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All IPCC definitions taken from Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Working Group I Contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Annex I, Glossary, pp. 941-954. Cambridge University Press.

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New research, February 25 - March 3, 2019

Posted on 8 March 2019 by Ari Jokimäki

A selection of new climate related research articles is shown below. This post has separate sections for: Climate Change, Climate Change Impacts, Climate Change Mitigation, and Other Papers. 

Climate change mitigation

Climate Policy

Institutional and environmental effectiveness: Will the Paris Agreement work?

What are the implications of the Paris Agreement for inequality?

Current and future struggles to eliminate coal

Supply-Side Climate Policy: On the Role of Exploration and Asymmetric Information

The politics of fossil fuel subsidies and their reform: Implications for climate change mitigation

Governmentality and the climate-development nexus: The case of the EU Global Climate Change Alliance

Energy production

Natural Hazards special issue: Energy economy system and risk management: a contribution toward China meeting its goals for the Paris climate accord

Reducing emissions from consumer energy storage using retail rate design

Sustainably reconciling offshore renewable energy with Natura 2000 sites: An interim adaptive management framework

Carbon and evapotranspiration dynamics of a non-native perennial grass with biofuel potential in the southern U.S. Great Plains

Advancing knowledge of gas migration and fugitive gas from energy wells in northeast British Columbia, Canada

Recommendation to ASEAN nuclear development based on lessons learnt from the Fukushima nuclear accident

Public receptivity in China towards wind energy generators: A survey experimental approach

Scenarios for withdrawal of oil palm plantations from peatlands in Jambi Province, Sumatra, Indonesia (open access)

The trilemma of waste-to-energy: A multi-purpose solution

Future European shale gas life-cycle GHG emissions for electric power generation in comparison to other fossil fuels

Emission savings

A multi-region multi-sector decomposition and attribution analysis of aggregate carbon intensity in China from 2000 to 2015

Does financial development asymmetrically affect CO2 emissions in China? An application of the nonlinear autoregressive distributed lag (NARDL) model

Introducing a new tool for greenhouse gas calculation tailored for cropland: rationale, operational framework and potential application (open access)

Unravelling Dutch homeowners' behaviour towards energy efficiency renovations: What drives and hinders their decision-making?

Impact of zero energy buildings on medium-to-long term building energy consumption in China

Electric vehicle manufacturers' perceptions of the market potential for demand-side flexibility using electric vehicles in the United Kingdom

Climate-governance entrepreneurship, higher-order learning, and sustainable consumption: the case of the state of Oregon, United States

Climate change

How Global Warming Changes the Difficulty of Synoptic Weather Forecasting

Temperature, precipitation, wind

Contrasting changes in the sea surface temperature and upper ocean heat content in the South China Sea during recent decades

Changes in precipitation extremes in the Beijing metropolitan area during 1960–2012

New insights into the environmental factors controlling the ground thermal regime across the Northern Hemisphere: a comparison between permafrost and non-permafrost areas (open access)

Extreme events

Temporally Compound Heat Wave Events and Global Warming: An Emerging Hazard (open access)

Localized Changes in Heatwave Properties across the USA (open access)

Contested causes of flooding in poor urban areas in Accra, Ghana: an actor-oriented perspective

The cost of doing nothing in the face of climate change: a case study, using the life satisfaction approach to value the tangible and intangible costs of flooding in the Philippines

Hurricane flood risk assessment for the Yucatan and Campeche State coastal area

Forcings and feedbacks

Seasonal dynamics of albedo across European boreal forests: Analysis of MODIS albedo and structural metrics from airborne LiDAR (open access)

Evidence of Strong Contributions from Mixed?Phase Clouds to Arctic Climate Change

Local and remote temperature response of regional SO2 emissions (open access)

The oceanic cycle of carbon monoxide and its emissions to the atmosphere (open access)

A methodological approach to assess the co-behaviour of climate processes over southern Africa (open access)

Variability, timescales, and nonlinearity in climate responses to black carbon emissions (open access)

Reconstruction of cropland change in North China Plain Area over the past 300?years

On simple representations of the climate response to external radiative forcing

Nudging the Arctic Ocean to quantify sea ice feedbacks

Decreasing Trend in Black Carbon Aerosols over the Indian Region

Evaluating Recent Updated Black Carbon Emissions and Revisiting the Direct Radiative Forcing in Arctic

Biogeophysical feedback of phytoplankton on Arctic climate. Part II: Arctic warming amplified by interactive chlorophyll under greenhouse warming

