carbon sources: roles of organic and inorganic components (open access)

The positive radiative forcing by the substantial SO2 emission reductions is counteracted by decreased BC concentrations in China over the recent decade (open access)

Combining atmospheric and snow radiative transfer models to assess the solar radiative effects of black carbon in the Arctic (open access)

Climate change communications & cognition

Political events and public views on climate change (open access)

Perceptions about climate change among university students in Bangladesh

Beliefs about others' global warming beliefs: The role of party affiliation and opinion deviance

Agronomy & climate change

Geoengineering super low carbon cows: food and the corporate carbon economy in a low carbon world (open access)

Can stratospheric geoengineering alleviate global warming-induced changes in deciduous fruit cultivation? The case of Himachal Pradesh

Climate change impact assessment on grape and wine for Ontario, Canada’s appellations of origin

Modelling climate sensitivity of agriculture in Trans- and Upper Gangetic Plains of India

An uncertainty-based multivariate statistical approach to predict crop water footprint under climate change: a case study of Lake Dianchi Basin, China

Economics of climate change

Accounting for risk transitions of ocean ecosystems under climate change: an economic justification for more ambitious policy responses

Climate economics support for the UN climate targets

In the Name of COVID-19: Is the ECB Fuelling the Climate Crisis? (open access)

The Economy, Climate Change and Infectious Diseases: Links and Policy Implications (open access)

Diversity disqualifies global uniform carbon pricing for effective climate policy

Humans dealing with our global warming

Integrated assessment of storm surge barrier systems under present and future climates and comparison to alternatives: a case study of Boston, USA

Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from national climate legislation

Climate laws help reduce emissions

Climate change significantly alters future wildfire mitigation opportunities in southeastern Australia

Machine learning for research on climate change adaptation policy integration: an exploratory UK case study (open access)

Building a Social Mandate for Climate Action: Lessons from COVID-19 (open access)

Coastal tectonics and habitat squeeze: response of a tidal lagoon to co-seismic sea-level change

Low-impact land use pathways to deep decarbonization of electricity

Re-balancing climate services to inform climate-resilient planning - A conceptual framework and illustrations from sub-Saharan Africa


Unveiling assumptions through interdisciplinary scrutiny: Observations from the German Priority Program on Climate Engineering (SPP 1689) (open access)

First validation of GOME-2/MetOp Absorbing Aerosol Height using EARLINET lidar observations (open access)

An overview on isotopic divergences – causes for instability of tree-ring isotopes and climate correlations (open access)

The Mosquito, the Virus, the Climate: An Unforeseen Réunion in 2018 (open access)

Insolation and greenhouse gas forcing of the South American Monsoon System across three glacial?interglacial cycles

Informed opinion & nudges

Is it possible to fit extreme climate change indices together seamlessly in the era of accelerated warming?

Risk Science Contributions: Three Illustrating Examples

Hiding greenhouse gas emissions in the cloud (open access)

Reconciling theory with the reality of African heatwaves

Short-lived climate forcers have long-term climate impacts via the carbon–climate feedback

The making of a climate emergency response: Examining the attributes of climate emergency plans

Short-windedness Would Weaken Effective Climate Policy (open access)

Road to glory or highway to hell? Global road access and climate change mitigation


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If you're interested in an article and it is not listed as "open access" here, be sure to check the link anyway. Due to time contraints, open access articles are identified as such by imperfect machine analysis.


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