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All IPCC definitions taken from Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Working Group I Contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Annex I, Glossary, pp. 941-954. Cambridge University Press.

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2012 SkS Weekly Digest #8

Posted on 27 February 2012 by John Hartz

SkS Highlights

Monckton's constant problems misreading - and consequently misrepresenting - the climate science literature is documented in detail in the three part post, Monckton Misrepresents Scientists' Own Work, collaboratively written by Dana, Alex C and Tom Curtis. As to be expected, this set of articles generated numerous comments. Uncertainty Is Not the Basis for Investment by JG also generated a lot of attention. Satellites find over 500 billion tons of land ice melting worldwide every year, headlines focus on Himalayas by Mark R may have set the SkS record for longest title a posted article.

Toon of the Week

 Cartoo about Rising Sea Levels

Issue of the Week

SkS plans to create an inventory of similar websites that provide quality and timely information about manmade climate change and its consequences. In this context, what are the top five sites (in addtion to SkS itself) that you regularly go to for such information? To help us put your listing into perspective, also please tell us what country you reside in.

The Week in Review

A complete listing of the articles posted on SkS during the past week. 

 Coming Soon

A list of articles that are in the SkS pipeline. Most of these articles, but not necessarily all, will be posted during the week.

  • DenialGate - Highlighting Bob Carter's Selective Science (Dana)
  • New research from last week 8/2012 (Ari Jokimäki)
  • Greenhouse Effect Basics: Warm Earth, Cold Atmosphere (Tom Curtis)
  • The Independence of Global Warming on Residence Time of CO2 (Dikran Marsupial)
  • Wall Street Journal's "Gang of 16" misrepresents IPCC projections (keithpickering)
  • The Certainty Monster vs. the Uncertainty Ewok (Dana)
  • A Sunburnt Country (Glenn Tramblyn)
  • The History of Climate Science - William Charles Wells (Doc Snow)
  • Methane - Part 1 (Agnostic)

SkS Spotlights 

DeSmogBlog exists to clear the PR pollution that is clouding the science on climate change.

An overwhelming majority of the world’s climate scientists agree that the globe is warming - the world's climate is changing - and that the indiscriminate burning of fossil fuels is to blame. We know that the risks are incalculable and, increasingly, we understand that the solutions are affordable.

Unfortunately, a well-funded and highly organized public relations campaign is poisoning the climate change debate. Using tricks and stunts that unsavory PR firms invented for the tobacco lobby, energy-industry contrarians are trying to confuse the public, to forestall individual and political actions that might cut into exorbitant coal, oil and gas industry profits. DeSmogBlog is here to cry foul - to shine the light on techniques and tactics that reflect badly on the PR industry and are, ultimately, bad for the planet.

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Comments 1 to 18:

