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All IPCC definitions taken from Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Working Group I Contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Annex I, Glossary, pp. 941-954. Cambridge University Press.

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Climate Science websites around the world

Posted on 24 May 2018 by BaerbelW

Skeptical Science is not alone when it comes to sharing reliable information about climate science. There are many websites around the world which regularly write about the latest studies or set the record straight when misinformation gets spread. Our website is however somewhat unique as the backbone of SkS is our database cataloging and debunking more than 220 false claims made about the science of human-caused global warming.

In this article we highlight some international resources which share information about climate change and possibly even throw in some debunking for good measure in other languages than English. To get the ball rolling, here is what we have and are aware of thus far:

Brazil - Portuguese

Ciência e Clima


Five years ago Raphael Romanizia decided to start a site about climate change during his master studies. Around that time, Brazil had been introducing several regulations and initiatives related to climate change, and he believed that the site would fit in with the momentum. A reliable reference exclusively specialized on climate science and climate change had been missing.

The site's main focus is to increase public awareness about human-caused climate change and the strategy is to make scientific information easily accessible. It presents scientific content in several different formats, including articles about climate science research, videos, or charts and graphics (or here) with important pieces of information (commented or explained by the site).

It is also a personal project, developed without financing or any kind of support - yet.

Austria, Germany & Switzerland - German

klimafakten went live in November 2011 shortly before COP17 in Durban, South Africa. This is our German partnersite which started out with 18 professional translations of our myth rebuttals, made possible through a grant from the European Climate Foundation (ECF). It has grown a lot since then and currently features more than 45 rebuttals.

Beyond the fact-checking, also focuses on climate change communications. In regular news reports and feature stories it writes about new social science insights, innovative communication strategies and best practice. In its work it partners with Climate Outreach. As a sister-project of the Clean Energy Wire, today is jointly funded by the Mercator Foundation and the European Climate Foundation (ECF).

Poland - Polish

Nauka o klimacie


Nauka o Klimacie is run - among others - by Marcin Popkiewicz and Szymon Malinowski and is our and's partner site in Poland. Their website, apart from general climate-related education, is focused on Poland and the denial of human-caused climate change they encounter there mostly due to the country's dependence on coal. They take this on by "conventional" means such as lectures and media presence and "unconventional" ones such as climate quizzes with prizes or the "Climate Nonsense of the Year" (link to a Google-translate version) voting for the dumbest statements on climate made by journalists, politicians or other persons appearing in the Polish media. Their website also features a myth-debunking section with much of the content originating from Skeptical Science.

Any other websites?

If you know of any other similar non-English websites focused on climate change, please let us know either in the comments or via the contact form. We'll add them to the post once we've verified that the content is science-based. In addition, our rebuttals and graphics all come with a creative commons (CC) license and you are most welcome to make use of the already available translations for your own websites or add to the translations as Klimafakten and Nauka o Klimacie have been doing for several years.

Note: for this article the focus is on full-fledged websites. But, as we already received some suggestions for climate science blogs, there'll more likely than not be a comparable article about non-English climate blogs in the not too distant future. So, please send in suggestions for blogs as well and stay tuned!

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Comments 1 to 10:

  1. German Alpenverein =>

    More German sites =>

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  2. You want sites in English too?

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  3. Two music graphs (CC). Feel free to use them:

    Jan 1880 - Dec 2017 Monthly Global Temperature Jazz

    Global Sea Level Jazz | Jan 1993 - Mar 2018

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  4. SirCharles - thanks for the links but I'm actually looking for full-fledged non-English websites for this particular article, not just climate-related content in other languages.

    As I'm getting other suggestions for non-English blogs, I'll start a collection of those for a counterpart article about "Climate science blogs around the world".

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  5. For the counterpart article on climate blogs in other languages: In Dutch there is the climate blog of Bart Verheggen: Klimaatverandering.

    0 0
  6. VictorVenema @5

    Thanks, Victor! I already have a snippet about Klimaatverandering from Bart for the planned (and started) post.

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  7. Here's a strategic suggestion. Wikipedia has this list of many of the worlds meteorological institutes, with links direct to their pages and websites. They will know about local climate change websites and are probably going to have an email contact box. Yeah I know its an hour or twos boring work, so an excuse for a coffee or three.

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  8. Scratching the 1.5°C Jazz

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  9. It is interesting to note that the Brazilian site has the paragraph

    The study concluded that the debate about the authenticity of global warming and the role of human activity seems to be largely absent among those who know the details and the scientific basis of long-term climate processes. The challenge, in fact, seems to be the way to communicate this fact to those who determine public policy and the public in general (...).

    just before the last graph....

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  10. In Série negacionismo: “não há consenso científico”
    Por cienciaeclima on 2018/05/06. Please see my previos comment 

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