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All IPCC definitions taken from Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Working Group I Contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Annex I, Glossary, pp. 941-954. Cambridge University Press.

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2012 SkS Weekly News Round-Up #6

Posted on 21 October 2012 by John Hartz

This is a sampling of the multitude of news articles and bolg posts about the many facets of climate change that were published and posted during the course of the past week. You are more than welcome to add links to articles and posts that you believe would be of interest to our SkS community in the comment thread of this post.





Carbon Capture

Climate Models

Extreme Global Warming



Global Food Crisis

Global Temperatures

Global Warming Impacts



Severe Weather




Weather Catastrophes

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Comments 1 to 4:

  1. Regarding "World's biggest geoengineering experiment 'violates' UN rules" in The Guardian: Possibly another interesting, more scientific point of view on "Iron Fertilisation": Current study in the scientific journal Nature: researchers publish results of an iron fertilisation experiment, Alfred Wegener Institute, Press Release, July 18, 2012 [Keywords: EIFEX, LOHAFEX]
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  2. (This was also posted in a discussion thread) Just wanted to put this up: Global-average temperature animation. It’s an animated GIF file that shows global-average temperature results computed from randomly chosen rural stations, starting with one station and then incrementing one station at a time up to 40 stations. Just click on the link and watch the animation in your browser. In the upper plot, raw data results are shown in red, homogenized data results in green, and the official NASA/GISS “meteorological stations” results (for reference purposes) in dark blue. The lower plot shows how many of the selected stations reported data for any given year (one month is counted as 1/12 year). The #selected stations is shown in the upper-right corner of that plot (goes from 1 to 40). Stations were pre-screened only for adequate data record length (i.e. stations with data going back to 1885 or earlier or with data from 2010 or later) to ensure decent global coverage from 1885 to the present. I chose stations at random from a global map display like this. I captured the graphical output frame by frame and generated the animated GIF file with a simple bash/imagemagick script. It’s a nice visual demonstration of the robustness of the temperature record — note how quickly the homogenized *and* raw data warming-trends converge to the official NASA/GISS warming-trend. And skeptics, before you ask — this was the result of my first attempt to do this. I didn’t “cherry pick” the best of a bunch of trials. Just did it once and uploaded the file. Anyway, I thought that this animation might be a useful little tool to help combat Wattsian misinformation about the global temperature record.
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  3. This is a succint overview of what is happening in the Antarctic. When deniers claim that the Antarctic is 'balancing' the Arctic. They should consider this. Sorry if is too long. Bert
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  4. Bert @ 3- you will notice that the second comment on that site restates the 'Antarctic is balancing the Arctic' meme, quoting an Australian source.
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