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All IPCC definitions taken from Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Working Group I Contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Annex I, Glossary, pp. 941-954. Cambridge University Press.

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New research, January 14-20, 2019

Posted on 25 January 2019 by Ari Jokimäki

A selection of new climate related research articles is shown below.

Climate change mitigation

Climate change communication

The climate spiral demonstrates the power of sharing creative ideas (open access)

Local TV news viewer reactions to weathercasters reporting the local impacts of climate change (open access)

New trends in solar: A comparative study assessing the attitudes towards the adoption of rooftop PV

Public opinion toward hydraulic fracturing: The effect of beyond compliance and voluntary third-party certification

(Re)presenting urban heat islands in Australian cities: A study of media reporting and implications for urban heat and climate change debates

How do Canadian media report climate change impacts on health? A newspaper review

Climate Policy

International and national climate policies for aviation: a review (open access)

Is decoupling a red herring? The role of structural effects and energy policies in Europe (open access)

The effects of carbon taxation in China: An analysis based on energy input-output model in hybrid units

Charging Drivers by the Pound: How Does the UK Vehicle Tax System Affect CO2 Emissions?

Energy production

The overlooked role of discourse in breaking carbon lock?in: The case of the German energy transition (open access)

Barriers to onshore wind farm implementation in Brazil

The US solar panel anti-dumping duties versus uniform tariff

Local demand-pull policy and energy innovation: Evidence from the solar photovoltaic market in China

Measures to promote renewable energies for electricity generation in Latin American countries

Climate impacts on hydropower in Colombia: A multi-model assessment of power sector adaptation pathways

Life cycle assessment of run-of-river hydropower plants in the Peruvian Andes: a policy support perspective

Biofuels policies and fuel demand elasticities in Brazil

Evaluating regulatory strategies for mitigating hydrological risk in Brazil through diversification of its electricity mix

Cavitation-based pretreatment strategies to enhance biogas production in a small-scale agricultural biogas plant

Emission savings

Comparison of Global Downscaled Versus Bottom?Up Fossil Fuel CO2 Emissions at the Urban Scale in Four US Urban Areas

Improving reporting of national greenhouse gas emissions from forest fires for emission reduction benefits: An example from Australia

Have China's provinces achieved their targets of energy intensity reduction? Reassessment based on nighttime lighting data

Economic carbon cycle feedbacks may offset additional warming from natural feedbacks

Observational evidence of high methane emissions over a city in western India


Timescale for detecting the climate response to stratospheric aerosol geoengineering 

Climate change

Temperature, precipitation, wind

Detection and elimination of UHI effects in long temperature records from villages – A case study from Tivissa, Spain

Air Temperature Characteristics, Distribution and Impact on Modeled Ablation for the South Patagonia Icefield

Assessments of downscaled climate data with a high?resolution weather station network reveal consistent but predictable bias

Evaluation of synoptic?scale patterns during extreme temperature and precipitation events in Alaska

Trend Analysis of Climatic Research Unit Temperature dataset for Gangotri Glacier, India

Predictability of Ocean Heat Content from Electrical Conductance

Analysis of climate extreme indices over the Komadugu-Yobe basin, Lake Chad region: Past and future occurrences (open access)

Spatial distribution of the trends in precipitation and precipitation extremes in the sub-Himalayan region of Pakistan

Urban Rainfall Modification: Observational Climatology over Berlin, Germany

Assessing wind data from reanalyses for the upper midwest (open access)

Are the near-Antarctic easterly winds weakening in response to enhancement of the Southern Annular Mode? (open access)

Extreme events

Warming trends in summer heatwaves (open access)

Future projection of heat waves over China under global warming within the CORDEX-EA-II project

The synergy between drought and extremely hot summers in the Mediterranean (open access)

Potential increase in hazard from Mediterranean hurricane activity with global warming

Forcings and feedbacks

A decadal dataset of global atmospheric dust retrieved from IASI satellite measurements

Clarifying the relative role of forcing uncertainties and initial?condition unknowns in spreading the climate response to volcanic eruptions

Implication of data uncertainty in the detection of surface radiation trends and observational evidence of renewed solar dimming over India

Impact of colored dissolved materials on the annual cycle of sea surface temperature: Potential implications for extreme ocean temperatures


Accelerated volume loss in glacier ablation zones of NE Greenland, Little Ice Age to present

