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Climate Change Denial now available as Kindle ebook

Posted on 8 July 2013 by John Cook

Climate Change Denial by Haydn Washington and John CookSince April 2011 when Haydn Washington and I launched our book Climate Change Denial: Heads in the Sand, people have been asking me when the book will be available in ebook format. For two years, I've been answering "soon". Finally, I can answer "now"! The Kindle Edition of Climate Change Denial is now available at the Amazon store.

Our book examines the phenomenon of climate change denial. It looks at the many techniques of literal denial, where 'skeptics' deny the evidence for man-made global warming. It exposes denial within governments, who make a lot of noise about climate change but fail to back it up with action. And it examines the denial within most of us, when we let denial prosper. This book explains the climate science and the social science behind denial.

Climate change can be solved – but only when we cease to deny that it exists. This book shows how we can break through denial, accept reality, and thus solve the climate crisis. 

Our book was designed to engage scientists, university students, climate change activists as well as the general public seeking to roll back denial and act. It's been pleasing to see that over the past few years, the book has been cited extensively in the peer-reviewed literature (30 times according to Google Scholar). To recap, here are reviews of our book:

"This book is a must have for anyone trying to understand the climate change issue. Washington and Cook use impressive skill to peel back the lies and deceit associated with a well-oiled machine, used for selling tobacco and now selling manufactured doubt about climate change."
Ove Hoegh-Guldberg
, Director of Global Change Institute, University of Queensland

"Ignorance of science is one blockade to effective action on the human predicament. But corporate-financed disinformation campaigns, such as those claiming that climate disruption is a hoax, are equally important. This excellent book will help solve both those problems."
Paul R. Ehrlich, co-author of Humanity on a Tightrope

"Climate Change Denial reveals the crossroads we face as a society: do we let denial and confusion continue to derail solutions, leaving us vulnerable to runaway climate change, or do we accept reality and forge a truly sustainable path for future generations?"
James Hoggan, author of Climate Cover-Up and president of DeSmogBlog

"This is a major contribution to the growing body of well-reasoned analyses of climate change denial. It’s a must read for anyone interested in understanding the tactics used by the “denial industry” to attack scientific evidence of anthropogenic climate change."
Riley E. Dunlap, Regents Professor of Sociology, Oklahoma State University

"Climate change denial is the biggest single obstacle to achieving a sustainable future. This book provides all the evidence and arguments you need to counter the campaign of misinformation. Read it, study it and spread its message widely."
Ian Lowe, Emeritus Professor, School of Science, Griffith University and President of the Australian Conservation Foundation

"Washington and Cook shine a bright light on the charlatans, organizations, and funders behind the climate change denial industry. This clear and compelling book will make it easier for the general public to see through their tricks, and more likely that the world will move faster to take action on the most urgent environmental problem we have ever faced."
Peter Gleick, hydroclimatologist, Member US National Academy of Sciences, MacArthur Fellow, President, Pacific Institute

"Washington and Cook offer the best available guide to recognizing and combating climate change denial. Their book is compact, lucidly written, and based on recent research in climate science, psychology and sociology. Anyone concerned with reality-based policy in any area can profit from reading this excellent work."
Spencer Weart, author of The Discovery of Global Warming

"In engaging, easy-to-understand language, Climate Change Denial tells us all we need to know about global warming denial, explaining why, even though the scientific evidence is irrefutable, denial continues to prosper. We learn the arguments and techniques the deniers use and how easily they are refuted. Most important, the book shows us that if we and our elected leaders pull our heads out of the sand, there is still time to find a path to a sustainable, livable future."
James Lawrence Powell, author of 2084 and the forthcoming Inquisition of Climate Science

"The book is compact and well referenced. It carries an eloquent foreword from Naomi Oreskes. It is lucid and compelling in its discussions. It adds a weighty voice to the summons to face the physical and ethical reality of climate change, to have done with denial and to set about the still achievable task of repair."
Hot Topic

"‘Climate Change Denial’ is a useful book and resource for those with an open mind – for instance journalists. It reads easy and provides a fairly concise picture of the situation many of climate scientists have to live with."
Real Climate

"The book has the virtue of thoughtful accessibility, and is an excellent primer for anyone getting interested in this area and looking for a good overview."
Carbon Brief

"Climate Change Denial is a wise and timely book. It is well researched and painstakingly footnoted. It deserves an audience but then, you had already decided from the title whether or not you agreed with the book, right?"

