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All IPCC definitions taken from Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Working Group I Contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Annex I, Glossary, pp. 941-954. Cambridge University Press.

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To have an escape route already established, should X completely go down the drain, we decided to set up an account on Bluesky in October 2023. It is a bit of a Twitter-look-alike but hopefully with less problematic baggage. You can find us there as and join our thus far small group of followers. As of this writing, an invite key is needed to set up an account there, but this restriction is supposed to be lifted in the near future.

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Our Facebook page has been around for many years and as of December 2023 has about 177,000 followers. We try to share between 3 and 5 articles per day there, selecting content focusing on climate science research or combatting misinformation. We also put together a series of weekly postings, sharing one updated rebuttal (see above) each Tuesday. In case you are wondering why we are still active on Facebook, the blog post A conundrum: our continued presence on Facebook provides our reasoning for the decision.

LinkedIn LinkedIn

In December 2023, we decided to set up our own page on LinkedIn as we noticed that there has been a steady increase of climate-related discussions on the platform and that sharing information from there can be quite effective. Here is the link to our welcome post from where - if you have your own account on LinkedIn - you can start following us.

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Our presence on Mastodon - where you can find us on the instance "tooting" as @SkepticalScience - is evolving quite nicely and we have about 3,200 followers there as of December 2023.

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We maintain a small presence on MeWe, where we have about 1,900 followers in December 2023. How about joining our other Followers on MeWe?

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On X/Twitter we have ca. 23,700 followers and even though we really don't like where X is headed, we decided that our reasoning expressed in the 2022 blog post still apply and that we'll therefore stay put. Our main reason for this hasn't changed and is outlined in the blog post:

"Skeptical Science’s entire purpose is to combat bunk about climate science. The climate science communications community already does a lousy job of penetrating spaces where it’s most needed. Here’s “most needed” staring us in the face. How does abandoning the field in a war involving a civilian population in harm’s way provide an identifiable net benefit?"

Youtube Youtube

The Skeptical Science Youtube-channel is run by John Cook and for example features videos and playlists about critical thinking, countering climate misinformation, the Cranky Uncle game and the Cranky Uncle book.

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