Overview paper: New insights into aerosol and climate in the Arctic (open access)


The Reference Elevation Model of Antarctica (open access)

Atmospheric Dynamics Footprint on the January 2016 Ice Sheet Melting in West Antarctica

Sentinel-3 Delay-Doppler altimetry over Antarctica (open access)

Barotropic Kelvin wave?induced bottom boundary layer warming along the West Antarctic Peninsula

Modeling the response of northwest Greenland to enhanced ocean thermal forcing and subglacial discharge (open access)

Inflow of warm water to the inner Hornsund fjord, Svalbard; exchange mechanisms and influence on local sea ice cover and glacier front melting

The Contributions of Winter Cloud Anomalies in 2011 to the Summer Sea?Ice Rebound in 2012 in the Antarctic

Modulation of the Kara sea ice variation on the ice freeze-up time in Lake Qinghai

Identifying historic river ice breakup timing using MODIS and Google Earth Engine in support of operational flood monitoring in Northern Ontario

Historical trends in spring ice breakup for the Aura River in Southwest Finland, AD 1749–2018


Bias correcting climate model multi-member ensembles to assess climate change impacts on hydrology

Potential reemergence of seasonal soil moisture anomalies in North America (open access)

What were the changing trends of the seasonal and annual aridity indexes in northwestern China during 1961–2015?

Changes in Evapotranspiration Over Global Semi?arid Regions 1984–2013

A meteotsunami climatology along the U.S. East Coast (open access)

Atmospheric and oceanic circulation

Atmospheric Circulation Response to Anomalous Siberian Forcing in October 2016 and its Long?Range Predictability

Changes of East Asian summer monsoon due to tropical air-sea interactions induced by a global warming scenario

Implication of tropical lower stratospheric cooling in recent trends in tropical circulation and deep convective activity (open access)

Mean and Eddy?Driven Heat Advection in the Ocean Region Adjacent to the Greenland?Scotland Ridge Derived from Satellite Altimetry

Carbon and nitrogen cycles

Ecosystem carbon response of an Arctic peatland to simulated permafrost thaw (open access)

Effects of climate warming on carbon fluxes in grasslands ? a global meta?analysis

Sapwood biomass carbon in northern boreal and temperate forests (open access)

Characterizing forest carbon dynamics using multi-temporal lidar data

Deep soil flipping increases carbon stocks of New Zealand grasslands (open access)

Climate change impacts


Gender differentiated vulnerability to climate change in Eastern Uganda

Adaptation to Future Water Shortages in the United States Caused by Population Growth and Climate Change (open access)

Electricity infrastructure vulnerabilities due to long-term growth and extreme heat from climate change in Los Angeles County

A review of climate change adaptation measures in the African crop sector


New satellite-based estimates show significant trends in spring phenology and complex sensitivities to temperature and precipitation at northern European latitudes (open access)

Are animals shrinking due to climate change? Temperature-mediated selection on body mass in mountain wagtails

Transgenerational effects of short-term exposure to acidification and hypoxia on early developmental traits of the mussel Mytilus edulis

Future recovery of baleen whales is imperiled by climate change (open access)

Higher climatic sensitivity of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) subjected to tourist pressure on a hiking trail in the Brodnica Lakeland, NE Poland

Warming-induced shifts in amphibian phenology and behavior lead to altered predator–prey dynamics

Synergistic effects of climate and land?use change influence broad?scale avian population declines (open access)

Size?based ecological interactions drive food web responses to climate warming (open access)

Other impacts

An Assessment of Surface and Atmospheric Conditions Associated with the Extreme 2014 Wildfire Season in Canada’s Northwest Territories

Other papers

General climate science

Finding plausible and diverse variants of a climate model. Part 1: establishing the relationship between errors at weather and climate time scales

Finding plausible and diverse variants of a climate model. Part II: development and validation of methodology


Recent advances in dendroclimatology in China

The end-Ordovician mass extinction: A single-pulse event? (open access)

Unstable Little Ice Age climate revealed by high-resolution proxy records from northwestern China

A tree ring-based winter temperature reconstruction for the southeastern Tibetan Plateau since 1340 CE

Late Quaternary glacial history of Khentey Mountains, Central Mongolia

Glacier outburst floods reconstructed from lake sediments and their implications for Holocene variations of the plateau glacier Folgefonna in western Norway

Holocene cultural and climate shifts in NW Africa as inferred from stable isotopes of archeological land snail shells

Early-Holocene monsoon instability and climatic optimum recorded by Chinese stalagmites



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