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All IPCC definitions taken from Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Working Group I Contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Annex I, Glossary, pp. 941-954. Cambridge University Press.

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New research, October 22-28, 2018

Posted on 2 November 2018 by Ari Jokimäki

A selection of new climate related research articles is shown below.

Climate change

Temperature, precipitation, wind

Radiosondes show that after decades of cooling the lower stratosphere is now warming

Verification of an approximate thermodynamic equation with application to study on Arctic stratospheric temperature changes

Global Wind Speed and Wave Height Extremes Derived from Long-duration Satellite Records

The interannual variability of wind energy resources across China and its relationship to large?scale circulation changes

Changes in Canada's Climate: Trends in Indices Based on Daily Temperature and Precipitation Data (open access)

Recent trends of surface air temperatures over Kenya from 1971 to 2010

Central European air temperature: driving force analysis and causal influence of NAO

Temporal trends in absolute and relative extreme temperature events across North America

Projected extreme temperature and precipitation of the Great Lakes Basin

Spatiotemporal characteristics of future changes in precipitation and temperature in Central Asia

Modeling climate change impacts on precipitation in arid regions of Pakistan: a non-local model output statistics downscaling approach

Decadal Variability in Summer Precipitation over Eastern China and its Response to Sensible Heat over the Tibetan Plateau since the Early 2000s

Impact of urbanization on hourly precipitation in Beijing, China: Spatiotemporal patterns and causes

Increasing influence of central Pacific El Niño on the inter?decadal variation of spring rainfall in northern Taiwan and southern China since 1980 (open access)

Predictability of Extreme Precipitation in Western U.S. Watersheds Based on Atmospheric River Occurrence, Intensity, and Duration

Extreme events

On modeling the maximum duration of dry spells: a simulation study under a Bayesian approach

Extratropical cyclone statistics during the last millennium and the 21st century (open access)

A statistical assessment of Southern Hemisphere tropical cyclone tracks in climate models

Urban floods in Hyderabad, India, under present and future rainfall scenarios: a case study

Interdependencies and Risk to People and Critical Food, Energy and Water Systems – 2013 Flood Boulder Colorado, USA (open access)

An Intensified Mode of Variability Modulating the Summer Heat Waves in Eastern Europe and Northern China (open access)

Impacts of synoptic and local factors on heat wave events over southeastern region of Korea in 2015

Attributing human influence on the July 2017 Chinese heatwave: the influence of sea-surface temperatures (open access)

Forcings and feedbacks

Evaluating Climate Sensitivity to CO2 Across Earth's History

Volcanic radiative forcing from 1979 to 2015

Understanding Rapid Adjustments to Diverse Forcing Agents

Evaluating cloud properties in an ensemble of regional online coupled models against satellite observations (open access)

The lifecycle of anvil clouds and the top-of-atmosphere radiation balance over the tropical west Pacific

Contrasting the effects of the 1850?1975 increase in sulphate aerosols from North America and Europe on the Atlantic in the CESM model

Infrared radiation in the thermosphere near the end of solar cycle 24


Arctic climate: changes in sea ice extent outweigh changes in snow cover (open access)

An Observationally?Based Evaluation of Sub?Grid Scale Ice Thickness Distributions Simulated in a Large?Scale Sea Ice ? Ocean Model of the Arctic Ocean

Processes controlling Arctic and Antarctic sea ice predictability in the Community Earth System Model

Estimated Heat Budget during Summer Melt of Arctic First Year Sea Ice

The internal structure of the Brunt Ice Shelf from ice-penetrating radar analysis and implications for ice shelf fracture (open access)

Retrieval of Englacial Firn Aquifer Thickness from Ice?Penetrating Radar Sounding in Southeastern Greenland

Spatiotemporal patterns of snow depth within the Swiss?Austrian Alps for the past half century (1961 to 2012) and linkages to climate change

Permafrost thaw induced drying of wetlands at Scotty Creek, NWT, Canada (open access)

Linking permafrost thaw to shifting biogeochemistry and food web resources in an arctic river (open access)