The effect of Arctic sea?ice loss on the Hadley circulation

Past and future interannual variability in Arctic sea ice in coupled climate models (open access)

New insight from CryoSat-2 sea ice thickness for sea ice modelling (open access)

Durability of snow cover and its long-term variability in the Western Sudetes Mountains (open access)

Evaluating the destabilization susceptibility of active rock glaciers in the French Alps (open access)

Snow cover trends in Finland over 1961?2014 based on gridded snow depth observations


Global distribution of the oceanic bottom mixed layer thickness

Evaluation of sea level rise and associated responses in Hangzhou Bay from 1978 to 2017 (open access)

Temporal-spatial differences in lake water storage changes and their links to climate change throughout the Tibetan Plateau

Atmospheric and oceanic circulation

Effect of the Atlantic Multidecadal Variability on the global monsoon

Pacific Sea Surface Temperature Linkages with Tanzania's Multi?season Drying Trends

Ocean Circulation Signatures of North Pacific Decadal Variability

Northern Hemisphere blocking in ∼25km resolution E3SM v0.3 atmosphere?land simulations

Possible influence of the Antarctic Oscillation on haze pollution in North China

Carbon and nitrogen cycles

Global atmospheric CO2 inverse models converging on neutral tropical land exchange, but disagreeing on fossil fuel and atmospheric growth rate (open access)

Modeling the recent changes in the Arctic Ocean CO2 sink (2006–2013)

A Seasonal to Inter?annual View of Inorganic and Organic Carbon and pH in Western Lake Superior

Climate change impacts 


Can ‘poor’ cities breathe: Responses to climate change in low-income countries

The impact of climate change and urban growth on urban climate and heat stress in a subtropical city

Analysing the capacity to respond to climate change: a framework for community-managed water services

Meteorological Impacts on Commercial Aviation Delays and Cancellations in the Continental US (open access)

Least concern to endangered: Applying climate change projections profoundly influences the extinction risk assessment for wild Arabica coffee (open access)

Potential of climate-smart agriculture in reducing women farmers’ drudgery in high climatic risk areas (open access)

Observed climatic changes in West Virginia and opportunities for agriculture

Factors influencing the adaptation of farmers in response to climate change: a review

Diversifying knowledge governance for climate adaptation in protected areas in Colombia (open access)

Who is responsible for climate change adaptation? (open access)


Climatic warming increases spatial synchrony in spring vegetation phenology across the Northern Hemisphere

Expansion of a colonial ascidian following consecutive mass coral bleaching at Lizard Island, Australia

Climate variation influences host specificity in avian malaria parasites

Multiple temperature effects on phenology and body size in wild butterflies predict a complex response to climate change

Alternative transient states and slow plant community responses after changed flooding regimes

Site-based adaptation reduces the negative effects of weather upon a southern range margin Welsh black grouse Tetrao tetrix population that is vulnerable to climate change

Compensatory mechanisms to climate change in the widely distributed species Silene vulgaris

Climate?driven reduction of genetic variation in plant phenology alters soil communities and nutrient pools (open access)

Other papers


Tree-ring reconstructions of cool season temperature for far southeastern Australia, 1731–2007

Tree rings reveal hydroclimatic fingerprints of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation on the Tibetan Plateau

The Antarctic Ice Sheet response to glacial millennial-scale variability (open access)

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Comments 1 to 2:

  1. Ari, thanks for continuing with this thankless task.  It is important!

    But I'm here to ask a question: would you know the first time the PDO was incorporated into climate models?

    I'm asking because I've read recent claims that climate models do not incorporate the PDO.  I can imagine that perhaps long-term models may not incorporate the PDO because it's actually irrelevant to what they are looking at (since the PDO only pushes heat around).  But, that's personal guessing.  

    Just seems to me the PDO has been studied a great deal and that the accumulating information would have been plugged into climate models - and if not, there's probably a good explanation that I would love to learn about.

    But I don't know, I'm no scientist, though I do try to keep up with their findings.

    Ari, can you (or anyone else) add any clarifying details?

    0 0
  2. PDO should be there right after ocean component is added to the climate models (the result is so-called coupled atmosphere-ocean general circulation model, AOGCM). First of these were probably done some time in 1960s-1970s. I think that there's no need to incorporate the PDO separately but it arises naturally from the model simulations.

    Here is a paper from 1968 by Bryan & Cox discussing an ocean model:

    0 0

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