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All IPCC definitions taken from Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Working Group I Contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Annex I, Glossary, pp. 941-954. Cambridge University Press.

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2012 SkS Weekly News Round-Up #1

Posted on 19 September 2012 by John Hartz

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the SkS Weekly News Round-Up. It is a spin-off from the SkS Weekly Digest. Enjoy! 

Note: Given the breadth of issues covered in the articles cited, the comment thread to this post is open ended. All comments posted must, however, conform to the SkS Comments Policy.    

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Comments 1 to 15:

  1. There is a problem with many of the links. In Fingerprints, only items 3 and 4 work. In Plans, none of the links work. The rest seem OK.
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  2. Hmm well I love the idea of the news round up. Just need to get those links working.
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  3. "Never buy a new model of a car the first year it comes out. Sorry about the broken-links. I'll fix them pronto.
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  4. All links in the Fingerprints section are now working. More fixes to be made.
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  5. All links now fixed and working properly.
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  6. The late melt area in Arctic has gone greenish in this image: Could it be the Arctic algae have found a new breeding (and decomposing) ground this year? Of course it can be also something else f.e. some error in the imagining system on Terra, or late season refraction due low sunlight. Any way if it's algae it'll die soon as the sun goes below the horizon.
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  7. jyyh - my guess would be it's something to do with how the open water is appearing with low sun angles - looking at yesterday's mosaic (and the previous two days too), you can see a distinct latitudinal lower limit to the greenish tint on the right-hand side of the Arctic mosaic - looks a lot like wherever there's open water above ~80N there's the green tint, perhaps the blue spectral channel is not getting as good signal at low sun angles.
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  8. When I read "America Is only Nation..." about european climate scientists being less of a target for insults and harassment and find Dr. S. Rahmstorf supporting this claim (to a degree), I must really wonder what I'm forced to find on websites like EIKE and the like. There may be less insults by quantity, but not by quality.
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  9. @ajki #8: I tend to agree with you -- Katherine Bagley and the headline writer should not have used the adverb "only". In addtion, what's going on in three other continents (Africa, Asia, and South America) was not addressed. Generally speaking, we in the Western World need to broaden our concept of what "world-wide" means. On that score, I suspect that the number of regular SkS readers from, Asian, African, and South American countries is a relatively small fraction of our readership base. How SkS should go about marketing itself to pople in Asia, Africa, and South America merits further discussion.
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  10. #8, John I second your suspicion. I for one would be very interested in a chinese perspective on changing climate patterns in a fast changing environment.
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  11. Perhaps...
    America is [the] only nation where climate scientists face organized harassment by Katherine Bagley...
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    Moderator Response: [JH] ROFL!
  12. Must Read America's the only nation? Who broke into the Hadley Center email server?
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  13. Since the thread is, more-or-less an open thread, I wonder if there have been any announcements about the end of Arctic sea ice melt season and the resulting records in area, extent & volume. I know nothing's come up officially at Skeptical Science yet.
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  14. I believe Tamino and Nevin have both addressed this topic, on their respective blogs, Composer99.
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  15. Thanks, vroomie. I did end up reading Tamino's post on sea ice, and of course mere hours after my comment went up SkS had republished the announcement of the end of melt season & the sea ice minimum.
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