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All IPCC definitions taken from Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Working Group I Contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Annex I, Glossary, pp. 941-954. Cambridge University Press.

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New research, February 11-17, 2019

Posted on 22 February 2019 by Ari Jokimäki

A selection of new climate related research articles is shown below.

Climate change

Temperature, precipitation, wind

Change Point Analysis of Global Temperature Records

Improved decadal prediction of Northern-Hemisphere summer land temperature

Impact of Atmospheric Heat and Moisture Transport on the Arctic Warming

Atmospheric circulation modulates the spatial variability of temperature in the Atlantic?Arctic region

Rapid changes in land?sea thermal contrast across China's coastal zone in a warming climate

Combined effects of the MJO and the Arctic Oscillation on the intraseasonal eastern China winter temperature variations

Systematic differences in bucket sea surface temperature measurements amongst nations identified using a linear-mixed-effect method

Disentangling the influencing factors driving the cooling trend in boreal summer over Indo-Gangetic river basin, India: role of Atlantic multidecadal oscillation (AMO)

Assessment of present and future climate change over Kashmir Himalayas, India

Daily precipitation variability in the southern Alps since the late 19th century

Future Changes in Precipitation Characteristics in China

Inconsistencies between observed, reconstructed, and simulated precipitation indices for England since the year 1650 CE (open access)

Extreme events

BAMS Special Issue: Explaining Extreme Events of 2017 from a Climate Perspective (open access)

Embracing the complexity of extreme weather events when quantifying their likelihood of recurrence in a warming world (open access)

Risks of Pre-Monsoon Extreme Rainfall Events of Bangladesh: Is Anthropogenic Climate Change Playing a Role? (open access)

Anthropogenic Influence on the Heaviest June Precipitation in Southeastern China since 1961 (open access)

The Exceptional Summer Heat Wave in Southern Europe 2017 (open access)

Safety nets and natural disaster mitigation: evidence from cyclone Phailin in Odisha

Lingering carbon cycle effects of Hurricane Matthew in North Carolina's coastal waters

Attribution of the 2017 Northern High Plains Drought (open access)

Anthropogenic Contributions to the Intensity of the 2017 United States Northern Great Plains Drought (open access)

The Extremely Wet March of 2017 in Peru (open access)

Forcings and feedbacks

Relative roles of dynamic and thermodynamic processes in causing positive and negative global mean SST trends during the past 100 years

Columnar aerosol measurements in a continental southeastern Europe site: climatology and trends

Interactions between the atmosphere, cryosphere, and ecosystems at northern high latitudes (open access)


Past and future dynamics of the Brunt Ice Shelf from seabed bathymetry and ice shelf geometry (open access)

Impact of assimilating sea ice concentration, sea ice thickness and snow depth in a coupled ocean–sea ice modelling system (open access)

On the timescales and length scales of the Arctic sea ice thickness anomalies: a study based on 14 reanalyses (open access)

Robust uncertainty assessment of the spatio-temporal transferability of glacier mass and energy balance models (open access)

Underwater ice terrace observed at the front of Glaciar Grey, a freshwater calving glacier in Patagonia

Evaluation and inter-comparisons of Qinghai–Tibet Plateau permafrost maps based on a new inventory of field evidence (open access)


Added value of large ensemble simulations for assessing extreme river discharge in a 2 ° C warmer world

Changes in terrestrial water storage during 2003–2014 and possible causes in Tibetan Plateau

Baroclinic Coupling Improves Depth?Integrated Modeling of Coastal Sea Level Variations around Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands

Atmospheric and oceanic circulation

Weakening of Upward Mass but Intensification of Upward Energy Transport in a Warming Climate

Indicators and trends of polar cold airmass

Strongest MJO on record triggers extreme Atacama rainfall and warmth in Antarctica

Carbon and nitrogen cycles

Towards a more complete quantification of the global carbon cycle (open access)

Evidence for a major missing source in the global chloromethane budget from stable carbon isotopes (open access)

Multi-year effect of wetting on CH4 flux at taiga–tundra boundary in northeastern Siberia deduced from stable isotope ratios of CH4 (open access)

Observations of Rising Methane Bubbles in Trondheimsfjord and its Implications to Gas Dissolution

Assessing soil organic carbon stocks under land-use change scenarios using random forest models

Variations in the summer oceanic pCO2 and carbon sink in Prydz Bay using the self-organizing map analysis approach (open access)

Climate change impacts 


Reassessment of global climate risk: non-compensatory or compensatory?

