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All IPCC definitions taken from Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Working Group I Contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Annex I, Glossary, pp. 941-954. Cambridge University Press.

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New research, December 17-23, 2018

Posted on 28 December 2018 by Ari Jokimäki

A selection of new climate related research articles is shown below.

Couple of hiatus papers (including Skeptical Science authors)

A fluctuation in surface temperature in historical context: reassessment and retrospective on the evidence (open access)

The 'pause' in global warming in historical context: (II). Comparing models to observations (open access)

Climate change mitigation

Climate change communication

Framing Climate Uncertainty: Frame Choices Reveal and Influence Climate Change Beliefs

It is Always Dry Here: Examining Perceptions about Drought and Climate Change in the Southern High Plains

Relationship?building between climate scientists and publics as an alternative to information transfer (open access)

Climate Policy

What future for the voluntary carbon offset market after Paris? An explorative study based on the Discursive Agency Approach

Quantifying the potential for consumer-oriented policy to reduce European and foreign carbon emissions (open access)

Norms and flexibility: Comparing two mitigation policies implemented in Shanghai

Review and assessment of energy policy developments in Chile

Interactions between federal and state policies for reducing vehicle emissions

Energy production

The Story of an Emerging Energy Issue: National Television News Coverage of Fracking in the United States

The China wind paradox: The role of state-owned enterprises in wind power investment versus wind curtailment

The green flings: Norwegian oil and gas industry’s engagement in offshore wind power

Historical trends in global energy policy and renewable power system issues in Sub-Saharan Africa: The case of solar PV

A comprehensive evaluation of the development and utilization of China's regional renewable energy

Linking soy oil demand from the US Renewable Fuel Standard to palm oil expansion through an analysis on vegetable oil price elasticities

How to reach the EU renewables target by 2030? An analysis of the governance framework

Multi-objective planning of energy storage technologies for a fully renewable system: Implications for the main stakeholders in Chile

Decarbonising domestic heating: What is the peak GB demand? (open access)

Watered down? Civil society organizations and hydropower development in the Darjeeling and Sikkim regions, Eastern Himalaya: A comparative study

The role of biomass in China's long-term mitigation toward the Paris climate goals (open access)

Impact of off-farm income on household energy expenditures in China: Implications for rural energy transition

Exploring public perceptions of benefits and risks, trust, and acceptance of nuclear energy in Thailand and Vietnam: A qualitative approach

Regulating Japan's nuclear power industry to achieve zero-accidents

Response of electricity sector air pollution emissions to drought conditions in the western United States (open access)

Fluvial organic carbon fluxes from oil palm plantations on tropical peatland (open access)

Emission savings

Health and economic benefits of cleaner residential heating in the Beijing–Tianjin–Hebei region in China

Synergy potential between climate change mitigation and forest conservation policies in the Indonesian forest sector: implications for achieving multiple sustainable development objectives

Informing energy consumption uncertainty: an analysis of energy data revisions (open access)

Reducing nitrogen footprints of consumer-level food loss and protein overconsumption in Japan, considering gender and age differences (open access)

Data center growth in the United States: decoupling the demand for services from electricity use (open access)

Linking wastes and climate change: Bandwagoning, contention, and global governance

The challenges of using satellite data sets to assess historical land use change and associated greenhouse gas emissions: a case study of three Indonesian provinces

The long-term relationship between emissions and economic growth for SO2, CO2, and BC (open access)

Climate change mitigation strategies for agriculture: an analysis of nationally determined contributions, biennial reports and biennial update reports


Reducing sea level rise with submerged barriers and dams in Greenland (open access)

Carbon leakage from geological storage sites: Implications for carbon trading

Climate change

Temperature, precipitation, wind

The realized warming fraction: a multi-model sensitivity study (open access)

Long?Term Changes in Wintertime Temperature Extremes in Moscow and their Relation to Regional Atmospheric Dynamics

Extreme events

Changes in the severity of compound drought and hot extremes over global land areas (open access)

Adapting attribution science to the climate extremes of tomorrow (open access)

A climatology of thunderstorms across Europe from a synthesis of multiple data sources

The 'Day Zero' Cape Town drought and the poleward migration of moisture corridors (open access)

Forcings and feedbacks

Exploring How Eruption Source Parameters Affect Volcanic Radiative Forcing Using Statistical Emulation