  1. The ones I regularly visit are: deSmogBlog Climate Denial Crock of the Week Real Climate Climate Progress I'm not claiming they are better or worse than any others, but they are at my (non-scientist) level, in general.
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  2. My country of residence is pretty obvious. Same as Doug for Crock of the Week, Real Climate and Climate Progress. then Arctic Sea Ice or The Chatter Box for ice related stuff and Science Daily: Earth & Climate for the occasional surprising item.
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  3. I am Dutch and my most favorite sites are: climate change: The Next generation Has a very good collection and archive of news Tamino Statistics climate crock of the week Good fun and the videos started my skeptical view to the "skeptic" point of view Jules klimaat blog Unfortunately not active enough but some good refence to the Dutch "sceptics" Barry Bickmore For a different point of view
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  4. I'm in the UK First stops of call for discussion of the science and impacts, after here as you say, are Real Climate, Open Mind (Tamino), My View on Climate Change(Bart's) (when he's in the mood to post anything), Science Daily andThe Guradian, though that's as much to see what the media are saying as to get new info. I think I ought to visit The Science of Doom more often. Then places like Planet3.0 for meta-discussions.
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  5. Like Adelady (who is from Adelaide, Australia for the non-Aussies for whom it may not be so obvious) I am from Australia, but from further East and North a bit at Brisbane. My favourite climate science sites (excluding SkS) are: Open Mind for detailed dissection of so-called skeptical arguments; Science of Doom for detailed analysis of the science a very readable undergraduate level; Deltoid for detailed discussion of Australian Media coverage of climate science, and some other gems; Rabbett Run for a quirky look at climate science, climate politics and just about anything that takes his fancy (I did mention quirky, didn't I); and because you've got to laugh if your not going to cry - Throbgoblin, which unfortunately has been inactive for three months but well worth reading back posts if you haven't already. Cutting the list down to five does a great disservice to a number of other excellent blogs, but that is the way the question was framed. I'll cheat a bit and direct you to my largely inactive blog for the full list of blogs I watch.
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    Moderator Response: [JH] Asking readers to name their top five sites seemed to be a resonable request. Asking for readers to list more than that would discourage responses.
  6. I'm from the U.S. In no particular order here are my top 5 climate science sites: Climate Progress Open Mind Climate Denial Crock of the Week RealClimate DeSmogBlog I see that Richard Lindzen gave a talk to the British House of Commons. It appears to be the same old stuff. But is there any chance you'll do a debunking post on it?
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  7. David Kirtley, fortunately, your American Thinker link has it wrong when it claims : "British Parliament heard devastating testimony overturning the global warming hoax". It was actually a seminar in a Committee Room and I doubt whether many MPs (apart from Sammy Wilson, who arranged it) were there. I believe Monckton may have been - enough said ! However, the list of those associated with it makes it even clearer what its agenda was : It was chaired by Philip Stott (another Emeritus Professor). Included Reverend Philip Foster. Repeal the Climate Change Act (which includes such luminaries as David Bellamy, Johnny Ball and Bob Carter) The Association of British Drivers (who claim on their website to "reveal the scientific truth behind the scare stories about climate change, and the impact cars have on health and the environment"). The Country Guardian. The Campaign Against Wind Farms. (Both connected to the same issue) And the recommended reading on climate and energy policy from the organisers included the letter from the 'concerned' 16 'scientists' to the Wall Street Journal, and references to Ross McKitrick, James Delingpole and Tim Ball. Hmmm. As for what transpired, there is this transcript from Lindzen, which begins : I wish to thank the Campaign to Repeal the Climate Change Act for the opportunity to present my views on the issue of climate change – or as it was once referred to: global warming. Stated briefly, I will simply try to clarify what the debate over climate change is really about. It most certainly is not about whether climate is changing: it always is. It is not about whether CO2 is increasing: it clearly is. It is not about whether the increase in CO2, by itself, will lead to some warming: it should. The debate is simply over the matter of how much warming the increase in CO2 can lead to, and the connection of such warming to the innumerable claimed catastrophes. The evidence is that the increase in CO2 will lead to very little warming, and that the connection of this minimal warming (or even significant warming) to the purported catastrophes is also minimal. The arguments on which the catastrophic claims are made are extremely weak – and commonly acknowledged as such. They are sometimes overtly dishonest. (And just look at some of the dates on those graphs he uses)
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    Moderator Response: [JH] You've written the core of an SkS article on this matter. Go for it!
  8. Thanks JMurphy, for the extra info. I looked through Lindzen's presentation and it looks like the same old stuff, hardly the "devastating testimony overturning the global warming hoax" promised by the American "Thinker" headline. Sorry, moderators, if this is hijacking the post.
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  9. My ones - "A few things ill considered", for the news/papers round up; Realclimate; Science of Doom; and Tamino. I also look at Blackboard and Roy Spenser as the more honest of the "skeptic" world so I dont get tunnel vision.
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  10. Besides SkS, I regularly look at RealClimate Open Mind Science of Doom Nasa GISS and RoySpencer for monthly temp anomalies NSIDC for sea ice extent Ok, that's six. I only visit Nasa, RS and NSIDC about once a month.
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  11. In the them of being off topic - I have noticed two things about moderation that appear easy to fix: 1. Authors "moderating" their own posts 2. Moderator who wrote the original post have trouble staying as objective as possible. I recommend not having the original author moderate their own posts.
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    Moderator Response: [JH] Like "beauty","objectivity" is in the eye of the beholder. PS - Not all SkS authors have volunteered to serve as Moderators.
  12. Based in Australia. I'll regularly check up on: RealClimate Open Mind Neven's Arctic blog Deep Climate (BTW, an interesting new post on how GMU have just released their very tardy and weak fndings on the Wegman scandal, and a hypothesis that they did so under the cover of the Heartland fiasco - "good day for bad news"?) I might also pass by Deltoid, Science of Doom, Rabett Run and keep an eye out for new videos from ClimateCrocks and potholer54 (Peter Hadfield) - both often superb video debunkings.
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  13. OK, JH, I'll try to 'send' something in over the next few days.
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  14. Lloyd Smith From Mid-America USA: In addition to "SkepticalScience", I follow RealClimate, Nasa GISS and Earth Observatory Notes from the field, NSIDC and Neven's Arctic blog. I also keep up with freshwater issues on Pacific Institutes website and publications.
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  15. Upper Midwest...ND. I visit SkS, Pielke Sr., WUWT, Judith Curry, Nevin Arctic Page.
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  16. I read Deltoid regularly because I read a bunch of other ScienceBlogs blogs. Not much else on climate science. I live in Eastern Ontario. Incidentally, in this comment I linked to a report by CFI-CASS in Canada documenting a course taught at Carleton University recently which featured a great deal of climate science misinformation. Interestingly, the CFI-CASS report links to a lot of Skeptical Science posts on climate science as additional reading.
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  17. Site lists are about the same here, with some daily visits to: Current Global Temps Solar Activity Arctic Ice (30% concentration) Arctic Ice (15% concentration) currently offline
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  18. I have some links that tell you what is going on in some of the so-called skeptical sites without having to go there yourself - unless you want to, to confirm that they have actually posted something as dodgy as is being claimed ! Another Nail in the Coffin... Neverending Audit What's up with that Watts (But it's a shame that Denial Depot seems to have gone quiet since last August) More seriously, I like : Moyhu Jeff Masters (Oh, and Idiot Tracker is always worth a look, but that would make 7 links in total, so I'd better not...)
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