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All IPCC definitions taken from Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Working Group I Contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Annex I, Glossary, pp. 941-954. Cambridge University Press.

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Skeptical Science Housekeeping: Preview, translations and icons

Posted on 8 April 2010 by John Cook

I've noticed commenters are getting more adventurous with hyperlinks and images (and sometimes even YouTube movies). This is a good thing - you can never have too many graphs. Not so good is when I receive emails asking me to fix an unclosed italic tag or broken hyperlink (you know who you are). So to make commenting easier, I've added a Preview button to the comments form. Now you have the option to preview your comment before posting and I highly recommend you preview any posts containing HTML code. If you accidentally post HTML errors, you only have yourself to blame!

Skeptical Science is now being translated into Dutch (many thanks to Jelle Kastelein) and Chinese (thanks also to Li Chen for your efforts and patience as we figured out technical issues with Chinese characters). To make all the translations more accessible, I've added flags of each translated language across the top of the Skeptic Arguments (thanks to Frank Sonntag for the suggestion). As always, if anyone is interested in helping with translations, please contact me.

I noticed a while back that Rabett Run has an icon of the Skeptical Science iPhone app in his blog margin. This actually looks a lot cooler than the iTunes black box I've been using. So I've borrowed Eli's idea and placed an icon of the iPhone app in our margin also. Then I decided to go one step further and made a range of icons available for anyone to use. If you think the Skeptical Science iPhone app might be useful to others, you're very welcome to add an icon of the iPhone app on your website or blog. There are several different sized icons to choose from plus HTML to copy and paste onto your website if you wish. The icons are transparent gifs with hard pixel edges so they'll work on any coloured background.

Lastly, I've added a few extra thanks to the Support Skeptical Science page. Helen Brandt has generously offered proof-reading services and been ploughing through the top 10 arguments (I can't believe how many typos exist even after I've read those pages a million times). I added a belated thanks to John Cross who yes, is actually a different person to me despite the fact that our names share a lot of letters. And thanks to Doug Mackie and Jacob Bock Axelson who recently wrote guest blog posts (Doug's post was also used as a rebuttal to "CO2 has a short residence time"). There are a few upcoming guest posts in the works at the moment, one of which an astounding amount of work has gone into (you'll know it when you see it).

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Comments 1 to 12:

  1. John: Thanks for the expansion and improvements to Skeptical Science. This site is the number-one place to send those relatives and friends who have heard mutterings about the so-called fallacy of AGW but truly want more information--a place largely free of rancorous tirades and name-calling. A call to readers to add translations for French, Russian, and Hindi. Also remember to click on the donate icon to help John maintain and expand this site!
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  2. You can lead a horse to water, but can you make me properly use a preview function?
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  3. Thanks for the Preview button, John! Unfortunately it seems to be absent from the Arguments pages.
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    Response: I wondered who would bring that up :-) I've now added the Preview button to the argument pages.
  4. Tom writes: \"Thanks for the Preview button, John! Unfortunately it seems to be absent from the Arguments pages. \" Also, I notice that when I click the Preview button it adds back-slashes (\) before any quote-marks in my comment [see above]. That said, thanks for doing this. I apologize for all the times I've messed up my HTML (or just written the wrong thing) and I'll endeavor to make good use of the Preview button in the future.
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  5. Even as someone who has been using HTML for years I'm glad to see the preview button as there have been several times that I have wondered things like, 'does this site support font tags?' and either taken them out or just went ahead and hoped for the best. That said, please note Ned's comment above about 's and, as you can see in my text above, the fact that if you hit preview a few times these 's are actually accumulating in the comment box and will come out in the final note if not removed.
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    Response: Fixed the accumulating slashes glitch, thanks for pointing this out.
  6. Fantastic and thank you John. . . . . . and thanks to all the other folks helping you keep this site going and improving. For myself, you have leap-frogged all the previously top rung AGW information websites. They are still valuable and needed, but for the interested lay-person I believe Skeptical Science is the number one spot going!!! Peterm And the Preview button is genius ;-)
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  7. Thanks for the preview. I'll certainly use it (I know who I am :)
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  8. John, Thanks for helping me; next time I may not need it thanks to the Preview button. Jimbo.
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  9. There is a nice write-up on appearing in the most recent (8-April-10) issue of the Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media The article asks, "Are you listening, Washington, D.C.? – try this trick." (referring to the nifty SkepticalScience iPhone app, not to "hiding the decline"!)
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  10. That's great you've got someone translating Chinese. My wife is Chinese and sometimes I have a hard time explaining complex climate issues to her. Now I can just show her the Skeptical Science article!
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  11. Thanks very much for this John. Yes, I am guilty as charged ;) Hopefully the preview function will greatly reduce your workload.
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  12. Your feed appears to be broken, according to the feed reader I use, RSSOwl. The web site Feed Validator agrees.
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    Response: Fixed, thanks for the heads up. It was due to the YouTube animations in the latest Arctic sea ice post. Embeddable YouTube movies are a wonderful resource but they are also the bane of my WYSIWYG blogging existence!

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