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All IPCC definitions taken from Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Working Group I Contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Annex I, Glossary, pp. 941-954. Cambridge University Press.

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2013 SkS Weekly Digest #38

Posted on 22 September 2013 by John Hartz

SkS Highlights

Arctic sea ice has been the hot topic of discussion on SkS this past week. Peter Hadfield's video, Latest myth from the Mail on Sunday on Arctic ice, garnered the most comments of the articles posted. Arctic sea ice "recovers" to its 6th-lowest extent in millennia by Dana drew the second highest number of comments.

Toon of the Week

2013 Toon 38

Quote of the Week

"There are attempts by some politicians and lobbyists to confuse and mislead the public about the scientific evidence that human activities are driving climate change and creating huge risks," said Stern.

"But the public should be wary of those who claim they know for certain that unmanaged climate change would not be dangerous. For they are not only denying 200 years of strong scientific evidence – the overwhelming view of the world's scientific academies and over 95% of scientific papers on the subject – but they are often harbouring vested interests or rigid ideologies as well." - Lord Nicholas Stern

Climate change: IPCC issues stark warning over global warming by Robin McKie, The Observer/The Guardian, Sep 21, 2013 

SkS Week in Review

Coming Soon on SkS

  • Nuccitelli et al. (2013) Debunks Akasofu’s Magical Thinking (Dana)
  • Double Standard on Internal Variability (tamino)
  • 2013 SkS Weekly News Roundup #39A (John Hartz)
  • How to use short timeframes to distort reality: a guide to cherrypicking (John Mason)
  • The 2012 State of the Climate is easily misunderstood (MarkR)
  • Why trust climate models? It’s a matter of simple science(Scott K Johnson)
  • 2013 SkS Weekly News Roundup #39B (John Hartz)

In the Works

  • How did Ancient Coral Survive in a High CO2 World? (Rob Painting)
  • Moncking up the Numbers (Rob Honeycutt)
  • Why Atmospheric CO2 matters: The Really Big Picture (Chris Colose)
  • Residence Time and Prof Essenhigh (Glenton Jelbert)
  • The Sun Has Cooled, So Why Are The Deep Oceans Warming? (Rob Painting)

SkS in the News

John Cook was interviewed by ABC Radio Australia, ABC TV, ABC Radio: PM,  and  the Australian Science Media Centre about misrepresentations of the forthcoming IPCC report.

Dana and John Abraham were interviewed on Minnesota Public Radio on the same subject.

Jason Samenow at The Washington Post Capital Weather Gang featured the Arctic Escalator and an Andy Lee Robinson video to debunk the Arctic sea ice recovery myth.

The Australian published John Cook's Hardly any experts doubt human-caused climate change.

Dana's Arctic Escalator was also featured at Climate Progress and Quark Soup.

Dana's The 5 stages of climate denial are on display ahead of the IPCC report was re-posted on Climate Spectator, Zimbio, and Common Dreams.

Brad Plumer at The Washington Post Wonkblog referenced John Mason's Arctic sea-ice 'growth', a manufactured IPCC 'crisis' and more: David Rose is at it again.

Dana's Arctic sea ice "recovers" to its 6th-lowest extent in millennia was re-posted at Climate Crocks.

Phil Plait at Slate's Bad Astronomy used several SkS resources in debunking David Rose.

The Cook et al. (2013) 97% consensus paper was discussed by Stefan Rahmstorf, at HotWhopper, and at Real Sceptic

Sou at HotWhopper used Dana's graphic summarizing global warming attribution research.

SPi World News referenced Dana's DenialGate Highlights Heartland's Selective NIPCC Science.

Climate Progress used the SkS carbon cycle graphic.

SkS Spotlights

The Yale Project on Climate Change Communication (originally the Yale Project on Climate Change) grew out of a groundbreaking conference on “Americans and Climate Change” that the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies convened in 2005 in Aspen, CO. Over 100 national leaders representing science, media, religion, politics, entertainment, education, business, environmentalism, and civil society came together to develop an action plan to engage American society on climate change. Their charge was to diagnose why, in the face of ever stronger climate science, the United States had been slow to act and to recommend a set of initiatives to catalyze action.

The conclusions and recommendations from the conference are available online in the conference report "Americans and Climate Change: Closing the gap between science and action."

Related efforts beyond climate per se involve catalyzing inspiring visions of a sustainable world and practical strategies to achieve them via our Visions of a Sustainable World project.

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Comments 1 to 3:

  1. What happened to "Moncking up the Numbers"? I guess it's likely about the latest (and only) Monckton's peer reviewed paper & I'm particularly interested in those numbers.

    It's been in the coming up list for some time, not today though. I hope the topic did not sink into oblivion...

    0 0
  2. @chriskoz Several bloggers have commented on the paper:

    I did (Real Sceptic):


    And Dana talked about it here on SkS: (see the section Taking Consensus Denial to the Extreme)

    0 0
  3. @chriskoz #1:

    "Monking up the numbers" is listed in the "In the Works" section of the digest. Rob Honeycutt will need to tell us what his timetable is for completing the article. 

    0 0

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