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Heat widget viewed more than one million times at over 60 blogs

Posted on 15 January 2014 by Bob Lacatena

Since the Skeptical Science heat widget was released just over a month ago, over one million unique visitors have seen the widget at more than sixty blogs and web sites. Currently, the widget is being picked up by at least one new blog each day.

Hover over any blog image for a closer look.
Click on any blog image to visit that blog.

Many of the early adopters of the widget are blogs that are directly related to climate change, but more and more websites with everyday interests are adding it to their own blogs. This is helping raise awareness of the basic fact that our planet continues to build up astounding amounts of heat.

You can find the widget on Wunderground in a wintery gray, DeSmogBlog in coal black, and Greg Laden's science blog in its original hot red.

It's hosted on Stone Soup Station, a site that focuses on hunger and poverty.  It's hosted on ZLC Energy, a company specializing in clean energy solutions.  It's hosted by Jean on On The Road Again, which is just a blog about whatever Jean wants to write about.  It's hosted by the Coalition for the Advancement of Regional Transportation, which, in their words, "promotes environmentally sustainable, socially just, multi-modal transportation that provides affordable access and regional connections to all race and income groups."

You can also find it on blogs from 17 different countries, from Finland to Slovakia to New Zealand.

In fact, one innovative person is even using the regularly updated image of the widget as a forum avatar. A few others have used the live widget in their forum signatures, so the widget itself appears on every comment they post.

Easy Installation

Many people have applauded the ease with which the widget can be installed.  The site for doing so allows a visitor to customize the widget, choosing their preferred color and customizing other options, such as the size of the widget itself and the starting date for the counter.

A user can then select their blog host from a menu, and the user will be taken step-by-step through the process of installing the widget, complete with screen captures to help the user find the right controls on their blog host's dashboard.

If you'd like to use the widget as an avatar, you can easily get a direct link to the regularly updated images at the widget site.  We've now created images scaled for use as avatars and added functionality to let you do so.  Just go to the widget site, choose your color, click the Generate button, and choose Avatar from the options.

To use the widget in your forum signature, simply copy/paste the same code generated for a blog.

It's About Communication

The widget demonstrates the accumulation of energy, second by second, in the climate system. It actively shows readers that whether they are driving or reading a blog or even sleeping, the accumulation of energy continues unabated.

The point behind the widget is to make people more conscious of the reality of global warming. One climate myth that has surged in popularity over the last year has been the incorrect notion that global warming has stopped. People can only subscribe to this myth by ignoring the fact that the greenhouse effect continues to blaze away and our planet continues to build up heat. Each time another blog hosts the Heat Widget, the planet's total heat build-up becomes more difficult to ignore.

Ignoring the problem now is not going to make it go away, and it's not going to make it easier.  The widget is designed to convey the constant, unceasing accumulation of a huge amount of energy by the climate system.  It is intended to make people aware of how very big a deal climate change is.  It is meant to keep climate change at the forefront of people's minds, giving it the attention that it deserves, because whether we take action or not, whether people recognize it or not, it is happening, at a frightening pace and without pause.

So if you have a blog or web site of any sort — not necessarily a climate blog — consider adding the widget.  Help to communicate what is happening.  Help to make people aware that there is no "pause," that climate change is not "a little thing," and that waiting until things get really, really bad simply isn't an option.


 Some of the Blogs Hosting the Heat Widget

Alien Is Me


Arctic Sea Ice Blog

Bolton Greens Blog

Bright Stars Wildomar

The Coalition for the Advancement of Regional Transportation

Chiefys World

Climate Action Now

Climate Citizen

Climate Mama

Climate Map
[Czech Republic]

Desmog Blog

Dobar Predak

Dumb Scientist

Ecocide Alert

Econ Nexus

Globaler Wandel

Global Warming Answers

Global Warming Fact Of The Day

Green Herring

Greg Ladens Blog

Homepage Of Steve Horstmeyer

Hot Topic
[New Zealand]

Hot Whopper

Human Caused Climate Heating Is Killing Us

The Idiot Tracker


Jarin Blogi


Limits To Growth

Lionel's HomePage


Nothing New Under The Sun

Numpty Nerd

O que você faria se soubesse o que eu sei?

Paths And Portals

Quake Rattled

Rally Earth

Shaping Tomorrows World

Skeptical Science


Stone Soup Station

Survival Acres


The Bridge Awaits

The Standard
[New Zealand]

The Travelling Coeliac Environmentalist

To Nie Przejdzie

Treggie Tribune

Umweltarbeitskreis NRW

On The Road Again

Whats Up With That Watts

Why Arent You Outraged


Womyn Rising


Zero Low Carbon Energy

Bellingham Politics and Economics

Peter Cranie[UK]

Climate Change: The Next Generation

Cool Physics

Internet TV News


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Comments 1 to 7:

  1. Awesome!

    The deniers have attacked these with furious anger. The reason? The widgets are very effective at conveying the message to the general public, and the deniers aim is to distort that message.

    0 0
  2. Yes, this is really great. And thanks for putting Neven's Arctic Sea Ice blog near the top of your page. We had quite a tussle over there when it fisrt went up. Glad to see he kept it.

    0 0
  3. Another excellent piece of science communication by SkS. This widget, together with the escalator graphic, tells a huge part of the AGW story. Well done.

    0 0
  4. The current central pillar in the efforts to deceive people about global warming is the 'no warming for the past X years' lie. This widget and the underlying data on total (mostly ocean) warming is the most effective response to that nonsense (the statistical argument is equally valid, but not as easy for some people to follow).

    0 0
  5. You might like to consider adding the tonnage of fossil carbon we have released since 1850 or such.Would need some guesstimates for the earlier times but the sheer minute-by-minute gigatonnage pouring forth nowadays is going to produce a timer that looks like the US Debt Clock

    0 0
  6. >>The current central pillar in the efforts to deceive people ..............<<

    I'm glad you used the word "current" - the deniers change from one falsified argument to another as each is demolished.

    0 0
  7. Love the widget! Another "tool" for those in our ClimateMama community to use to communicate the facts with the kids in their lives, neighbors, friends etc..Thanks for helping make the complicated, easier...

    0 0

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