Spatial distribution of melt?season cloud radiative effects over Greenland: Evaluating satellite observations, reanalyses, and model simulations against in situ measurements

Global Observed and Modeled Impacts of Irrigation on Surface Temperature

Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide variability at Aigüestortes, Central Pyrenees, Spain


Natural variability has slowed the decline in western?US snowpack since the 1980s

Snow depth reconstruction over last century: Trend and distribution in the Tianshan Mountains, China

West Antarctic Surface Melt Event of January 2016 Facilitated by Foehn Warming

Velocity response of Petermann Glacier, northwest Greenland, to past and future calving events (open access)

Freshwater Export in the East Greenland Current Freshens the North Atlantic

Global sea-level contribution from Arctic land ice: 1971–2017 (open access)


Watershed-scale retrospective drought analysis and seasonal forecasting using multi-layer, high-resolution simulated soil moisture for Southeastern U.S (open access)

Investigating impacts of drought and disturbance on evapotranspiration over a forested landscape in North Carolina, USA using high spatiotemporal resolution remotely sensed data (open access)

Atmospheric and oceanic circulation

Anthropogenically forced decadal change of South Asian summer monsoon across the mid?1990s

Global meridional overturning circulation inferred from a data?constrained ocean & sea?ice model

On the Drivers of Decadal Variability of the Gulf Stream North Wall

Estimating the Deep Overturning Transport Variability at 26° N Using Bottom Pressure Recorders

A Radar-based Climatology of Mesoscale Convective Systems in the United States

Increased Frequency of Extreme Tropical Deep Convection: AIRS Observations and Climate Model Predictions

The asymmetry of vertical velocity in current and future climate

On the role of the Eastern Pacific teleconnection in ENSO impacts on wintertime weather over East Asia and North America

Stability of the arctic halocline: a new indicator of arctic climate change (open access)

Carbon and nitrogen cycles

Soil organic carbon stability in forests: distinct effects of tree species identity and traits

Detecting changes in Arctic methane emissions: limitations of the inter-polar difference of atmospheric mole fractions (open access)

Attribution of recent increases in atmospheric methane through 3-D inverse modelling (open access)

Using Stable Carbon Isotopes of Seasonal Ecosystem Respiration to Determine Permafrost Carbon Loss

Climate change impacts 


Predicting Yellow Fever Through Species Distribution Modeling of Virus, Vector, and Monkeys

The effect characteristics of temperature on stroke mortality in Inner Mongolia and globally

What are the impacts of tropical cyclones on employment? –An Analysis Based on Meta-regression

Maladaptation in Nordic Agriculture (open access)

Direct and indirect effects of CO2 increase on crop yield in West Africa

Adapting to changing climate through improving adaptive capacity at the local level – The case of smallholder horticultural producers in Ghana (open access)

Cities in Asia: how are they adapting to climate change?

Climate change adaptation: a systematic review on domains and indicators

Mapping summer tourism climate resources in China

Adapting and coping with climate change in temperate forests

Assessing sowing window and water availability of rainfed crops in eastern Indian state of Bihar for climate smart agricultural production


Role of host genetics and heat tolerant algal symbionts in sustaining populations of the endangered coral Orbicella faveolata in the Florida Keys with ocean warming

Bottom-up effects on biomechanical properties of the skeletal plates of the sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus (Lamarck, 1816) in an acidified ocean scenario

Body size, reef area and temperature predict global reef?fish species richness across spatial scales

Warmer and browner waters decrease fish biomass production

Elevated CO2 impairs olfactory?mediated neural and behavioral responses and gene expression in ocean?phase coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) (open access)

Divergent responses of Atlantic cod to ocean acidification and food limitation

Drying drives decline in muskrat population in the Peace-Athabasca Delta, Canada (open access)

Thermal constraints on body size depend on the population's position within the species’ thermal range in temperate songbirds

Climate change resilience of a globally important sea turtle nesting population (open access)

Climate readiness of recovery plans for threatened Australian species

Other impacts

Origin and location of new Arctic islands and straits due to glacial recession (open access)

Other papers


Asymmetric dynamical ocean responses in warming icehouse and cooling greenhouse climates (open access)

What climate signal is contained in decadal- to centennial-scale isotope variations from Antarctic ice cores? (open access)

Reconstruction of dust storm frequency in China using the SST signals recorded in coral reefs

Other environmental issues 

Diminishing clear winter skies in Beijing towards a possible future (open access)

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