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All IPCC definitions taken from Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Working Group I Contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Annex I, Glossary, pp. 941-954. Cambridge University Press.

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New research, August 20-26, 2018

Posted on 31 August 2018 by Ari Jokimäki

A selection of new climate related research articles is shown below.

Climate change

Effect of coupled global climate models sea surface temperature biases on simulated climate of the western United States (open access)

Temperature, precipitation, wind

Global bimodal precipitation seasonality: A systematic overview

Spatiotemporal variations of annual shallow soil temperature on the Tibetan Plateau during 1983–2013

Lake surface water temperature change over the Tibetan Plateau from 2001–2015: A sensitive indicator of the warming climate

Estimating changes in temperature distributions in a large ensemble of climate simulations using quantile regression

Surface air temperature variability over the Arabian Peninsula and its links to circulation patterns

Urbanization effects on changes in the observed air temperatures during 1977–2014 in China

Annual cycle of temperature trends in Europe, 1961–2000

Analyses of the oceanic heat content during 1980–2014 and satellite?era cyclones over Bay of Bengal

Extreme events

Collective resources in the repopulation of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina

A review of cyclone track shifts over the Great Lakes of North America: implications for storm surges

Investigating relationships between Australian flooding and large?scale climate indices and possible mechanism

Impacts of climate variability and change on seasonal drought characteristics of Pakistan

Observed trends and future projections of extreme heat events in Sonora, Mexico

Conditions associated with rain field size for tropical cyclones landfalling over the Eastern United States

Forcings and feedbacks

Accounting for Changing Temperature Patterns Increases Historical Estimates of Climate Sensitivity

A new perspective on solar dimming over the Tibetan Plateau

The impacts of atmospheric and surface parameters on long-term variations in the planetary albedo

Assessment of aerosol–cloud–radiation correlations in satellite observations, climate models and reanalysis (open access)

The cloud-free global energy balance and inferred cloud radiative effects: an assessment based on direct observations and climate models (open access)

Sources of uncertainty in the meridional pattern of climate change

Decoding Hosing and Heating Effects on Global Temperature and Meridional Circulations in a Warming Climate


Climate response to the meltwater runoff from Greenland ice sheet: evolving sensitivity to discharging locations

Fluctuations in Arctic sea-ice extent: comparing observations and climate models (open access)

Theoretical study of ice cover phenology at large freshwater lakes based on SMOS MIRAS data (open access)

Salinity Control of Thermal Evolution of Late Summer Melt Ponds on Arctic Sea Ice


Response of subtropical stationary waves and hydrological extremes to climate warming in boreal summer

Climatological and hydrological patterns and verified trends in precipitation and streamflow in the basins of Brazilian hydroelectric plants

Global implications of 1.5 °C and 2 °C warmer worlds on extreme river flows (open access)

Impact of climate variation on hydrometeorology in Iran

Atmospheric and oceanic circulation

Potential influence of the Atlantic Multi?decadal Oscillation in modulating the biennial relationship between Indian and Australian summer monsoons

Ocean circulation reduces the Hadley cell response to increased greenhouse gases

ENSO's Changing Influence on Temperature, Precipitation, and Wildfire In a Warming Climate

Carbon and nitrogen cycles

The response of the marine nitrogen cycle to ocean acidification

Pathway-dependent fate of permafrost region carbon (open access)

Spatial and temporal variability of pCO2, carbon fluxes and saturation state on the West Florida Shelf

Analyzing temporo-spatial changes and the distribution of the CO2 concentration in Australia from 2009 to 2016 by greenhouse gas monitoring satellites

Carbon storage potential in degraded forests of Kalimantan, Indonesia (open access)

Climate change impacts 


Long-Term Study of a Hantavirus Reservoir Population in an Urban Protected Area, Argentina

The health sector’s role in governance of climate change adaptation in Myanmar

The influence of political ideology and socioeconomic vulnerability on perceived health risks of heat waves in the context of climate change

The economic impact of climate risks in China: evidence from 47-sector panel data, 2000–2014

Transitions to freshwater sustainability

Identifying hotspots of land use cover change under socioeconomic and climate change scenarios in Mexico (open access)

Human–environmental drivers and impacts of the globally extreme 2017 Chilean fires

Extremal dependence between temperature and ozone over the continental US (open access)

Crop production losses associated with anthropogenic climate change for 1981–2010 compared with preindustrial levels (open access)

The insight of agricultural adaptation to climate change: a case of rice growers in Eastern Himalaya, India

Predicting future frost damage risk of kiwifruit in Korea under climate change using an integrated modelling approach

Bridging the Gap Between Climate Science and Farmers in Colombia (open access)

Developing a framework to quantify potential Sea level rise-driven environmental losses: A case study in Semarang coastal area, Indonesia (open access)

Sub-national government efforts to activate and motivate local climate change adaptation: Nova Scotia, Canada


Detection of positive gross primary production extremes in terrestrial ecosystems of China during 1982?2015 and analysis of climate contribution

Tree radial growth is projected to decline in South Asian moist forest trees under climate change

