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Photos from the Brisbane Rally for Climate Action

Posted on 9 April 2011 by John Cook

Every now and then, I emerge from my blogging dungeon (think Lion King "blinking step into the sun"). What tempted me out the front door today was Brisbane finally having a Rally for Climate Action. Sydney, Melbourne and Perth have had their fun - it was time for Brisvegas to strut our stuff and show our nation's leaders that we demand climate action. I was not the only one - an estimated 4000+ people crammed into King George Square in the heart of the city.

4000 people crowd King George Square to support climate action
Click on the pic to see a larger version of this photo (I couldn't fit the entire crowd in one photo so this is my attempt to join two photos together).

Another attendee was fellow Queenslander, Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swann. He was closely followed by a few ominous bodyguards with ear pieces but I got close enough to snap a few shots of him addressing the media (amazing how quickly the placards assembled behind him once the cameras started rolling).

Another reason I was keen to attend the rally is I have a fascination with rally placards. There was an infamous climate denier rally a few weeks back in Canberra, with some particularly ugly messages on placards. The mood at this rally, however, was extremely positive.

There was the patriotically poetic (for non-Aussies, the original line from the iconic poem is "I love a sunburnt country"):

There were the gratuitiously cute (the event was billed as a family friendly rally):

There was creative artwork on display:

A couple of bright placards stood out from the rest:

This one was just plain bewildering:

A few carried similar themes (if I did a placard, it would probably be a geeky one that talked about 95% correlation or my pet topic of human fingerprints):

It's not a public rally unless a guy in a big, furry suit attempts to communicate by metaphor (but I did miss the AYCC Climate Elephant):

And this is probably my favourite placard of the day:

It was a great experience, sharing the day with thousands of fellow Brisbanites passionate about climate, the future of our country and the world we're handing over to our children.

Now back to the blogging dungeon...

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Comments 1 to 10:

  1. "blinking step into the sun..." LOL Fantastic photos John, sorry I didn't get to bump into you (not much room to move really). The 'My Mom is Hot' placard is in response to the apparently serious placard present at the Canberra anti-climate tax rally the other week and subsequently parodied on Crikey . A great turnout today!
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  2. It was a great turn out. Very positive. Wayne Swan looked a bit like he didn't really want to be there. He 'swanned' past me at one stage with his bodyguards. I have one interesting photo with him talking to someone while his was rubbing the side of his nose with his finger. Interesting body language. ;) Good to also see that there was attention given to the issues with CSG and the problems that landowners in Tara are facing.
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  3. well done Brisvagas great signs, great sense of humour, and looks like a great bunch of people :D
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  4. Disappointing to hear the Swan interview - climate change was a "moral and economic matter" I think was the phrase. Um, Wayne, you left out "environmental". Still, best not to sound like a Greenie in the Gillard government I suppose.
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  5. Thanks for the post + photos John! It was a beautiful day, for the music, signs, speakers, and crowds at the info stalls - and definitely a demonstration of the power of solar energy - from above, and reflected from the giant solar-thermal concentrator that is King George Square. Did you see the little kids in t-shirts painted with 'we are the solar generation' ?
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  6. "My Mom is Hot" - think Mother Earth or Mother Nature is my guess.
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  7. Good to see!
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  8. Thanks for the photos, John. And thanks for including my "Dont Bet our Last Planet" poster.
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  9. Good to see so many young people attended - after all its their future which is at stake!
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  10. Great to see. Lifts the heart that so many people care.
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