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All IPCC definitions taken from Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Working Group I Contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Annex I, Glossary, pp. 941-954. Cambridge University Press.

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New research, January 1-6, 2019

Posted on 11 January 2019 by Ari Jokimäki

A selection of new climate related research articles is shown below.

Climate change

Temperature, precipitation, wind

Spatial modelling of summer climate indices based on local climate zones: expected changes in the future climate of Brno, Czech Republic

Comparison of the temporal variability of summer temperature and rainfall as it relates to climate indices in southern Quebec (Canada)

Analyses of temperature and precipitation in the Indian Jammu and Kashmir region for the 1980–2016 period: implications for remote influence and extreme events (open access)

New insights into the rainfall variability in the tropical Andes on seasonal and interannual time scales

Analyzing the variation of the precipitation of coastal areas of eastern China and its association with sea surface temperature (SST) of other seas

Effect of empirical correction of sea-surface temperature biases on the CRCM5-simulated climate and projected climate changes over North America (open access)

Spatial structure and temporal variability of a surface urban heat island in cold continental climate

A Dynamical Perspective on Atmospheric Temperature Variability and its Response to Climate Change

Extreme events

A comparative assessment of climate change impacts on drought over Korea based on multiple climate projections and multiple drought indices

The spatio-temporal characteristics of drought across Tibet, China: derived from meteorological and agricultural drought indexes

Land use change increases flood hazard: a multi-modelling approach to assess change in flood characteristics driven by socio-economic land use change scenarios

Forcings and feedbacks

Nonlocal effects dominate the global mean surface temperature response to the biogeophysical effects of deforestation

Geographical and Seasonal Variability of Cloud?Radiative Feedbacks on Precipitation

Aerosol direct radiative and cloud adjustment effects on surface climate over eastern China: Analyses of WRF model simulations

Vertical characterization of aerosol optical properties and brown carbon in winter in urban Beijing, China (open access)

Trends in MODIS and AERONET derived aerosol optical thickness over Northern Europe (open access)

Climatological analysis of the optical properties of aerosols and their direct radiative forcing in the Middle East

Temperature responses of Turkey’s climate to the tropical volcanic eruptions over second half of the twentieth century


Warm Circumpolar Deep Water at the western Getz Ice Shelf Front, Antarctica

Ice dynamics of union glacier from SAR offset tracking

How accurately should we model ice shelf melt rates?

Definition differences and internal variability affect the simulated Arctic sea ice melt season (open access)

An assessment of regional sea ice predictability in the Arctic ocean

Role of Arctic sea ice in the 2014–15 Eurasian warm winter

Variations of Lake Ice Phenology on the Tibetan Plateau from 2001 to 2017 Based on MODIS Data

High-frequency climate oscillations drive ice-off variability for Northern Hemisphere lakes and rivers

How do westerly jet streams regulate the winter snow depth over the Tibetan Plateau?

Climatology of snowfall/total precipitation days over Turkey


Quantitative Scenarios for Future Hydrologic Extremes in the U.S. Southern Great Plains

Climate and water balance change among public, private, and tribal lands within Greater Wild land Ecosystems across North Central USA

Impacts of global warming on the surface water balance components over Iran as simulated by RegCM4

Atmospheric and oceanic circulation

Hydrothermal heat enhances abyssal mixing in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current

Role of Atlantic air–sea interaction in modulating the effect of Tibetan Plateau heating on the upstream climate over Afro-Eurasia–Atlantic regions (open access)

Effect of recent Atlantic warming in strengthening Atlantic–Pacific teleconnection on interannual timescale via enhanced connection with the pacific meridional mode

Interannual coral Δ14C records of surface water exchange across the Luzon Strait

Carbon and nitrogen cycles

Warming effects of spring rainfall increase methane emissions from thawing permafrost

Contributions of natural systems and human activity to greenhouse gas emissions (open access)

Large, climate-sensitive soil carbon stocks mapped with pedology-informed machine learning in the North Pacific coastal temperate rainforest (open access)

Impacts of precipitation on ecosystem carbon fluxes in desert?grasslands in Inner Mongolia, China

Differential Response of Greenhouse Gas Evasion to Storms in Forested and Wetland Streams

Climate change impacts 


Cross-border climate change impacts: implications for the European Union

Impacts of climate change on the state of Indiana: ensemble future projections based on statistical downscaling

Averting Behavior Among Singaporeans During Indonesian Forest Fires

Early season snowpack loss and implications for oversnow vehicle recreation travel planning (open access)


Community composition influences the population growth and ecological impact of invasive species in response to climate change

Temperature variability drives within-species variation in germination strategy and establishment characteristics of an alpine herb

Climate change mitigation 

Climate change communication

Social capital and incremental transformative change: responding to climate change experts in Metro Manila

Climate Policy

Carbon Prices and Fuel Switching: A Quasi-experiment in Electricity Markets

Energy dependence in historical perspective: The geopolitics of smaller nations

Prospective exploration of future renewable portfolio standard schemes in China via a multi-sector CGE model

It’s up to us: Policies to improve climate outcomes from automated vehicles

Energy production

“Barely surviving on a pile of gold”: Arguing for the case of peat energy in 2010s Finland

Long-term energy strategy scenarios for South Korea: Transition to a sustainable energy system (open access)

The impact of PVs and EVs on domestic electricity network charges: A case study from Great Britain

Implications of institutional frameworks for renewable energy policy administration: Case study of the Esaghem, Cameroon community PV solar electrification project

Decentralization and the environment: Assessing smallholder oil palm development in Indonesia

Peeling back the label—exploring sustainable palm oil ecolabelling and consumption in the United Kingdom (open access)

Pay-As-You-Go financing: A model for viable and widespread deployment of solar home systems in rural India

Emission savings

Connecting global emissions to fundamental human needs and their satisfaction (open access)

The gap between certified and real-world passenger vehicle fuel consumption in China measured using a mobile phone application data

Analysis of the influencing factors on CO2 emissions at different urbanization levels: regional difference in China based on panel estimation

Demand for Green Refueling Infrastructure

Does Absolution Promote Sin? A Conservationist’s Dilemma


Affordable CO2 negative emission through hydrogen from biomass, ocean liming, and CO2 storage

Organic amendment additions to rangelands: A meta?analysis of multiple ecosystem outcomes (open access)

Other papers


Narratives of nineteenth century drought in southern Africa in different historical source types

Other environmental issues 

Handling different types of environmental monitoring fraud in multiple ways

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