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All IPCC definitions taken from Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Working Group I Contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Annex I, Glossary, pp. 941-954. Cambridge University Press.

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New research, June 25 - July 1, 2018

Posted on 6 July 2018 by Ari Jokimäki

A selection of new climate related research articles is shown below.

Climate change impacts


Quantifying transnational climate impact exposure: New perspectives on the global distribution of climate risk

The effects of increasing surface reflectivity on heat-related mortality in Greater Montreal Area, Canada

Synthesis and Review: an inter-method comparison of climate change impacts on agriculture (open access)

Future warming increases probability of globally synchronized maize production shocks

Satellite sun?induced chlorophyll fluorescence detects early response of winter wheat to heat stress in the Indian Indo?Gangetic Plains

Statistical modelling of crop yield in Central Europe using climate data and remote sensing vegetation indices

Comparison of climatic impacts transmission from temperature to grain harvests and economies between the Han (206 BC–AD 220) and Tang (AD 618–907) dynasties

The effects of tactical message inserts on risk communication with fish farmers in Northern Thailand

Spatial assessment of maize physical drought vulnerability in sub-Saharan Africa: Linking drought exposure with crop failure (open access)

Rescaling drought mitigation in rural Sri Lanka

A stakeholder-based assessment of barriers to climate change adaptation in a water-scarce basin in Spain (open access)

Climate change adaptation: Linking indigenous knowledge with western science for effective adaptation


Population-specific responses in physiological rates of Emiliania huxleyi to a broad CO2 range (open access)

Shifts in phenological distributions reshape interaction potential in natural communities

Warming and oligotrophication cause shifts in freshwater phytoplankton communities

Biogeophysical controls on soil-atmosphere thermal differences: implications on warming Arctic ecosystems (open access)

Climate change increases ecogeographic isolation between closely related plants

Spatial relationship between climatic diversity and biodiversity conservation value

Rapid thermal adaptation in a marine diatom reveals constraints and tradeoffs

Traits drive global wood decomposition rates more than climate

Limited prospects for future alpine treeline advance in the Canadian Rocky Mountains

Temperature change along elevation and its effect on the Alpine timberline tree growth in the southeast of the Tibetan Plateau (open access)

Warming?induced earlier greenup leads to reduced stream discharge in a temperate mixed forest catchment

A Meta?Analysis of Temperature Sensitivity as a Microbial Trait

Forest drought resistance distinguished by canopy height (open access)

Diverse responses of vegetation growth to meteorological drought across climate zones and land biomes in northern China from 1981 to 2014

Climate change mitigation

Climate change communication

The climate change dilemma: big science, the globalizing of climate and the loss of the human scale

Emission savings

Chinese Provinces' CO2 Emissions Embodied in Imports and Exports (open access)

China's energy consumption in the new normal (open access)

Policies to enhance the drivers of green housing development in China

Energy production

Low carbon scenarios and policies for the power sector in Botswana

Climate Policy

Carbon pricing and deep decarbonisation (open access)


Increasing Arctic Sea Ice Albedo Using Localized Reversible Geoengineering (open access)

Climate change

On the Relative Robustness of the Climate Response to High?Latitude and Low?Latitude Warming (open access)

Towards a European Climate Prediction System

Temperature, precipitation, wind

Strengthened Indonesian Throughflow Drives Decadal Warming in the Southern Indian Ocean

Comparison of missing value estimation techniques in rainfall data of Bangladesh

Projected timing of perceivable changes in climate extremes for terrestrial and marine ecosystems

Changes in climatic elements in the Pan-Hexi region during 1960–2014 and responses to global climatic changes

Changes of heating and cooling degree days over China in response to global warming of 1.5°C, 2°C, 3°C and 4°C (open access)

The Interannual Variability of Sea Surface Temperature in the Red Sea from 35 Years of Satellite and In Situ Observations

Seasonal and regional patterns of future temperature extremes: High?resolution dynamic downscaling over a complex terrain

