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All IPCC definitions taken from Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Working Group I Contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Annex I, Glossary, pp. 941-954. Cambridge University Press.

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Skeptical Science New Research for Week #6, 2020

Posted on 12 February 2020 by Doug Bostrom

New Research article selection

It's possible to be too close to a job, forget to step back and look at it from all angles.

Skeptical Science was recently contacted by an author of a paper listed here in the weekly research list, with the concern that our citation of the work meant we felt there was a problem with it. Not at all, because that's not how Research News works or its purpose. We've cleared up that particular misunderstanding in correspondence and with a happy outcome. This is however an indicator and good opportunity to explain how papers in the weekly listing are selected, so as to be quite clear in our intentions with Research News.

We rely entirely on the judgement of journal editors and peer reviewers for estimating the worth of any paper listed in Research News. Weekly assembly includes human assessment of relevancy of items delivered by filtered RSS feeds from academic journals but purely in a mechanical fashion. "Relevancy" in this context means that the article includes anthropogenic climate change as a significant element— regardless of findings, affiliations etc. Passage through the review and publication process is the best indicator we have of the validity of any given work. It would be folly to second-guess successful publication outcomes and indeed overcoming this common error is Skeptical Science's main reason for being.

The purpose of Research News is to provide at least a sampling of the scope and direction of scientific inquiry driven by anthropogenic climate change, lend a toehold for the average person into the rich veins of literature citations underpinning this work. In their respective lists of citations each paper we list here is a portal into a world of specialized inquiry, a ticket into an amazing continuum of investigation. By looking at categories of papers we can get some notion of where interest is hot, where concern may be concentrated. As a case in point, agronomic adaptation research at has featured prominently and consistently in the weekly list, reflecting concern over food supplies in a changing climate, with each publication resting on a prior body of research as reflected in citations.

Unlikely as the eventuality is, Research News would quickly reflect any genuine scientifically grounded reversal in the rather grim picture we now see regarding our climate. Such a happy eventuality would come out of the familiar and statistically reliable publication process and our standard operating procedure, not as a matter of our own local judgement.

94 Articles

Physical science of global warming & effects

Energy budget constraints on historical radiative forcing

Increased subglacial sediment discharge in a warming climate: consideration of ice dynamics, glacial erosion and fluvial sediment transport

The empirical basis for modelling glacial erosion rates (open access)

The effect of melt pond geometry on the distribution of solar energy under first?year sea ice

Sensitivity of the latitude of the westerly jet stream to climate forcing

Diagnosing the sensitivity of grounding line flux to changes in sub-ice shelf melting (open access)

Source attribution of Arctic aerosols and associated Arctic warming trend during 1980–2018 (open access)

Observations & observational methods of global warming & effects

Algal lipids reveal unprecedented warming rates in alpine areas of SW Europe during the industrial period (open access)

Sea Ice and Atmospheric Parameter Retrieval From Satellite Microwave Radiometers: Synergy of AMSR2 and SMOS Compared With the CIMR Candidate Mission

Describing the relationship between a weather event and climate change: a new statistical approach

How robust is Asian Precipitation-ENSO relationship during the industrial warming period (1901–2017)? (open access)

Melt in Antarctica derived from Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) observations at L band (open access)

Present-day and future Greenland Ice Sheet precipitation frequency from satellite observations and an Earth System Model (open access)

Changes of temperature and precipitation extremes in a typical arid and semiarid zone: Observations and multi?model ensemble projections

Increasing occurrence of heat waves in the terrestrial Arctic (open access)

Does elevation dependent warming exist in high mountain Asia? (open access)

Modeling & simulation of global warming & global warming effects

Impacts of wildfire aerosols on global energy budget and climate: The role of climate feedbacks (open access)

Impact of climate change on the climatology of Vb cyclones (open access)

Decreasing precipitation occurs in daily extreme precipitation intervals across China in observations and model simulations

Little influence of Arctic amplification on mid-latitude climate

Projected future changes of meridional heat transport and heat balance of the Indian Ocean

Latitudinal Structure of the Meridional Overturning Circulation Variability on interannual to decadal time scales in the North Atlantic Ocean

Response of Storm-related Extreme Sea Level along the US Atlantic Coast to Combined Weather and Climate Forcing (open access)

Simulation and Projection of Circulations Associated with Atmospheric Rivers along the North American Northeast Coast

Projected changes in extreme precipitation intensity and dry spell length in Côte d’Ivoire under future climates

Climate change in northern Patagonia: critical decrease in water resources

Trends in northern midlatitude atmospheric wave power from 1950 to 2099

Future projections of Indian Summer Monsoon under multiple RCPs using a high resolution global climate model multiforcing ensemble simulations

Climate model advancement

CMIP6 does not suggest any circulation change over Greenland in summer by 2100 (open access)

Evaluating permafrost physics in the CMIP6 models and their sensitivity to climate change (open access)

Soil moisture and hydrology projections of the permafrost region – a model intercomparison (open access)

Effective resolution in high resolution global atmospheric models for climate studies (open access)

Biology & global warming

They Came From The Pacific: How changing Arctic currents could contribute to an ecological regime shift in the Atlantic Ocean (open access)

Could cryoturbic diapirs be key for understanding ecological feedbacks to climate change in High Arctic polar deserts?