Interrogating vulnerability in the Global Framework for Climate Services

An overview of heat stress relief with global warming in perspective

The predictability of heat-related mortality in Prague, Czech Republic, during summer 2015—a comparison of selected thermal indices

Recent evolution of damage to infrastructure on permafrost in the French Alps

Joint forcing of climate warming and ENSO on a dual-cropping system

Scenarios and Decision Support for Security and Conflict Risks in the Context of Climate Change


Spatial and habitat variation in aphid, butterfly, moth and bird phenologies over the last half century

Growth-climate responses indicate shifts in the competitive ability of European beech and Norway spruce under recent climate warming in East-Central Europe

Increased ENSO sensitivity of tree growth on the southern Tibetan Plateau since the 1970s

Climatic determinants impacting the distribution of greenness in China: regional differentiation and spatial variability

Coping with climate change: limited behavioral responses to hot weather in a tropical carnivore (open access)

Three decades of degradation lead to diminished impacts of severe hurricanes on Caribbean reefs

The shape of abundance distributions across temperature gradients in reef fishes (open access)

Reproductive plasticity of female white-tailed deer at high density and under harsh climatic conditions

Interacting effects of temperature and precipitation on climatic sensitivity of spring vegetation green-up in arid mountains of China

Effects of climate change on lake area and vegetation cover over the past 55 years in Northeast Inner Mongolia grassland, China

Range size and growth temperature influence Eucalyptus species responses to an experimental heatwave

Response patterns of xylem and leaf phenology to temperature at the southwestern distribution boundary of Quercus robur: A multi-spatial study

Climate change mitigation

Assessment of GHG emission pathways consistent with 1.5 °C target

A discursive cartography of nationally determined contributions to the Paris climate agreement (open access)

Climate change communication

Changing evangelical minds on climate change (open access)

Climate Policy

Carbon emission forensic in the energy sector: Is it worth the effort?

The impact of climate funds on economic growth and their role in substituting fossil energy sources

Benefits over risks: A case study of government support of energy development in the Russian North

Energy production

Impact of land requirements on electricity system decarbonisation pathway

Expected willingness to pay for wind energy in Atlantic Canada

Regional employment and economic growth effects of South Africa’s transition to low-carbon energy supply mix

Carbon dioxide direct air capture for effective climate change mitigation based on renewable electricity: a new type of energy system sector coupling (open access)

Inversion estimates of lognormally distributed methane emission rates from the Haynesville?Bossier oil and gas production region using airborne measurements

Renewable energy from the high seas: Geo-spatial modelling of resource potential and legal implications for developing offshore wind projects beyond the national jurisdiction of coastal States

Approval procedures for large-scale renewable energy installations: Comparison of national legal frameworks in Japan, New Zealand, the EU and the US

Emission savings

Energy efficiency in the German residential housing market: Its influence on tenants and owners

Agroforestry as a climate change mitigation practice in smallholder farming: evidence from Kenya

Emission mechanism and reduction countermeasures of agricultural greenhouse gases – a review

Carbon debt of field-scale conservation reserve program grasslands converted to annual and perennial bioenergy crops (open access)

Vehicle fleet turnover and the future of fuel economy (open access)

Estimating the daily peak and annual total electricity demand for cooling in Vienna, Austria by 2050

Other papers

General climate science

Early Meteorological Data in Southern Spain During the Dalton Minimum


Contribution of sea ice albedo and insulation effects to Arctic amplification in the EC-Earth Pliocene simulation (open access)

Hydrothermal carbon release to the ocean and atmosphere from the eastern equatorial Pacific during the last glacial termination (open access)

Holocene hydro-climatic variability in the Mediterranean: A synthetic multi-proxy reconstruction

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