"The book is a riveting read. Washington and Cook take no prisoners. Every trick, lie and deceitful attempt by vested interests to delay action on global warming is exposed, along with the tactics of their well-oiled propaganda machine, including the same unscrupulous scientists, handed down from Big Tobacco to Big Carbon. Drilling down to the heart of the epic scale of betrayal of our planet and its people, Cook and Washington explain the denial within governments, within ourselves and the social science behind denial. Climate change can be solved they say but only when we cease denying its existence."
Independent Australia

"It is perfect for anyone who is sick of having arguments about climate change with deniers. Not only does it provide vast amounts of information about the real threat of climate change but it also, with good humour and rigorous logic, exposes the inaccuracy of those who would deny climate change."
Bruce Elder, Sydney Morning Herald

"This is a crucial book to read before runaway climate change is truly beyond our control. One can only hope that this book will be read by climate deniers so we can start the challenging journey to an ecologically sustainable future."
Janine Kitson, Education (NSW Teachers Federation)

"Climate Change Denial: Heads in the Sand is well worth a read. It lacks the gripping narrative of Gwynne Dyer or Gabrielle Walker, both of whom have the ability to make scientific information feel like a mystery novel rather than a textbook, but it is enjoyable nonetheless. It adds worthy social science topics, such as implicit denial and postmodernism, to the discussion, paired with a taste of what Skeptical Science does best."
Climate Sight

"The book excels in peeling back the stinky layers of the onion that is climate change denial... This book, like Cook's website, is enormously good at dissecting the arguments deniers use -- which are ultimately quite flimsy.  These arguments strike a chord for the reasons discussed above, but it's important to keep showing how empty and false they are, to dissipate the delusion of denial and bathe all who will listen in the sunshine of reality."
Daily Kos

Check out the Kindle Edition of Climate Change Denial at Amazon.

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Comments 1 to 10:

  1. Thanks John and Haydn for what must have been a massive amount of time and effort into publishing this much needed book.

    In order for this book to get the readership it deserves please consider making the purchase price $0 (free!)

    If this book was in the public domain it could become the definitive text book in the psyological war against not only climate deniers but also motivation for climate change believers who are currently sitting on the fence.

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  2. Excellent book, I've already got the hard copy, but I do keep wondering...

    When is the audio version coming out ?

    0 0
  3. c.change @ 1: Reading the vast range of material on this website comes with a subscription price of $0 (and as I understand it, there are no big sponsors, making most of the work that goes into the website volunteer work), so I was quite happy to pay Cook and Washington for their book.  I don't think diminishing their financial resources still further by giving away their book for free will help their website, which is making a big splash.  

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  4. Hi jdixon1980 @ 3. You're absolutely right. They deserve every penny they get. Please note my comment was not regarding helping their website but rather appealing to their altruistic motives in order to get their valued message to a wider audience, which after all is the whole point in writing the book. Either way - it's a great thing that this book is available at all and certainly not worth arguing about!

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  5. John, you might want to mention that our textbook, "Climate Chance Science: A Modern Synthesis" is also available in a Kindle edition.  Of course, we authors have no control over the price which is set by the publisher.  An amazing amount of work goes into publication of a book.  The authors, publisher, editors, formatters, "typesetters", printers, and distribitors go through many iterations before release.  Then we must sort through all the personal attacks from deniers, etc.  It's not always fun but well worth the effort.  Our textbook could not have been done without the internet with yours truly in New Mexico (USA), you in Queensland (and traveling to the US, around Australia and Europe), Springer in The Netherlands, the printers in India, others in Germany, and distribution throughout the world.  One earns every cent derived from the sale of the books one writes.  

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  6. c.change,

    Following your suggestion that the book should be available for free for those who canot affords otherwise, I sugest you go to your local library, and suggest them to purchase a copy if they haven;t done yet: that's a great way to propagate knowledge in your community. Accordingly, the libarary in my council purchased this book following the suggestions: item search

    Thank you, City of Ryde.

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  7. Thanks chriskoz. Great idea.

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  8. "Climate Change Science: A Modern Synthesis" may also be available in your local library.  If not, you can request that they order it.  I think that Springer offers a special discount to libraries.

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  9. Kindle is an Amazon product and Amazon have been getting a lot of stick here in the UK recently, firstly for managing to avoid paying any tax at all, then also for being anti-union and squeezing the competition. Many people (including me) are boycotting them, which of course includes not buying a Kindle.

    But good luck with the print edition.

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  10. PG_Bill,

    While it doesn't address your desire to boycott Amazon, note that Kindle readers are free and available for many platforms, including MacOS X, Windows, and Android, so at least you don't have to pay for that. See e.g.

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