Ultralow Surface Temperatures in East Antarctica From Satellite Thermal Infrared Mapping: The Coldest Places on Earth (open access)

Rain-on-snow events in Alaska, their frequency and distribution from satellite observations (open access)

Extreme events

Changes of Tropical Cyclone Tracks in the Western North Pacific over the past 38 years (open access)

The Dark Side of Hurricane Matthew: Unique Perspectives from the VIIRS Day/Night Band (open access)

Projection of Landfalling Tropical Cyclone Rainfall in the Eastern United States under Anthropogenic Warming

Projection of drought hazards in China during twenty-first century

Changes in record-breaking temperature events in China and projections for the future

Additional Intensification of Seasonal Heat and Flooding Extreme over China in a 2°C Warmer World Compared to 1.5°C (open access)

How far in advance can we predict changes in large?scale flow leading to severe cold conditions over Europe?

Future changes in precipitation extremes over China projected by a regional climate model ensemble

How uneven are changes to impact?relevant climate hazards in a 1.5°C world and beyond?

Forcings and feedbacks

Sunlight, clouds, sea ice, albedo, and the radiative budget: the umbrella versus the blanket (open access)

Lakes on the Tibetan Plateau as conduits of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere

Assessment of satellite-retrieved surface UVA and UVB radiation by comparison with ground-measurements and trends over Mega-city Delhi


Regional trends in weather systems help explain Antarctic sea ice trends

Observations and modelling of algal growth on a snowpack in north-western Greenland (open access)

Greenland Ice Sheet – Higher non?linearity of ice flow significantly reduces estimated basal motion

Improving Greenland surface mass balance estimates through the assimilation of MODIS albedo: a case study along the K?transect

Autonomous ice sheet surface mass balance measurements from cosmic rays (open access)

Anthropogenic Warming Impacts on Today's Sierra Nevada Snowpack and Flood Risk

Developing a composite daily snow cover extent record over the Tibetan Plateau from 1981 to 2016 using multisource data

Anomalous glacier changes in the southeast of Tuomuer?Khan Tengri Mountain Ranges, Central Tianshan

Thermal Characteristics and Recent Changes of Permafrost in the Upper Reaches of the Heihe River Basin, Western China

Changing river ice seasonality and impacts on interior Alaskan communities

Atmospheric response to kilometer?scale changes in sea?ice concentration within the Marginal Ice Zone


Adding new evidence to the attribution puzzle of the recent water shortage over São Paulo (Brazil)

Enhanced Rates of Regional Warming and Ocean Acidification after Termination of Large?scale Ocean Alkalinization

Interdecadal sea level variations in the Pacific: Distinctions between the tropics and extratropics

Atmospheric and oceanic circulation

The Influence of Arctic Amplification on Mid-latitude Weather and Climate

Carbon cycle

Large?Scale Droughts Responsible for Dramatic Reductions of Terrestrial Net Carbon Uptake over North America in 2011 and 2012

A Biogeochemical Compromise: The High Methane Cost of Sequestering Carbon in Restored Wetlands

Carbon stocks, sequestration, and emissions of wetlands in south eastern Australia

Utilizing the Drake Passage Time-series to understand variability and change in subpolar Southern Ocean pCO2 (open access)

Carbon emissions from Southeast Asian peatlands will increase despite emission?reduction schemes

Temperature response of respiration across the heterogeneous landscape of the Alaskan Arctic tundra

Temporal variability in surface water pCO2 in Adventfjorden (West Spitsbergen) with emphasis on physical and biogeochemical drivers

Enhanced response of global wetland methane emissions to the 2015–2016 El Niño-Southern Oscillation event (open access)

Soil moisture stress as a major driver of carbon cycle uncertainty

Other papers


The effect of obliquity?driven changes on paleoclimate sensitivity during the late Pleistocene

Increasing Temperature Sensitivity caused by Climate Warming, Evidence from Northeastern China

Candidate sites of 1.5?Myr old ice 37?km southwest of the Dome C summit, East Antarctica (open access)

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