Species?specific phenological trends in shallow Pampean lakes (Argentina) zooplankton driven by contemporary climate change in the Southern Hemisphere

Untangling methodological and scale considerations in growth and productivity trend estimates of Canada’s forests (open access)

Rainfall-dependent influence of snowfall on species loss (open access)

Can ecosystem functioning be maintained despite climate?driven shifts in species composition? Insights from novel marine forests (open access)

Mass and Fine Scale Morphological Changes Induced by Changing Seawater pH in the Coccolith Gephyrocapsa oceanica

Influence of winter precipitation on spring phenology in boreal forests

Resilience of tropical tree cover: The roles of climate, fire, and herbivory (open access)

Warming springs and habitat alteration interact to impact timing of breeding and population dynamics in a migratory bird (open access)

Tree water balance drives temperate forest responses to drought

Body size shifts influence effects of increasing temperatures on ectotherm metabolism

Sensitivity of mangrove range limits to climate variability

Soil multifunctionality and drought resistance are determined by plant structural traits in restoring grassland (open access)

Climate–fire interactions constrain potential woody plant cover and stature in North American Great Plains grasslands

Other impacts

Extreme levels of Canadian wildfire smoke in the stratosphere over central Europe on 21–22 August 2017 (open access)

Fire frequency analysis for different climatic stations in Victoria, Australia

Forest Fires Across Italian Regions and Implications for Climate Change: A Panel Data Analysis (open access)

Projected centennial oxygen trends and their attribution to distinct ocean climate forcings

Climate change mitigation

Climate change communication

Global Warming’s “Six Americas Short Survey”: Audience Segmentation of Climate Change Views Using a Four Question Instrument

The IPCC and the new map of science and politics

Relating perceptions of flood risk and coping ability to mitigation behavior in West Africa: Case study of Burkina Faso

Protocols and partnerships for engaging Pacific Island communities in the collection and use of traditional climate knowledge (open access)

Climate Policy

Examining the critical role of institutions and innovations in shaping productive energy policy for Russia 

Emission savings

Spatial greenhouse gas emissions from US county corn production

2010–2016 methane trends over Canada, the United States, and Mexico observed by the GOSAT satellite: contributions from different source sectors (open access) 

Other papers

Other environmental issues

First long-term and near real-time measurement of trace elements in China's urban atmosphere: temporal variability, source apportionment and precipitation effect (open access)


Climate impact on the development of Pre-Classic Maya civilisation (open access)

Dynamic vegetation simulations of the mid?Holocene Green Sahara

Carbon cycle dynamics linked with Karoo-Ferrar volcanism and astronomical cycles during Pliensbachian-Toarcian (Early Jurassic)

Influence of Surface Topography on the Critical Carbon Dioxide Level Required for the Formation of a Modern Snowball Earth

Mediterranean winter snowfall variability over the past millennium

On the relationship between coral δ13C and Caribbean climate

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Comments 1 to 3:

  1. Ari,

    I just want to say how useful your "New Research" columns have been and continue to be.  I think it is beyond the scope of any one person to keep up with the flood of research on climate change, and I'm sure it feels that way for you, too. But that makes it all the more useful for any attempts such as yours to try to highlight the research you bring to this website, something it appears that you began in 2012. 

    I just read your initial introduction to this series that your wrote back then and saw that you invited feedback, so am writing my appreciation today, almost 6 years later! 

    If you have the time/inclination, I'd love to hear your persective on your efforts to glean the "cream of the crop," and any other impressions that you've gained during your disciplined exercise of research winnowing and sharing over these years that you've provided this service.

    And thanks so much for your efforts once again!

    0 0
  2. I just read my post and I meant to say November 2011, not 2012 as the date you initiated your efforts.  It may have well preceded this in a less formal way, for all I know.....thanks!

    0 0
  3. Hello wilddouglascounty,

    Thank you for the kind feedback, it is much appreciated!

    The resource actually has been available since 2010. It was published then only in my own blog AGW Observer. There is a new research page containing links to older posts also. I don't remember for sure, but I think the resource might have been available even before that in the Twitter (@AGWobserver) briefly before I started making blog posts about it.

    So it started with Twitter and posts at AGW Observer. Initially I just browsed new publications at some journal websites and it was really time consuming. At some point I started using an RSS feed reader, which has been a huge help. Now I only have one site to browse.

    I kept adding bells and whistles to the blog posts and I also started the posts here at Skeptical Science. Then it just became too much and I stopped most of it and continued only in Twitter while making only few blog posts during 2013 in my own blog. In 2014 and most of 2015 I made monthly posts. Then I started making occasional posts and during 2016 I started dividing posts by subject. I was adding bells and whistles again. In late 2016 it was back to Twitter only.

    Currenly I'm posting papers in Twitter and in the weekly posts here. It is sometimes quite tiring and even pressuring, but at the same time it's also interesting and rewarding. Perhaps I should write a new in-depth "about" post, as the old one is quite out-of-date. I'll try to find some time for it in the near future.

    0 0

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