A decade of remotely sensed observations highlight complex processes linked to coastal permafrost bluff erosion in the Arctic (open access)


Climate change and water resources in arid regions: uncertainty of the baseline time period (open access)

Inter-comparison of satellite-retrieved and Global Land Data Assimilation System-simulated soil moisture datasets for global drought analysis

Projected increased risk of water deficit over major West African river basins under future climates

Atmospheric and oceanic circulation

Gulf Stream Variability in the Context of Quasi?Decadal and Multidecadal Atlantic Climate Variability (open access)

A Nonstationary ENSO-NAO relationship due to AMO modulation

Carbon and nitrogen cycles

Satellite?based estimation of particulate organic carbon export in the northern South China Sea

Emissions of nitrous oxide from continuous permafrost region in the Daxing'an Mountains, Northeast China

Quantifying the legacy of snowmelt timing on soil greenhouse gas emissions in a seasonally dry montane forest (open access)

Climate change impacts 


Small island developing states and 1.5 °C (Introduction to special issue in Regional Environmental Change)

A global assessment of atoll island planform changes over the past decades

Responding to Climate-Related Security Risks: Reviewing Regional Organizations in Asia and Africa

Weather Extremes, Disasters, and Collective Violence: Conditions, Mechanisms, and Disaster-Related Policies in Recent Research

Multisource data based agricultural drought monitoring and agricultural loss in China

Simulating the impacts of climate change on soybean cyst nematode and the distribution of soybean

Cross-Sector Management of Extreme Heat Risks in Arizona (open access)

Vulnerability and its discontents: the past, present, and future of climate change vulnerability research (open access)

Nomads’ indigenous knowledge and their adaptation to climate changes in Semirom City in Central Iran


Wave refraction and reef island stability under rising sea level

Declining glacier cover threatens the biodiversity of alpine river diatom assemblages (open access)

Tree growth and water-use in hyper-arid Acacia occurs during the hottest and driest season

Combined effects of warming and nutrients on marine communities are moderated by predators and vary across functional groups (open access)

Genotypic variation in phenological plasticity: reciprocal common gardens reveal adaptive responses to warmer springs but not to fall frost

The Influence of Climate and Livestock Reservoirs on Human Cases of Giardiasis (open access)

Range change evolution of peatmosses (Sphagnum) within and between climate zones

Extreme drought pushes stream invertebrate communities over functional thresholds

The ability of macroalgae to mitigate the negative effects of ocean acidification on four species of North Atlantic bivalve (open access)

Local adaptation of trees at the range margins impacts range shifts in the face of climate change

Beyond the 1984 perspective: narrow focus on modern wildfire trends underestimates future risks to water security (open access)

Long?term changes in the impacts of global warming on leaf phenology of four temperate tree species

Characterizing 32?years of shrub cover dynamics in southern Portugal using annual Landsat composites and machine learning regression modeling

Other impacts

A VIIRS direct broadcast algorithm for rapid response mapping of wildfire burned area in the western United States

Climate change mitigation

Cautious optimism and incremental goals towards stabilizing atmospheric CO2 (open access)

Climate change communication

Self-assessed understanding of climate change

Comparing farmers’ perceptions of climate change with meteorological data in three irrigated cropping zones of Punjab, Pakistan

Intergenerational learning: Are children key in spurring climate action?

Taking climate change here and now – mitigating ideological polarization with psychological distance

Climate Policy

A contingent approach to energy mix policy

Energy production

Effects of development of wind energy and associated changes in land use on bird densities in upland areas

2014 residential wood combustion survey: Results overview and spatial allocation of emissions estimates

Emission savings

Climate change mitigation potential of community-based initiatives in Europe

Groundwater depletion and associated CO2 emissions in India (open access)


Solar radiation management not as effective as CO2 mitigation for Arctic sea ice loss in hitting the 1.5 and 2 °C COP climate targets (open access)

Comparison of the Fast and Slow Climate Response to Three Radiation Management Geoengineering Schemes

Other papers

General climate science

An objective global climatology of polar lows based on reanalysis data 


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