Complex and nonlinear climate?driven changes in freshwater insect communities over 42 years

Marine clade sensitivities to climate change conform across timescales

Algal growth and weathering crust state drive variability in western Greenland Ice Sheet ice albedo (open access)

Plant trait response of tundra shrubs to permafrost thaw and nutrient addition (open access)

The Arctic picoeukaryote Micromonas pusilla benefits from ocean acidification under constant and dynamic light (open access)

Climate change in the Eastern Amazon: crop-pollinator and occurrence-restricted bees are potentially more affected (open access)

GHG sources & sinks, flux

Towards an operational anthropogenic CO2 emissions monitoring and verification support capacity (open access)

Sources of uncertainty in regional and global terrestrial CO2?exchange estimates

The use of environmental tracers to characterize a leaky CO2 CCS natural analogue site, Soda Springs, Idaho, USA

Structural diversity underpins carbon storage in Australian temperate forests

Grasses continue to trump trees at soil carbon sequestration following herbivore exclusion in a semi?arid African savanna

Soil carbon sequestration in grazing systems: managing expectations

Carbon cycling in the world's deepest blue hole

Soil Organic Carbon across Mexico and the conterminous United States (1991?2010)

Increasing rates of carbon burial in southwest Florida coastal wetlands

Increasing soil carbon stocks in eight permanent forest plots in China (open access)

Partitioning of canopy and soil CO2 fluxes in a pine forest at the dry timberline across a 13-year observation period (open access)

Understanding the uncertainty in global forest carbon turnover (open access)

Historical CO2 emissions from land-use and land-cover change and their uncertainty (open access)

Evaluating two soil carbon models within a global land surface model using surface and spaceborne observations of atmospheric CO2 mole fractions (open access)

New estimates of greenhouse gas emissions from biomass burning and peat fires using MODIS Collection 6 burned areas (open access)

Climate change scenarios and projected impacts for forest productivity in Guanacaste Province (Costa Rica): lessons for tropical forest regions

Evaluation of simulated soil carbon dynamics in Arctic-Boreal ecosystems (open access)

Climate change communications & cognition

Representations of Pacific Islands and climate change in US, UK, and Australian newspaper reporting (open access)

Representing Ecological Crises in Children’s Media: An Analysis of The Lorax and Wall-E (open access)

Humans dealing with our global warming

Determinants for decoupling economic growth from carbon dioxide emissions in China

Global change—Local values: Assessing tradeoffs for coastal ecosystem services in the face of sea level rise

US energy system transitions under cumulative emissions budgets

From incremental to transformative adaptation in individual responses to climate-exacerbated hazards

Understanding climate policy integration in the global South through the multiple streams framework (open access)

Climate smart agriculture extension: gender disparities in agroforestry knowledge acquisition (open access)

Adaptive capacity of smallholder farmers toward climate change: evidence from Hamadan province in Iran (open access)

Revisiting the climate driver and inhibitor mechanisms of international migration (open access)

How do gender relations shape a community’s ability to adapt to climate change? Insights from Nepal’s community forestry (open access)

Climate change adaptation costs in developing countries: insights from existing estimates (open access)

River Regulation Alleviates the Impacts of Climate Change on US Thermoelectricity Production

Analysing trade-offs in adaptation decision-making—agricultural management under climate change in Finland and Sweden (open access)

Climate change vulnerability, water resources and social implications in North Africa (open access)

Impacts of climate change on viticulture in Argentina

The domestic politics of international climate commitments: which factors explain cross-country variation in NDC ambition? (open access)

Stable climate metrics for emissions of short and long-lived species—combining steps and pulses (open access)

The role of tourism development on CO 2 emission reduction in an extended version of the environmental Kuznets curve: evidence from top 50 tourist destination countries

Sociological responses to the bushfire and climate crises (open access)

Ireland’s Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change: Lessons for Deliberative Public Engagement and Communication (open access)

What shapes farmers’ perception of climate change? A case study of southern Brazil

A review of policies and initiatives for climate change mitigation and environmental sustainability in Bangladesh

Assessing California's progress toward its 2020 greenhouse gas emissions limit

Research on the impact of carbon emission trading system on low-carbon technology innovation (open access)

Features and prospect of China’s national GHG emissions trading scheme (open access)


Early Last Interglacial ocean warming drove substantial ice mass loss from Antarctica (open access)

Evolution of Denmark Strait Overflow Cyclones and Their Relationship to Overflow Surges

Reconciling the surface temperature–surface mass balance relationship in models and ice cores in Antarctica over the last two centuries (open access)

Informed opinion & nudges

Climate policy co-benefits: a review (open access)

Beyond ambition: increasing the transparency, coherence and implementability of Nationally Determined Contributions (open access)


Legally obtaining copies of "paywalled" articles

We know it's frustrating that many articles we cite here are not free to read. Here's an excellent collection of tips and techniques for obtaining articles, legally. 


Please let us know if you're aware of an article you think may be of interest for Skeptical Science research news, or if we've missed something that may be important. Send your input to Skeptical Science via our contact form.

A list of journals we cover may be found here. We welcome pointers to omissions, new journals etc. 

The previous edition of Skeptical Science New Research may be found here. 


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    thank you for Rebuttals, New Research, News Roundup, Posts, Material, ...
    I donate regularly to support the site and I want to inspire other readers
    to do the same if possible: we still need Sks a lot, unfortunately ..

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