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Cowtan and Way (2013) is now open access

Posted on 3 December 2013 by Kevin C

Cowtan and Way 2013 summary graphThanks to the generosity of Skeptical Science contributors we are happy to report that Cowtan and Way (2013) is now open access and freely available to the public. We hope this will help to advance the discussion on coverage bias in the temperature record. We would like to thank everyone who has so generously contributed.

You can now read the paper here.

As a bonus, here is a poster which I took to the 2013 EarthTemp meeting at the DMI in Copenhagen last June. I was very fortunate to be able to attend this meeting, and talking to the experts there was critical to understanding the behaviour of air temperatures over sea ice - this led to section 5 in the paper and our more recent update.

Coverage of the paper has, predictably, ranged from the outstanding to the abominable. However some of the resulting conversations have already strengthened our results and are opening new lines of investiagation. My favourite quote is from William M. Connolley: "... anyone could have done it. Well, not quite, because they did it carefully". One of the things which still surprises me about our paper is that no one else beat us to it. And if it can be said of our work that "they did it carefully", then we have achieved one of our primary goals.

A number of questions have now been addressed in the FAQ.

The totals are as follows. Any additional page charges have yet to be determined.

Funds raised: £1815
Open access cost: £1846

Thank you again to everyone who has contributed. You can read the paper here.

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Comments 1 to 6:

  1. Excellent news!

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  2. Congratulations Kevin and Robert,and thanks for letting us be a small part of your efforts to help further climate research.

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  3. great

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  4. Hi Kevin

    great work.  Do you have yearly anomalies to compare with NASA here

    Is you data for figure S2 available? 

    Thank you


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  5. Any chance of getting the GMST monthlies from Cowtan & Way 2013 into WoodforTrees?  I know we have the SkS calc, but I like to use WFT to avoid wading through a bunch of anti-SkS crap when the conditions include fake skeptics. 

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  6. Tony: Drop me an email and I can get you both of those.

    DSL: I'm working on monthly updates to the v1.0 hybrid data as we speak, which will go into the trend calculator straight away.

    However I'd rather finish the v2.0 calculation based on separate reconstruction of the land and ocean data before we start pushing the results out to other sites. We've done a proof of concept for the update, which shows a number of benefits over the method in the paper, but to do it properly requires the whole HadCRUT4 100 member ensemble which is computationally demanding. I hope we will have a version out for the new year, although the uncertainties might not be done by then.

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