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All IPCC definitions taken from Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Working Group I Contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Annex I, Glossary, pp. 941-954. Cambridge University Press.

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SkS Weekly Digest #30

Posted on 26 December 2011 by John Hartz

SkS Highlights

Dana's Updating the Climate Big Picture is effectively the SkS year-end, wrap-up of the status of climate change. In addition, Dana posted Foster and Rahmstorf Measure the Gobal Warming Signal, an in-depth review of Foster and Rahmstorf (2011). Rob Painting's Ocean Acidification Is Fatal To Fish is the second in his series of articles about  the impacts of ocean acidification.

Toon of the Week

 Toon of the Week #30

The Week in Review

A listing of the articles posted on SkS during the past week.


  • Climate change threshold nears for rapid increase in wildfires in Canada by John Hartz 
  • Peter Sinclair on Climate, Sun, and Cosmic Rays by Rob Honeycutt
  • Making Arctic Sea Ice Loss Real by Daniel Bailey
  • Updating the Climate Big Picture by Dana
  • Ocean Acidification Is Fatal To Fish by Rob Painting
  • The Media & Global Climate Science Communication by Brian Purdue
  • Foster and Rahmstorf Measure the Global Warming Signal by Dana
  • ?Coming Soon

    A list of articles that are in the  SkS pipeline. Most of these articles, but not necessarily all, will be posted during the week. 

    • UAH Misrepresentation Anniversary, Part 1 - Overconfidence (Dana)
    • UAH Misrepresentation Anniversary, Part 2 - Of Cherries and Volcanoes (Dana)
    • At last!   A thoughtful conservative perspective on climate (Tom Smerling)
    • Glaciers have retreated worldwide (MarkR)
    • Abrupt Climate Change - Causes (Agnostic)
    • More Muller Misinformation (John Bruno)

    SkS in the News

    The following reference to Sks was included in How to discuss climate change with your uncle during the holidays by Russel McLendon for Mother Nature Network.

    For a full list of responses to these and other climate claims, check out this 2009 report by the University of Oregon's Climate Leadership Initiative, this guide for "How to talk to a climate skeptic" by journalist Coby Beck, and this list of arguments and myths by Skeptical Science. A wealth of information about climate change can also be found at NOAA's as well as and

    Dana's Updating the Climate Big Picture was repost on Treehugger on Dec 22 with the headline, What's Settled & Unsettled in Current Climate Change Science?

    As is his wont, Joseph Romm plugged SkS at the end of Climate Progress's repost of How to Discuss Climate Change With Your Uncle During the Holidays

    JR:  For one-line and longer responses/debunkings of standard climate denier myths, the place to go is Skeptical Science.

    SkS Spotlights

    The mission of MOTHER NATURE NETWORK can be found at the top of every page on our site:  “Improve Your World.”  
    But while many sites limit “your world” to only "your planet,” MNN defines it in much broader terms. Just as your world encompasses many different aspects—your family, your health, your lifestyle, your business, your community……AND your planet—so too does MNN.  
    With a goal of providing the most accurate and up-to-date news and information available, we cover the broadest scope of environmental and social responsibility issues on the internet. And, we do so in a way that is engaging and easy-to-understand. As opposed to scientists, activists or experts—MNN is designed for the rest of us—everyday people who simply want to make our world better.

    MNN content is divided among 8 different channels—each offering in-depth news and information updated throughout the day: Earth Matters, Lifestyle, Green Tech, Eco-Biz, Transportation, Your Home, Food, and Family.

    Special features include:

    • THE DAILY BRIEFING: Get a speed read of the morning headlines: From politics to health to transportation, our green cowboy ropes in the most interesting, must-read stories from around the Web every weekday.
    • ASK MOTHER NATURE: Get guidance and tips from our advice team on everything from safe cookware to raising a green pet.
    • ECO-GLOSSARY: Definitions for hundreds of terms—from the simple to the most complex.
    • TRANSLATING UNCLE SAM: Information on government sites can be confusing to say the least. This feature translates that information into much simpler language—using interactives and engaging graphics.
    • STATE REPORTS: State-by-state news and information. Find out what’s happening in your own backyard.
    • NEWSLETTERS: Get daily tips and solutions sent straight to your in-box with free newsletters that offer coverage on green innovation, seasonal recipes, clean air, and the best ways to lead a sustainable lifestyle.
    • FEATURED BLOGGERS: Get ideas on transportation, food, home, travel, and business by following some of the most respected personalities in their field.


    • Join our communities at Facebook and Twitter and follow our environmental headlines and breaking news.  


    • Join the MNN community and connect with other people who share your interests and passions.

    Every day offers opportunities to improve your world and, every day, MNN is here to help. Thanks for visiting.







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