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All IPCC definitions taken from Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Working Group I Contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Annex I, Glossary, pp. 941-954. Cambridge University Press.

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New Research for Week #24, 2019

Posted on 18 June 2019 by SkS-Team

A note of appreciation and a changing of the guard
For the past over eight years Skeptical Science staff volunteer Ari Jokimäki has produced a weekly list of links to recent academic publications concerning the fundamental science of climate change, global warming and the role of humans in creating this emerging new reality. As our understanding of the theoretical and empirical situation has improved so has research output relating to subordinate effects and responses to the challenges presented by climate change burgeoned. Keeping track of the expanding sphere of climate change related research and winnowing germane references from the continuous firehose of general scientific inquiry has consumed countless hours of Ari's time, an investment that is massively appreciated.

Now Ari has hung up his spurs for the time being. Thank you, Ari!

New Research, Reloaded
Rather than let this key feature of Skeptical Science lapse, we'll continue with a change of crew. Readers of New Research can expect some experimentation with the format, possible changes in emphasis and quite likely some initial incompetence. There is enough material appearing that we might even do some thematic distillations, entirely focusing on particular disciplines for a given week.

As the publication feeds we use for provisioning include material already published, articles announced but not yet published let alone that sometimes we'll need to circle back to missed items, SkS New Research will change its own publication title to hinge on the week of its publication.

Suggestions and comments are as always welcome.

New Research for week #24 of 2019

Trends in summer heatwaves in Central Asia from 1917 to 2016: association with large?scale atmospheric circulation patterns

High?quality sea surface temperature measurements along coast of the Bohai and Yellow Seas in China and their long?term trends during 1960–2012

No direct link between North Atlantic currents, sea level along New England coast

Warming waters in western tropical Pacific may affect West Antarctic Ice Sheet

Climate as a risk factor for armed conflict

Food choices, health and environment: Effects of cutting Europe's meat and dairy intake

Weaponizing vulnerability to climate change

Climate change drives widespread and rapid thermokarst development in very cold permafrost in the Canadian High Arctic

Arctic amplification response to individual climate drivers

Modelling the impacts of urbanization on summer thermal comfort: the role of urban land use and anthropogenic heat

Weakening of the teleconnection from El Niño?Southern Oscillation to the Arctic stratosphere over the past few decades: What can be learned from subseasonal forecast models?

Concurrent 2018 hot extremes across Northern Hemisphere due to human?induced climate change (OA)

Robust Adaptation to Multi?Scale Climate Variability (OA)

Projected slowdown of Antarctic Bottom Water formation in response to amplified meltwater contributions

Summer Climate Change in the Midwest and Great Plains Due to Agricultural Development During the 20th Century

Observed Link of Extreme Hourly Precipitation Changes to Urbanization over Coastal South China (OA)

Motor Vehicle CO2 Emissions in the U.S.: Potential Behavioral Feedback and Global Warming

Impacts of climate warming on aviation fuel consumption

Climate Change Amplification of Natural Drought Variability: The Historic Mid-Twentieth Century North American Drought In a Warmer World

Mechanisms for an amplified precipitation seasonal cycle in the U.S. West Coast under global warming

Rapid environmental responses to climate-induced hydrographic changes in the Baltic Sea entrance

Optimal urban form for global and local emissions under electric vehicle and renewable energy scenarios

Integrated impacts of climate change on glacier tourism

A new look at roles of the cryosphere in sustainable development

Climate change and uncertainty from ‘above’ and ‘below’: perspectives from India

Impact of model resolution on Arctic sea ice and North Atlantic Ocean heat transport

Trends in summer air temperature and vapor pressure and their impacts on thermal comfort in China

Beliefs about climate change in the aftermath of extreme flooding

Climate change communicators’ carbon footprints affect their audience’s policy support

Climate change perceptions and responsive strategies in Benin: the case of maize farmers

Governance and stakeholder perspectives of managed re-alignment: adapting to sea level rise in the Inner Forth estuary, Scotland

Climate Trends in the East Antilles Islands

Cloud cover and cloud types in the Eurasian Arctic in 1936–2012

Analysis of spatiotemporal variability in temperature extremes in the Yellow and Yangtze River basins during 1961?2014 based on high?density gauge observations

Key challenges for China\'s carbon emissions trading program

Fixing a snag in carbon emissions estimates from wildfires

Legacies of more frequent drought in ponderosa pine across the western United States

At home, in public, and in between: gender differences in public, private and transportation pro-environmental behaviors in the US Intermountain West

Influencing factors of consumers’ willingness to purchase green housing: a survey from Shandong Province, China

Promoting climate-friendly diets: What should we tell consumers in Denmark, Finland and France?


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Comments 1 to 5:

  1. Oh whew, its back. Much appreciated.

    1 0
  2. Wow, that is a lot of research and reports, but just the tip of the iceberg I would guess of the tens of thousands of other Global Warming (GW) ongoing research studies that seem to fall mainly within the following three main GW Study Areas.
    The first of these Areas would probably fall under "PROOF OF GLOBAL WARMING" with ongoing studies of global temperature rise, sea level rise and increases in atmospheric CO2 concentrations. Thousands of scientific research studies, costing billions of dollars around the world, just to PROVE Global Warming is ACTUALLY HAPPENING.
    Secondly we would likely have the "RESULTS OF GLOBAL WARMING" with ongoing research that essentially lays out what they think will happen to people, animals and the environment IF we allow Global Warming to continue. Again thousands of ongoing scientific studies and research and billions of more to PREDICT what COULD happen.
    And finally we would have "STOPPING GLOBAL WARMING" with all the ongoing scientific research and recommendations on simply how to REDUCE anthropogenic CO2 emissions or more simply how to reduce dependency on fossil fuels. I am now guessing we are into the trillions of tax dollars and private funding on these avenues. So those are the main 3 areas responsible for 99.9% of ALL the ongoing scientific research and spending on the current Environmental Crisis of Global Warming. Billions and Billions, maybe even into the Trillions of dollars spent into the Scientific Study and Prevention of Global Warming caused solely by the suspected burning of fossil fuels.
    I did however almost forget that stupid fourth" NOT ONGOING" study, covering the "CAUSE OF GLOBAL WARMING". That would be the more than a century old "Greenhouse Gas Warming Theory" that, maybe because it was so old, there was thought to be NO NEED to do further scientific research and study of it. NO, they have a very good "EXPLANATION" of how the Theory works and pretty well all the GW Climate Scientists agree with an overwhelming consensus of the "EXPLANATION" that it is causing some amount of warming, they just don't know admittedly "HOW MUCH". And it seems they don't want to know how much or even do any further research to "prove it" or spend another dime on it. When was the last time a scientific research study was conducted to "Quantitatively Measure Global Temperature Rise with Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations"? Billions of dollars spent on thousands of scientific studies to prove the Existence and Results of GW and not a single dime to prove the one thing that everything hinges on.

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    Moderator Response:

    [PS] Nothing but sloganeering.

    Please note that posting comments here at SkS is a privilege, not a right.  This privilege can be rescinded if the posting individual treats adherence to the Comments Policy as optional, rather than the mandatory condition of participating in this online forum.

    Please take the time to review the policy and ensure future comments are in full compliance with it.  Thanks for your understanding and compliance in this matter.

    14 Jun 2011, 02:19:15 GMT  


  3. Thank you, Ari!

    0 0
  4. Hooray, it is back again! :-) 
    Thanks to the SkS team and thanks to Ari!

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  5. Thanks, all! :-)

    Let's hope that others will carry the torch long after me.

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